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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by rukrym, May 17, 2007.

  1. rukrym

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    I am a daily user. To pass any drug tests that may be coming up in the next few weeks, I would rather use synthetic urine or someone elses clean urine then quitting and hoping I left enough time for the THC to get out of my system.

    However, being male, I do not want to deal with smuggling in all the tools in order to heat the urine, mix the urine. Its a risk I would rather not take.

    So instead, I would like to empty my bladder, then insert a catheter and fill my bladder with either someone elses clean urine, or synthetic urine. Sounds painful, but whatever. It hurts and you deal with it.

    Does anyone know if synthetic urine could possibly be harmful to my system, or cause infection?

    Also, would inserting a clean, healthy person's urine into my bladder possibly cause infection or other problems? I was under the impression that urine is sterile, so shouldn't my bladder be fine?

    Urine is urine unless someone has an infection or alot of drugs in their system, right?

  2. UsedSubstitutio

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    you dont heat the urine and mix the urine at the collection facility. mixing is done prior to leaving for the collection facility and a heat wrap wrapped around the vial to bring it up to temperature. Any foreign substance put into your body can cause infection.
  3. ~Flor~

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    Urine is not sterile from the stand point you're talking about. Any fluid in the human body can have bacteria or viruses in it and yes, you could potentially get infected. Remember too that your body will still be producing urine so you'll have your own urine mixed in there too.
  4. Secs

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    ...and unless you have access to sterile equipment, the catheter will be loaded with bacteria. Besides, when exactly, do you plan on injecting this urine through the catheter and into your bladder? You have only the time before the test, after they inform you that you have to take the test.

    You don't want to mess with a small plastic bottle with a handwarmer taped to the outside of it. Oh no... that would be entirely too cumbersome. Instead, you would rather mess with tubing, a rigid catheter, urine, the container to store the urine, and whatever else you need to carry out this amazing feat.

    Good choice :rolleyes:
  5. ~Flor~

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    Great points Sec3.

    Also, inserting a catheter is a learned technique. One could potentially damage their urethra causing a failure to void situation that isn't related to a shy bladder. I wasn't awake when I had a cath inserted but I was when it was taken out and it didn't feel good at all. Being female, it only had two, maybe 3 inches to come out, being male is a different story.
  6. VAsHustla

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    I wouldnt do any catherter stuff because i personlly dont think it will work...i know for a fact dilution works and if you are gunna substitute go ahead and get the "whizzanator" haha that thing is great the whizzinator used this strapon before(lol)and the PO did a triple take and i was forced the release the button as he was watchin from right beside me and he still didnt notice it.Becareful and goodluck

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  7. FakeBoobsRule

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    Unless you are trained to insert a catheter you could be risking a lot more than infection. You can easily damage the urethra and/or cause nerve damage to your penis. Is that an acceptable risk for you? That is just the beginning. Do you think once you have it inserted correctly in your penis you can continue to pass the catheter to the bladder without damaging something else?

    I find bottles taped to the outside of my body such a risk while possible damage to my penis as a mere inconvenience.
  8. 1tokeovertheline

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    You watch too many movies. Just use the Substitution method. If you read it you will see it isn't that difficult.
  9. VAsHustla

    VAsHustla Banned

    sry im a newb

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