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    In working on a bubbling 'chute detailed in another thread, I came across something interesting. Using a Minute Maid Lemonade bottle as the primary body, cut off just above the foot, a pop can with normal diameter, [I used Xyience] will fit very snug, and actually seal with very little air escaping. The advantage of this particular kit, using the tall-can, is that you can actually slide the can all the way into the bottle and make it very short and easy to move, or slide it out to a good, long bong-type chamber.

    I'd include pics, but my camera just ate itself. So...yeah.

    I think any 591ml bottle'll do, as long as it's smooth-walled, not the curvy Coke ones.

    Also, this is, in itself, not really a smoking tool. However, the option is there to mod the can however you like, add a stem, toss some water in, whatever you're into.

    For those not into reading, the cool bit of the post is that pop cans will seal on their own against the sides of some 591's.

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