Test in two weeks. Detailed question (have done lengthy research) please help.

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by psu, Mar 4, 2013.

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    Hi guys, so I've read the forums at length so I'm asking for some "professional" opinions.

    I'm 5'10, 175lbs and pretty muscular with pretty low body fat. I weight train roughly 4 days a week. As of last week I began 30 minutes of cardio 3x a week and have went on a low carb diet ( to help burn fat, therefore burn thc). I drink green tea 2x a day to kick up my metabolism, and as of tomorrow will be starting a fat burner in conjunction to my low carb diet. 3 days before the test I'm going to stop exercising completely and I will be carb and fat loading to help slow metabolism ( sealing the thc in for the test) and the day of the test I'll be using the dilution method. Tons of water, b vitamins and creatinine.

    I last smoked Feb 18th and my test will be on march 21. I smoked frequently ( maybe 4 or 5 times a week. But often it was just one or two bong hits per day. ) As I said I am pretty active with pretty low body fat. Do you guys think I'll be able to pass this without any problems? I purchased a whizzinator but my only access to clean urine is my roommate who takes Prozac (I've heard this can false positive for amphetamines ). So what are my odds and would you do anything else to help?
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    My story: I just did my 6th pre employment test ever. 4 times I used a dilution method and it worked great. I believed I had it to a science. This last time I did it and had the best color yet. Followed the rules to a T using gatorade and I always have high creatine levels because I always supplement creatine monohydrate. Any ways. I diluted and it came back as such. I think the labs are getting better at catching these. So they call me and tell me I have to retake the test. I go buy a 12 dollar marijuana test from Walmart and figure out that 11 days since smoking last and I am clean. I went and took the test a second time and passed. No dilution or anything.

    Good news: If you dilute and get caught it is a a false negative and a re-test. Not the worst thing in the world.

    My advice: buy a first check drug test from walmart. They have a 50ng cut off limit just like the lab test will most likely have and they are accurate. See if your clean first. You might be able to just really lightly dilute and be fine.

    As for subbing.. I did it once. almost messed up temp and it was to nerve racking for me.. I also hear the synthetic piss isn't passing the grade anymore. I don't know the truth though.
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    I think you're absolutely on the right track with everything you're doing with the exception of the whizzinator. Using someone else's urine, especially with the chance for any kind of false positive is risky at best. Given your stats and the fact that you're already knowledgeable (you said a lot of the same things I tell people to do all the time!) I'd say stick with your plan. Don't overdo the creatinine, and I would start taking it before the day of the test, try 72 hours of exposure to creatinine for best results if you're using the N2 method.

    Good luck and keep us posted!


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