terms for being stoned

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by buddha baron, May 3, 2002.

  1. Beast'N On'M

    Beast'N On'M Sr. Member

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Agreed, faded is awesome. Call me normal, but I just say high. "I'm high as fuck right now."
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  2. Sierra Twist 11

    Sierra Twist 11 Active Member

    Toasted, blitzed, faded, baked, blasted, blazed.
  3. freddo1234

    freddo1234 New Member

    Stoned, baked, high, blazed, chunged, munted, lean
  4. Sm0ked-one

    Sm0ked-one Sr. Member

    fuckin cooked, or "stick a fork in me i'm done!" XD but thtaq last ones usually used only when you're absolutely burnt!
  5. bluntmane

    bluntmane New Member

    can't even function
  6. CommonBlaze

    CommonBlaze New Member

    baked, blazed, ripped, stoned, high, slammed, torn, thrashed, cooked, steamed, plowed, destroyed, mangled, hung, dunked
  7. Gnarlydude

    Gnarlydude New Member

    blazed - racooned - foxy
  8. JDlsm6

    JDlsm6 New Member

  9. CasSteal

    CasSteal New Member

    Blasted, baked, zaaaaaaaaamn. And zooted
  10. LadyZeppelin

    LadyZeppelin New Member


    "I'm lit" Is one of my personal favorites.

    lit, chonged, fried, baked, blasted, blazed, gone, lifted, flying, high as a kite, enchanted

    "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
    None but ourselves can free our minds"

    ~One Love~
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  11. Miketheman420

    Miketheman420 New Member

    Best One
  12. BuddhaBlaze

    BuddhaBlaze New Member

    Gettin' rasta! :p especially when hittin the jamaican stuff
  13. CoffeeMiss

    CoffeeMiss New Member

    I won't say anything unless you are high with me lmao. I get embarrassed when sober people see me high.
    But I use the simple words as
    stoned, high, and ever so popular "man, I'm tired" lmao
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  14. blazzzzer

    blazzzzer New Member

    I'm high off the heeezey!
    I'm ( a ) Dribbling (mess)
    Pass the zoot or doob
  15. Ok, the usual terms that get used for me are
    Lean (or Steve McQueen) (rhyming slang)
    Hazed andd,
    Stoned, the all round name :D
  16. iarwainbenadar

    iarwainbenadar New Member

    Some of my favourite terms are:
    Forged, Baked, Cooked, Major Tom'd, Gone, and Crispy
  17. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Tokemaster General Staff Member

    Elevated, On Vacation, Stong-gu, and Fey-wah. The last two came from some fishermen I once knew. One was Italian, the other Vietnamese - Not sure on the spelling , but phonetically speaking… that looks about right.

    Example: Duc (pronounced Duke)- my one time Vietnamese deck hand would ask... "Hey, you too Feywah to fish?" Joint hanging out of mouth, I would respond - nope, not high enough.

    Zippo hitting the blunt it was off for the Channel Islands for a night of squid fishing... leaving hueneme harbor crossing the channel islands, hoping we'd make it to the fishing grounds without getting plowed down by one of the tankers in the middle of the night.


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