Tenacious D

Discussion in 'Music' started by libertyNjustice, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. libertyNjustice

    libertyNjustice New Member

    I haven't read any posts about tenacious D the self proclaimed kings of rock and or roll. Thier album is a weed classic, i like nothing better then getting really stoned and putting it on wonderboy or f**k her gently, they are all great songs. so who here likes the mof**kin D!
  2. The D RULES!! I remember back in the day turning on HBO and seeing the skits with them, they were hysterical! I think they actually have some talent as well as comedy.
  3. deadman420

    deadman420 New Member

    Hey! No mentioning of Tenacious D here...You broke the rules, now I'll pull out your pubic hair(Just kidding about that, I just wanted to use that line.)
  4. OW DUDE! I like my pubes right where they are thank you very much!
  5. libertyNjustice

    libertyNjustice New Member

    Thats one of my favorite songs too, that and inward singing. My first decree is to legalize marijuana, best line of the album.

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