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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by drunkoncouch, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. drunkoncouch

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    I stayed clean for 16 days prior to the test. Two days before the test I started drinking water and cranberry juice. I managed to put down almost three gallons of water, 6 pre-cleanse capsules, and a jug of cranberry juice. I stopped hydrating around 11pm the evening before the test that was scheduled for 10:30 the next morning. I was up at 6:30am and drank one glass of water. At 8:00 I slammed the big bottle of test pure platinum magnum force. I waited the fifteen minutes and refilled with water and casually drank that over the next 45min while urinating as directed at least 3 times. The sample was like a neon yellow! The tester placed the drops on the card and waited the required 5 min max time. I was getting nervous as he kept looking down at the test card. Then he picked it up and went to his supervisor. He explained they would have to send it in for further testing and my pre-employment physical would have to be re-scheduled. They called and told me I failed. I am sending in for a refund on the $50.00 bottle of "Snake Oil". They claim a 300% money back guarantee. We'll see.
  2. Buzzby

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    I doubt that you'll see a nickel. They'll probably tell you that you must have done something wrong if you failed the test.

    If you had come here first you would have known that detox products are all scams to separate the credulous from their cash.

    All of these products work by dilution. They do not convert THC metabolites into something that can't be detected, as they'd like you to believe. They do not remove THC metabolites from your body. Only time and fat-burning exercise can do that. You can duplicate the actions of these products for a fraction of the price by following the guidelines in these links:

    Dilution and aspirin-- the technique

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2

    Because they work by dilution, detox drinks can fail if the concentration of THC metabolites is too high. Drinking a lot of fluids makes you pee a lot, reducing the concentration of THC metabolites in your blood. They'll be restored from that stored in fatty tissue but eventually they'll all leach out if you don't smoke. Drinking a reasonable amount of fluids shortly before your test will dilute your urine, lowering the concentration of THC metabolites. If you dilute too much it will spoil the test and you'll be retested or failed. The aspects of dilution techniques other than drinking fluids are to make dilute urine appear to be less dilute. At high concentrations of THC metabolites it is not possible to dilute enough without diluting too much.

    The aspirin in the dilution + aspirin technique will mask THC metabolites on an EMIT test if the concentration is not too high.

    From your description of your actions, my guess is that your results were "negative dilute", meaning that you consumed so much water that certain attributes of your sample were outside the range for normal human urine. Color is the least important factor. Drinking that much fluid will knock your specific gravity and creatinine levels out of normal ranges.
  3. drunkoncouch

    drunkoncouch New Member

    Got My Refund

    I never thought I would see it. They do honor the 300% guarantee, but I had problems. I sent the info to the address on the label and:) it came back "return to sender". After tracking down the phone number, calling them, and re-sending the info I received a check for 120.00 after about 10 weeks.
  4. ilovealbertwalker

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    test pure?

    that is wierd that you didnt pass. I have passed 3 drug tests with this at big places of work. im really surprised i have never had a neon yellow pee with it either mine were always runny by then. but i dont think that you are supposed to drink water before it or anything cause filling the bottle after is enough. you really have to follow directions or it wont work. im glad they sent you back the money tho. in vegas it costs 21.50 i wouldnt get much back haha.
  5. ilovealbertwalker

    ilovealbertwalker New Member

    ya the water you drink after is supposed to be within 15 minutes. directions directions directions for real.hm
  6. knotme66

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    Can't help but wonder what was your smoking history and how long were you clean before test? Also...what is your height/weight?
  7. day_love_me75

    day_love_me75 New Member

    Follow the directions!

    The only reason why you failed is because you drank all that cranberry juice!!! It specifically states in the directions NOT to drink any acidic juices 24 to 72 hours before using Test Pure...cranberry juice is highly acidic!!!

    My boyfriend is an everyday pot smoker, he stopped smoking for only 3 days, followed the 24 to 72 hour directions...and passed using the test pure platinum. Now, I too had to take a drug test for this new job and I am awaiting the results after using this test pure platinum. However, I am not too worried because I only smoke once or twice a week and I quit for 14 days before my test. :)
  8. beeassy

    beeassy New Member


    I passed 3 drug tests as well smoking all the way up to the morning of and then drinking test pure and following the instructions on the bottle. I would do a commercial if it wouldn't blow my cover. You must have been drunkoncouch when ya read the bottle cause ya sure did eff that sure thing up....:thumb:
  9. Secs

    Secs New Member

    The detox drinks are simply a form of dilution gone out of control. You can get lucky and receive a dilute negative or a negative result outright, you can be unlucky and receive a dilute positive or a positive result.

    Simply pounding fluids of any kind are not the way to pass a drug test. There is more involved than blocking THC. It doesn't block anything, it just floods your urinary tract with so much fluid that any THC is rendered undetectable. It is sort of like adding 500 gallons of clean water to one quart of muddy water. When you look at the total 500.25 gallons of water, it looks clean because the mud is so diluted with the clean water.

