Taking the Fear Out of Drug Testing

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    Greetings to all! I'm a pot head and I'm proud! Like many of you, I have trembled in fear that my livelihood and family could be negatively affected by the bladder cops. I've been at this for a long time. I've worked as a chemist, I know the weaknesses of the test. Relax, I got this, folks. I'm the biggest pot head you've ever seen, and I've passed more drug tests than Lance Armstrong. I will get you to the promised land! :)

    First of all, substitution is definitely the way to go! Get a small container, a plastic one with a screw on top. It should be able to fit in the crease between your thigh and genitals. This is important, because now they are checking temperature. I use an Elmer's glue bottle that I thoroughly cleaned out, and It works great. Make sure you give your sample plenty of time to warm up, an hour to an hour and a half is good. Wear compression shorts underneath your clothes. This will ensure that your sample is held in place. You will be told to take off your jacket and empty your pockets. I turn my pockets inside out for effect. You go in the bathroom, fill the cup with the good sample, you are good to go, I guarantee! Nobody has ever watched me piss, and I have done a crap load of these.

    For those who are too afraid to substitute, not to worry. First, the weaknesses of the test. Every person's body is different. Some will clear their systems before others. What's in your blood doesn't mean squat. It's what's in your urine at the time of the sample that's important. This is why it is so pitifully easy to fool the test and why dilution works if done properly. Stop smoking. The longer before the test, the better. My record is 4 days. Go to GNC. There is a bottle of pills called Cleansing Formula. They contain a variety of anti-oxidants (blood cleaners). Take 3 to 4 of these with your meals, drink your proper amount of water per day, in 4 to 5 days, you will piss clean, no problem. Aspirin has affected the test. It has a component called salicylic acid that has been known to give a negative result for THC metabolites. It has been said that this hole in the test method has been fixed, but aspirin is a blood thinner. You thin the blood, you dilute it. when its filtered into the kidneys and then urine is made, it makes it easier to get below the 50 nano-gram threshold. Take 3-4 aspirin 3 hours before the test, drink plenty of water, take 2-3 more 2 hours before the test, take 1 one hour before the test. Urinate 2-3 times before you go in the clinic. Good to go. As a reminder, abstain for as long as possible, and substitution is preferred. I am always happy to help my fellow bud heads:) !

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