Synthetic urine still work?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by RyanMegaphors, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. RyanMegaphors

    RyanMegaphors New Member

    Hey guys,

    I start a new job in about 10 days. They haven't mentioned anything about a piss test yet, but I dont want to be wrong and smoke out until I know. I've abstained for the most part over 3 weeks...however, last saturday I smoked a tiny bit...and even yesterday had 1 hit. I'm not confident I can purge it from my system in time...but I'm going to excercise every day really hard, go low-carb, low fat until 2 days prior to my 1st day...I'll attempt to dilute as well as a backup plan.

    I have 2 other options...I could use a buddy's pee who completely clean...or am willing to buy synthetic urine. I read the advice in the substitution sticky but the advice from N2 is about 4 years old.

    My question is, does synthetic urine still work? And which kind is the best? I'm a little nervous that they've found a way to test for this...advice and help are greatly appreciated as I'd like health insurance.

    I'm such an f'n idiot for not completely abstaining...
  2. 29yeartoker

    29yeartoker New Member

    To answer your question, yes, synthetic urine still works. The most common one is Quick Fix 4.0.

    I would suggest that you home test yourself first to see if you will pass on your own. Use your first part of your first mornings void as that is when it's the most concentrated. I would think that you would pass.

    Good Luck!
  3. RyanMegaphors

    RyanMegaphors New Member

    Ok, thanks. I cant seem to find anything on a failed Quick Fix there ANY way I fail a pre-employment test if my temp is right?

    I think I'm going to be safe though...get Quick Fix and then work out, abstain, follow N2's techniques, and do a home test the day before...just to make that if for whatever reason I cant keep the temp right, I have a backup plan.

    I'll post here what I found.
  4. illusions

    illusions New Member

    Quick Fix 4.0 worked for me easily about 3 weeks ago. After 2 hours the temp was still 98 with the heating pad. I would definately recommend it but in addition buy some adulteration strips to make sure your batch is ok, just to ease any fears, I know it helped ease mine.
  5. Ivreked

    Ivreked New Member

    I feel you. I been smoking 3 years straight now (30, been smoking on a few years off a few months here and there since 15)

    Anyways, I been looking into the synthetic urine thing myself cus i just got a promotion at my job. Wasn't expecting them to request a drug by the end of the month (after i just came back this week from a vacation) or doing the diet shit like you mentioned and exercising.

    It's my pothead paranoia that makes me doubt the synthetic urine, pretty sure of it. it's definitely not because i'm cheap...just seems too good and simple to be true to order a whizzinator and synthetic urine and than it be just that easy.
    Dying to know how you make:eek:
  6. illusions

    illusions New Member

    It's even easier. No need for the whizzinator, just get quickfix 4.0, easy, fairly inexpensive and you're golden(excuse the pun)
  7. Ivreked

    Ivreked New Member

    Thank god for the internet in this age of genetic profiling.

    Thanks, going to look into the quickfix with those strips u mentioned.
  8. hermosthigh

    hermosthigh New Member

    As a recent "substitute graduate" I can attest that the synthetics still work (yippppeeee). My bf suggested that the "establishment" really wants us to pass these tests - that they are merely an institutional ploy to lower liability insurance rates. Otherwise they would be going to the expense of developing a test that detects the synthetics.

    Either way, I'm grateful for this forum and the product. I start my new job in two weeks.

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  9. Ivreked

    Ivreked New Member

    Awsome...the posts of people who pass do help ease the paranoia. ordered my substitute 2 days ago, should be here in a day or 2. figure i will be doing mine monday.
  10. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    QuickFix works like a charm. Just used it last week to get a really good job and passed. :)
  11. Adailybase

    Adailybase New Member

    quickfix worked 3 times for me....3 more to go
  12. Ivreked

    Ivreked New Member

    Well, just came back from Labcorp, no voice messages on my cell or any indication I failed yet.

    The nice lady had no comments or anything. She looked at the temp when i finished. emptied my sample into another vial. She had me pour out the rest (BTW something not many people mentioned about the labs) they will mark how much piss they want in the cup & it turned out to be a touch more than what was supplied with quick fix. I had none left over and was a smidgey under the requested amount. No comment made on that or anything else after turn in.

    Temperature was probably descent, kept it under my balls and used a 2nd heating pack. Had to play with the temp at home...suggestion. Oh yeah I used Quick Fix. Now I guess i just wait to count chicken eggs for the next two days till I can relax...speaking of which its time for me to smoke some chiba. Will post again if i am 100% sure of the out come in 2 days or so
  13. Quiksilver0810

    Quiksilver0810 New Member

    Synthetic Urine Works!


