Tar in Cannabis vs Tobacco

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by CheebaMonkey, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    I am hoping that someone can help me find the source I am looking for. I was reading information about tar in cannabis and tobacco and I came across this interesting fact:

    1) Most marijuana smokers smoke the bud, not the leaf, of
    the plant. The bud contains only 33% as much tar as tobacco.

    The article is available at a few sites, such as erowid. Go here to view it.

    It has the sources at the end of the article, but it specifically did not cite which source it used after that sentence. Maybe someone out there knows which one it used?

    Here are the sources:


    o E.A. Martel, "Alpha Radiation Dose at Bronchial Bifurcations
    From Indoor Exposure to Radon Progeny", Proceeds of the National
    Academy of Science, Vol. 80, pp. 1285-1289, March 1983.
    o Naoimi H. Harley, Beverly S. Cohen, and T.C. Tso, "Polonium 210:
    A Questionable Risk Factor in Smoking Related Carcingenisis."
    o "Radiactivity: the New-Found Danger in Cigarettes," Reader's
    Digest, March 1986.
    o "Would You Still Rather Fight Than Switch?," Whole Life Times,
    Mid-April/May 1985.

    (secret ingredients)

    o "What Goes Up In Smoke?," Nation, December 23, 1991.


    o "The Emperor Wears No Clothes," Jack Herer, HEMP/Queen of Clubs
    Publishing, 1992
  2. Mr.Mojorisin

    Mr.Mojorisin Mr. M

    Here you go.

    Very interesting read, anyone that has the time should read this.

    Also, competent use of a search engine is a good skill to aquire. I took a sentence out of your quote and the first website that came up was the one above.
  3. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    I read that article a long time ago, and I kept telling people what was in it, but nobody believed me because I couldn't find the article again.

    Now that you have posted it, I have found it again :)

  4. gdman420

    gdman420 New Member

    Wanna know what's funny Mojorisin? That's the same exact artical :D.
  5. Mr.Mojorisin

    Mr.Mojorisin Mr. M

    Yes gdman......smoke in moderation my friend :p He wanted the source of that qoute but couldnt find it, I found the exact article, so I dont get whats so funny :confused:
  6. gdman420

    gdman420 New Member

    Oh, my fault. I thought you were getting another artical about the same topic and you got confused and got the same artical in just from a diffrent site. Morle of the story: smoke in moderation, and don't smoke and post.
  7. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    But I do have competent search skills. That's how I knew it was on other sites :). But what I am looking for is where the author of the article got the information specifically on the tar content of the bud versus the leaves. Your article DOES have sources at the end of it just like mine, BUT it does not specifically cite which source is used for the tar info, just like mine.

    I think you might have misunderstood what I am looking for. The source of the quote, not the article.

    Or maybe I am just really incompetent ;).
  8. Mr.Mojorisin

    Mr.Mojorisin Mr. M

    Ah, its good you can use a search engine, so many people are bumbling idiots and depend on people like us to show them the way. Kind of sad since I learned how to use a search engine in about 5 minutes.....

    And I guess I did miss your point, sorry :p
  9. vaya

    vaya Activist

    Great link, Mojorisin.

    I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more on the issue.... and who in their right mind smokes the leaves of the plant primarily??
  10. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    Not to worry. No harm done Mr.Mojorisin :D. Merry Christmas to you and everyone else here.

    As for smoking the leaves, there actually is some logic to that. There was an article in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology that compared the amount of THC in leaves from different plants. Here is the link.

    To sum it up the top leaves of the plant have the most THC, while the bottom leaves have the least. Some samples of leaves actually had THC as high as 6.9% (The best the bottom leaves did was 4.0% - not bad at all).

    I personally would not smoke the leaves since they have more tar in them compared to tobacco leaves - stick to the buds. But if you really wanted to use them I would just put them in one of your favorite baked good recipes.

    As for the original post I did, I am leaning towards the Jack Herer source. I found a website that had what I was looking for, info out of his book, but it still did not cite the source. And when I went to Jack Herer's website, I could not find the tar in bud comment at all. I have E-mailed him, but I am not expecting a response anytime soon, maybe not even one at all. He suffered a stroke in 2000 and I do not know if he has fully recovered yet.

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