Temperature Questions for Proper Extraction

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  1. Zunz

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    I just wanted to comment and ask a question. For THC to be effective it needs to be separated from the carboxyl group. This happens at roughly 110C. THC starts to degrade or become destroyed at roughly 180C. So for proper extraction (for example with butter) wouldn't you have to keep the temperature between 110C and 180C? Then once it's extracted wouldn't you have to use it in recipes that do not exceed 180C. Otherwise all or a significant portion of the THC will degrade or burn off into the air rather bind with the fat (for example in cannabutter). These temperatures I got from Wikipedia. I would love to know the precise temperature at which to cook the bud in the butter. Then I would like to know what temperatures the cannabutter can be cooked out without burning off the THC it contains. I have a feeling everyone is burning off THC when they bake the cannabutter. Please comment.
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  2. Modavated

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    Someone else has been mentioning that baking with the budder at 350F will kill the THC.
    Going by your temperatures, 180C is 356F. Again going by your temperatures, the THC would technically still survive at 350F.

    Now, in my opinion I would think there to be a difference between the temperatures at the process of making budder, versus the baking process. Meaning, again I don't know the science precisely behind this it's just my opinion, but I wouldn't be worried in the slightest about what temperature I am baking the edibles at, as much as what the temperature is during the budder process. I feel that the THC could be damaged at that point much more easily.

    In my experience, I've done it all (some of the time by mistake!). I've simmered my budder at very low for up to 8 hours. I've had it vigorously boil (by mistake) for a couple minutes or so, which is supposed to "kill the THC because of the high temperature", I've baked lemon-raspberry loaves for an hour in a 350F oven. (And that was, and still is, the most popular and delicious product I've made.) I've made brownies where I burnt the plant matter in the oil before. You know, I've pretty much seen it all. I even make a vegan budder product for baking.

    I've never have a problem nowadays when making budder and baking at whatever temperatures.

    I seriously doubt that it would have to be THAT imperative, that it would be THAT scientifically technical.

    I've been a chef for a very long time, and learning all the technical rules of cooking at the beginning of it. It's a lot different now seeing how much the 'rules' can be bent, that product can still be made the same by not being so anal!
  3. ParaDoc

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    Regarding this topic. I use medicinally and smoking is not the very best way to get the level of pain relief I need.
    SO-I made Glycerin Tincture as I am unable to tolerate alcohol in any amount.
    In a crockpot, take ground bud-turn on crockpot and heat crushed buds at (up to 150 F-) Add Glycerin when its at 150..Then keep the heat at 150 for 2 hours, raise it to 180 for 2 hours (and even up to 200F)
    This cooks for SIX hours, total. Activated tincture is the result. 7 grams of buds and 8 fl. oz of Glycerin-or less, yields only 1/2 to 1 oz lost.
    I have discovered that the temperature OF THE GLYCERIN/BUDS cooking should be NO MORE than 200 F. Another poster I read made soda for the dispensaries and his advice was "low and slow" as the extraction TEMP is dependent upon strain,AND the time of (heated) extraction. etc..Most types of bud will VAPORIZE THC at 300 F-(Initially-after its extracted, you can bake with it (budder only of course)
    I hope this helps and you try this "crockpot-Glycerin tincture"-Yes, Alcohol at 170 proof or above) is the most effective solvent next to Naptha or Bnzene-Both not adviseable to use...or order..
  4. Zunz

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    What ratios do use for making budda? I have cooked before and been successful but a few times I have cooked the results were not good. So I am really trying to understand where I'm going wrong. I started to research temperature and I plan to use your advice. However, I am curious about the rations you use.
  5. $ublimed

    $ublimed New Member

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me............I've been trying to figure out the best way to medicate snow cone syrup?
  6. Kusanagi

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    You could make a tinture like ParaDoc mentioned above. Then you make a syrup by boiling water with sugar and/or corn syrup (at a ratio of about 1:1 water to sugars). Flavor the syrup however you wish (with juices, berries, fruits, or extracts), then let it cool a bit. Either wait till it's stopped boiling, transfer it to a cool metal bowl, or use a thermometer to see if it is lower than 120ish degrees C. Then you mix in the tinture, vigorously folding and mixing. If you make an ethanol tinture, wait till the syrup is room temperature before mixing to be on the safe side.

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