Temp setting on Vapor Brothers??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by harrysixtie7, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. harrysixtie7

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    I recently purchased the Vapor Brothers hands free gnes model. I have been experimenting with the temperature setting on the model for about a month and have included a picture of what I have found as my ideal temperature setting. It is somewhere around one o'clock position on the knob.


    If the Vapor Brothers model is new to you I highly recommend trying it out. It is my first experience with a vape and love the change. I hardly ever SMOKE marijuana at all any more, plus I can vaporize in my dorm room with hardly any smell at all.
  2. iamskfan

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    Welcome to the world of vaping! I love my vape. I had a VB at first, and sold it to a friend b/c she wanted it. So then, I got the VaporWarez hands free model. I love vaping too...definitely a cleaner high and conserves a lot of weed...doesn't take as much to get high
  3. newcarcaviar

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    1 o'clock, eh? Makes me wonder, do different VB models have different "optimal settings"? Because if I were to set mine at 1, my weed would be burnt to a crisp in about 5 seconds.

    My "off" position is about 4:30 and I find that a good "on" setting is about 9:30, sometimes 10. Any higher than that and it will start to burn.
  4. harrysixtie7

    harrysixtie7 New Member

    Curious, I checked my max and its a little over 3 o'clock. The problem must be in the orientation not the scale of the knob.
  5. Buzzby

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    The manufacturer might use rheostats with different max resistance, making the settings different. Rheostats are round and can be mounted anywhere in 360º, so the "clock" setting could well be different from machine to machine depending on the orientation of the rheostat. Finally, the heating elements are not necessarily identical or precisely calibrated, making the setting to get a specific temperature different from unit to unit.
  6. 5drive

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    I agree that comparing 'your setting' to 'my setting', even on the same model vaporizer, is not a good idea. Even if all the hardware and the 'on position' were identical on every unit, there would still be differences because of the amount of moisture in the product, whether it's packed in or sprinkled in, how long the whip is connected to the heater tube, and probably the most important factor to the vaping temp - how hard you draw on the whip.
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  7. treestay

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    My vapor brothers temperature ideal setting.. [my guide to ideal Vaporizer settings]

    really? The day I bought my vapor brothers [hands free] vaporizer, I tried to gauge the temperature knob as best I could and on my particular unit, I found my ideal setting to be at just about 10:30 [or just about half way between left and up]

    I'd say I draw about the same on the vape as I might on a bong while I'm still torching a bowl [before drawing in a hit]--just a nice easy lazy draw. [how hard you draw makes all the difference because it influences how much heat passes over and vaporizes the herbs, in my understanding drawing slower equals hotter temps on the herbs, while drawing faster will allow you to set the temperature on the unit higher]

    I find [and have read] that on the hands free unit, if you're burning it at the right temperature, the centerpoint of the bowl tends to brown first--and if you unhook it and stir it up a bit [after having browned the center a bit and at the point where it does not seem to be hitting as well]--you can mix the fresher greens along the edge in with any sort of extension tool (literally anything with the shape of a pen or nail) and repack it and draw more hits off of it [sometimes you will need to repeat process untill bowl is completely dead]
  8. spinningchurro

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    I'm wondering about the temperature setting as well.
  9. acaliforniahippie

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    its all relative to where your "off" or beginning position

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