    I was once a skeptic about this product. I recently used it for a drug test for a potential employer. When I got the results...for every drug...IT READ NEGATIVE! No one knows how happy that feeling is inside, especially when you have to hide it! I went to a local smoke shop (did not buy one on-line) (there's no need because there at every smoke shop) plus it seems like it could be a rip off. Anyway, I heated it up and followed the instructions. With the heat we're having right wasn't that hard to maintain a steady 96 degrees until I went to the drug clinic about 3-4 hours later.

    I even had a scare when I tried going the first time. I heated up the bottle and was ready to go...when I got to the employer they said they couldn't do it that day. So, after searching everywhere for a replacement heat pouch...REI in Arcadia,CA has the best deals. You will need something that is air activated, odorless, and lasts about six to eight hours if this occurs. I even put a washcloth on the same side as the heat pouch to seal the heat in more. When I got to the bathroom where I had to use my quickfix, the nurse said empty your pockets. ... I was shitting bricks at this point. I recommend wearing some sort of basketball shorts underneath your outfit (with pockets). This will help in the process. I DID empty my pockets in my slacks (the pants above the shorts) but left the quickfix in my shorts. Legally, she can't search you if it is for a potential employer. If it's a court ordered drug test...that's a different story.

    I am a heavy-set heavy smoker if you know what I mean haha. I smoke all day everyday. LOOOOVE THE GANJA. I would never stop for a job, plus I had no where near enough time to get it out of my system. This is a great product. Also, to comment on the person below me, YES, they do ask for a certain amount of "urine". Legally, they can only ask for 2.0 floz. That's how much comes in a bottle. The line where the nurse wanted the urine up to, I could not reach it because there wasn't enough in the bottle. I heard that if you put a little of your urine in there (for the smell) it won't hurt...DON'T! The bottle holds waaay more than enough urine to test for things. Plus, I recommend you go pee in the toilet after you put it all in the cup because I'm sure they listen to you. They close the door, say you have four minutes, don't flush and come out when your done. I came out and my pants weren't even buttoned all the way. (To make it look less suspicious, cuz the lady was a BITCH) I asked her, "Shoot! I can't get it up to the line, lol, is that ok?" She said, "Ya, no problem." I tried to act overly nice as well because who knows what the fuck their capable of! So just follow the guidelines and you should have no problem passing. I was even nervous cuz their was no smell to the urine and it didn't look as dark as mine normally does..but I haven't been sober for years so what the fuck do I know...haha

    I wrote this because I was given a lot of good advice through other people's comments on this site so to them, I would like to say...THANK YOU! This is my response and hopefully this will help some freaked-out stoners in the future. :p

    I believe no one has the right to fucking pry into your personal life!!! Weed does not affect how I perform at work, I must say. I know this doesn't apply to everyone but shit man!!!! I'm a very private person and I just feel drug testing is a total violation of privacy!

    "Don't worry....about a thing....CUZ EVERY LITTLE THING IS GUNA BE ALRIGHT!!!!"




  14. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Way to go, Quik! Congrads to you on passing with the QF and welcome to the Sub Club. :thumbsup:

    A lack of odor is not a concern with the labs, as this condition can be exhibited in human urine as well as synthetic. However, red flags are raised when the collector happens to catch a whiff of any foreign odors thats not supposed to be present in human urine (ie; bleach, household chemicals, gasoline, etc) .
  15. Quiksilver0810

    Quiksilver0810 New Member

    well thank you for the heads up
  16. trucanes99

    trucanes99 New Member

    I bought the QF... need to take the test next week... hope its hot, hope it works
  17. trucanes99

    trucanes99 New Member

    I think my temp strip isnt working
  18. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Does the QF bottle feel obviously warm to the touch?

    If so, you may have overheated it. Let it cool down until a green box registers on the strip.
  19. Quiksilver0810

    Quiksilver0810 New Member

    Exactly....with this heat we have in So cal anyway, there shouldn't be an issue. Actually it was like 90-100 degrees outside and I even had to use my AC in my car to cool it down before I went to the clinic haha. You should be fine. I was freaking out cuz I didn't think my temp. strip worked either....but you gotta let it cool down. Or maybe warm it up again. . PLus you can heat it up as many times as you need which is very nice!
  20. trucanes99

    trucanes99 New Member

    awesome, thanks for the quick responses!

    I think youre right lew... I warmed it up in microwave for 10 seconds with cap off and it felt warm/hot to the touch and the heat strip register didnt have green spot... so i wait a minute or two and still nothing and i cooked it again and it still didnt read btwn 90-100... maybe i'll try another way of getting it into the 90-100 range and stick with that... any suggestions? does the heat pack that comes with it keep it btwn 90and100? I don't want to have to use it until the day of the test.

    thanks, guys.

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