    Same principle with drinking excessive fluids prior to a drug test. The problem with that is if you drink TOO MUCH, your specimen can be flagged as dilute. Too much dilution and the employer can reject the specimen, either making you take another test or rejecting your application altogether.
  10. beeassy

    beeassy New Member

    Successfully passing a urine test 3 times using a detox drink isn't owed to luck. Test Pure deserves my kudos and i'd recommend it to anyone needing a quick fix! The proof is in the piddle...
  11. Sarahlikestotoke

    Sarahlikestotoke New Member

    I would be interested in hearing the ingredients in Test Pure....
  12. cynarshc

    cynarshc New Member

    I just passed using test pure I followed directions to the T
  13. sensfantoronto

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    I am 40-yrs-old, only135Lbs, with a high metabolism. I was given a urine test by my new job back in October which I failed. The company made me sign an agreement to be subject to random testing through the next year, with immediate dissmissal if I fail the test(s). I tried a product called StatFlush in December & followed the instructions to the tee. I the went & had a urine test at my own expense to test the StatFlush effectiveness. My results came back "dilute." I emphasize I ONLY drank the exact amount of water StatFlush recommends. This morning I was informed I must take a random drug test next week (probably Tuesday, as Monday is a holiday in my part of Canada). I phoned the toll-free number on passyourdrugtest.com & spoke with a guy there who told me he couldn't help me as shipping would take until Monday in Canada but he strongly suggested I take "Test Pure Magnum" if I can find it anywhere or "Cue Carb" available at GNC stores. He told me to stop smoking immediately (my last intake was last night), drink pleanty of hot tea with no sugar over the next few days, take the Test Pure Magnum" the morning of the test & have NOTHING else (no food, nor water, juice, etc...) 2 hours prior to the test & pee twice before taking the test. He also suggested eating healthy- no fried foods, no rich foods. The guy also told me I got the dilute result becaus, even though I only drank the suggested amout of water with my StatFlush, with my low body weight, even that amount of water was too much.

    Unless someone out there has any other suggestions, I'm inclined to believe/ trust this fellow, as he had nothing to gain from me (he wasn't selling me anything, he just said buy the Test Pure Magnum wherever I can find it).

    Any comments/ suggestions/ help from anyone out there????

    Thanks in advance
  14. ilovealbertwalker

    ilovealbertwalker New Member

    ok i am 5'4 95 lbs i am a heavy smoker. meaning almost all day if im not at work. not only myself has passed 3 drug tests, my husband has passed 2 he is 6'1 200lbs. didnt smoke for 2 days before. and 2 other girlfriends of mine different sizes so i dont know bout you failers
  15. hennessy shots

    hennessy shots New Member

    I've been successful using TEST PURE PLATINUM MAGNUM FORCE to pass a drug test. I smoked two days before the drug test. During the 48 hours of not smoking I drank close to 3 gallons of water. Morning of the test I used the TEST PURE PLATINUM MAGNUM FORCE following the directions exactly. 2 hours later I took the test. Results came back negative for all drugs a few days later.
  16. FuckingRattlesnake

    FuckingRattlesnake New Member

    Is it just me or does this seem like an ad?
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  17. Webdox

    Webdox New Member


    Why only 3 gallons in your story. Next time say it was 5 and that the test pure was what REALLY made you pass. :rolleyes:
  18. hennessy shots

    hennessy shots New Member

    I don't know for sure if it was the test pure that made me pass. My fast metabolism could have played a part. It could also have been i just got real lucky. With so many people on this forum being unsuccessful using test pure or something similar I was skeptical that it would actually work. I'm not here to advertise or sell you guys anything. I'm here just to share my experience with test pure hoping someone will find it useful. With that being said what worked for me might not work for others.

  19. drunkoncouch

    drunkoncouch New Member

    I am 5'-6" and 245lbs with slow metabolism. I was a daily smoker 16 days before the test. The test did not come back as "dilute", I was told they detected a very small amount of THC. It was a blessing in disguise. I now have a really good job and they do not test!
  20. dangerousangel

    dangerousangel New Member

    Test Pure Platinum SUCKS! DO NOT USE!

    My finance is what we would call a heavy user on normal basis. He smokes every couple hours throughout the day, sometimes more. Has been for 10 years.
    He is 6'2 and 220 lbs and was told he would have to go in for a drug test in a week. He immediatley stopped smoking all together and began drinking loads of water in the days leading up to the test.
    We went out and purchased Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force to use before the test. He followed the directions to a tee, cutting out all acidics, caffine.. basically everything expect for water 48 hours prior.

    We went over the directions again and again, and like I said, he followed them to a tee. Went in and did his test and SURPRISE.. THC was detected in levels up to 50ng.. so that would be a fail.

    This product is GARBAGE (at least for "heavy" smokers) this was his first piss test and first AND last attempt to use any of these shitty products.

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