Taking Saliva Test in 5 days!

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by tailwind, Aug 7, 2005.

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    I have been smoking pot for 20 years. My average is probably 1-2 joints a day. In 5 days, I will be taking a saliva test for a job. I have not smoked for 10 full days. I will let you all know how the test goes. I've been reading all of the posts on saliva tests, and it sounds like I should pass. If I dont, I will be very upset, for this is a job which pays upwards of 45,000 a year!
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    Saliva Tests

    You'll pass, 3 days and a good cleaning is all it takes. Take some Altoids too, it can't hurt your chances.
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    Did You Pass?

    Please post if you pass or not.
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    Will post results soon

    I took a saliva test 1 day ago. The test was performed by putting a rectangular swab with a plastic handle on it in my mouth for 3 minutes. The swab seemed to have a salty substance in it, which caused my mouth to salivate heavily. (It tasted terrible!) The test was to be picked up, and sent to a local lab. The only way I will know if I passed, or failed, is if I get a phone call into the office, and they tell me I failed! Supposedly it takes a few days for the testing company to call with the results. I am still a little worried, because as I stated in my first post, I have been smoking every day for 20 years. I did not smoke for a full 12 days before the test. All I did was brush my teeth for 10 minutes before the test. I did not bother with mints, because I was told the administrator smelled your breath before the test, and if she smelled mints, she would not let you test. I will let you all know what's happened in a few days. Wish me luck. Tailwind
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    don trip don trip =)

    somebody i know smoked the day of the saliva test and passed it. all she did was stick the swab in between her teeth (her molars). i did the same exact thing and i passed... they dont check ur mouth to see how the swab is or anything! they just say "do u taste anything nasty?" well thats what the lady said to me, and i said yeah i lied... it wasnt touchin anything besides my teeth... the lady even left the room in the middle of the test and i took the swab out hehe =) ull pass dun even trip! u been smoke free for 10 days?
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    You'll Pass

    2 days clean is more than enough time. Please fill out the poll after you pass.
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    Well, I passed!!!

    I was hired by my new company, pending the results of my drug test. It has been 1 week, and 1 day since I took the saliva test. I haven't gotten the dreaded "phone call to the office", so I surely passed!!! Getting this job meant the world to me, so I refrained from smoking weed for 12 full days before the test. I didn't use mints, or anything. I've been smoking weed for 20 years, and it was hard to go the 12 days, but now I have a good job, and I'm clear to smoke weed for ANOTHER 20 YEARS! (The company only tests when you apply for the job.) So if you're really serious about passing a saliva test, BE A MAN, and obstain for a good 10 days, and you will surely pass! (Unexpected tests are another thing.) Cheers to everyone out there, Tailwind.
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    Good Luck With the new job.

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