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Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by Buzzby, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    :mad: I just watched the "Drugs" episode of the National Geographic series "Taboo". It really pissed me off. :mad:

    I'd come to expect a fairly even-handed attitude about drugs from Nat Geo, especially in an anthropological presentation. This program sounded like it had been scripted by the ONDCP, NIDA, and DEA. I'm wondering if this was one of the shows we read about in which the producers accepted money from the ONDCP to insert their propaganda into supposedly factual shows.

    They must have mentioned how addictive marijuana is at least half a dozen times.

    They repeatedly talked about marijuana being the cause of psychosis.

    They emphasized the worst possible outcomes as if they were the norm. They had an Indian doctor talk about the health impacts of smoking weed on holy Sadhus and implied that the same was in store for recreational marijuana smokers. They didn't mention that these Sadhus smoked as much weed as they could find, every day, all day, for years. I don't care what kind of plant you're burning, that would fuck up a person's lungs. Those of us who consume weed in some moderation have as much to worry about as a wine connoisseur has of liver failure. We're not even in the same game.

    Did anyone else watch this POS?
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  2. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    What the hell!
    Man I usually love these shows, you think they would have the decency to research and ask other people.
    That "addictive" part really angers me. Think of the thousands of people who watched that aswell. Of course any type of smoke you inhale is going to be bad for your longs, but they don't have to broadcast this and just blame marijuana!

    Sorry that really upsets me, especially with such a great channel. Usually they don't let me down.

  3. Graham

    Graham New Member

    A lot of them are skewed because they are funded by government controlled TV stationed. I love watching some but when you actually know the facts and watch a program on it, you can tell a lot of the info isn't solid.
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  4. newpotmoker

    newpotmoker New Member

    we do live in the united states of hating marijuana.....:mad:
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  5. joshpackr

    joshpackr Sr. Member

    I watched it again last night as well and I also noticed the negative overtones.

    The doctor did imply that after 10 years or so of use the Sadhus usually came down with COPD and I was also a bit shocked that they claimed marijuana use leads to psychosis.

    All and all the documentary took a very negative view of marijuana and seemed to report many of the negative things mentioned as absolute fact.

    I also noticed that they seemed to hint around that marijuana causes lack of motivation using the Sadhus as an example. (they don't work, they live off the handouts of other people).

    It was a quite biased program in my opinion.
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  6. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    The National Geographic Channel isn't funded by the government (openly), the government doesn't control any TV stations (unless you're talking about outside the US), and NGC is on cable - it doesn't come from a TV station.
  7. Balabeezy

    Balabeezy Sr. Member

    I like some of Nat Geo's shows/clips but this disappoints me =/. It's life though..

    Hey Buzzby you mentioned that they smoked ever day all day for years, a lot of people do that and are just fine just saying..
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I have never met a single person who comes close to the amount of weed Sadhus consume. Watch the program and see how they smoke. Their lungs must be as black as coal.
  9. Balabeezy

    Balabeezy Sr. Member

    Well still though, you do not think that someone could smoke as much as them and be fine? Vaporizing? Or just smoking J's and B's?
  10. MrIMStoned

    MrIMStoned |BIG BROTHER|

    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    Is it this^ episode?
  11. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    smoking large amounts of ANYTHING isn't "good" for you. Our lungs were never designed to breath smoke, especially lin large, constant amounts. Whether its cannabis or anything else, breathing large amounts of smoke is harmful. For years, the govt used a study in which monkeys were suffocated by large volumes of cannabis smoke as "proof" marijuana was harmful. Enough of ANY smoke can have significant detrimental effects
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