Tennessee Congressman Points To Opioid Epidemic As Reason For Rescheduling Marijuana

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    Holly smokes Congressman ... welcome to our stark new reality – Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN), in a House floor speech, agreed with Sen. Warren when he stated that today's opiate epidemic is one of the best reason to reschedule marijuana!

    Here is a transcript from the May 10, 2016, Congressional record, in which Tennessee's Democratic Congressman, Steve Cohen took to the House floor to discuss the ramification of rescheduling cannabis and America's opioid and heroin epidemic.

    Drilling down on the obvious point of contention, Congressman Cohen schooled his fellow Congressman:

    "In the drug schedules which we have in our country that lay out the order in which we think drugs are the most serious, Schedule I is at the top; and in that classification are heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and marijuana. I ask you each not to answer reflexively which of those four don't fit. Marijuana does not fit."

    Read Congressman Cohen entire statement
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    Where were these guys fifty years ago when all this should have been thought about more seriously back then. Of course marijuana doesn't fit. It never did and it never should have been lumped in with the rest of them.
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    Very informative

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