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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by drunkoncouch, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Srato

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    Definitely not good for chronic users! I stopped smoking 72 hours before the test and began drinking lots of water over the next three days--at least a full gallon each day, probably closer to two. On the morning of the test, I drank one glass of water every hour, stopping an hour before I was to take the product. Followed the directions (chugged the bottle, waited the 15 min and then filled with water and drank that, pissed three times in the next 45 minutes). I got to the drug testing facility about two hours after first consuming the TestPure Platinum and took the drug test. My urine was mostly clear.

    I tested positive for THC and won't be getting the job now. So now it's time to quit!
  2. mamamaryjane

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    I just passed! I used twice a day for 3 years prior to the 7 days before I took the test and drank pure platinum. I did 7 heated yoga classes, ate clean (fruit, veggies, no fried foods) drank 100 ounces of a water a day. On the day of the test I ate greek yogurt with protein powder and almonds, did a heated yoga class, drank 28 ounces of water 6 hours prior to the test. 2.5 hours prior to the test I drank test pure platinum and followed the directions to a T. I just found out that I passed and I now have a job in the medical device industry. Use this product because it works!
  3. partelo jones

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    ****BEWARE***** I used this product, followed the directions completely, including drinking a gallon of water the day before my test and the aspirin regimen. I also stopped smoking 10 days before the test. I failed my drug test MISERABLY, this product DOES NOT WORK. My test was not diluted, I tested positive for THC. Save your money and don't look like an idiot like I do now. My life is very messed up now because of this, I should have just said I couldn't pee and tried something else.
  4. Dedbr

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    Marijuana.com has no way to test these products and it would be impossible for us to include all the variables involved in any one particular persons metabolism. If you fail it could very well be that you should of subbed instead of trying to dilute.......

  5. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Sorry to hear about your experience partelo. Just as an FYI that I want to add to those who read this thread in the future: Always test at home--and partelo, I know you did this from reading another of your threads. Test at home using a test that is the same ng cutoff as the test you will take in the lab, and take more than one brand if you can. Good luck to all, better luck to our OP. Sorry man.
  6. Worrying

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    I am writing to share my experience using Test Pure Platinum Magnum orange, in the hopes the info will help others. I failed my drug screen. :oops: I did not come back diluted; I tested positive for THC. I did not use for 8 1/2 days before my test but prior to that I was a daily user, basically smoked whenever I wasn't at work including pretty much all day on the weekends. I think the stuff I smoke would be considered high grade. I realize that it says on here that the drinks are all a scam and only work by dilution if they even work at all. However, I have a friend who personally used a drink and passed and another friend who swears his buddies have used Test Pure with successful results. Plus the guy at the head shop and another customer who was there swore I'd be fine, especially after not smoking for over a week. The customer said he'd used it three times and passed. I am 5'10" and 200 lb. I think my metabolism is probably average. I don't really work out but I am no couch potato either. I am so pissed at myself for not subbing. My test was at a Lab Corp facility and was not observed. They just put a blue tablet in the toilet and wouldn't let me take my bag into the bathroom. It would have been super easy to sub...maybe a little nerve wracking but nothing like waiting back for results that you are not sure about. The suspense was awful! Good luck testers.
  7. justsomeguy151

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    I just tried Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force Cherry flavor. It worked for me. I'm 5'8", 245 lbs(WAYYY outta shape, I know), and a marginal smoker at a couple of one hitters a day every couple of days. I was sweating this test to start my first job in 2.5 years, all riding on whether I passed this stupid piss test. I drank the 24 fl. oz bottle in 15 minutes instead of 5 minutes. I didn't drink as much water in the days before even though I planned on it. I also drank some apple juice cuz I forgot to not drink acidic juices. I even smoke a little 2 days before test time. Anyways, I passed it. The lady didn't tell me I passed tho, she just was walking around doing her routine fr a couple minutes then walked up to me w/ some papers to sign to confirm employment. WHEW! I don't know if I passed cuz I'm not a heavy smoker or because I'm lucky....but I passed, even w/ me making bonehead mistakes and not following the procedure to a T. I also didn't give them the intial pee, I peed until there was enough left over to give them the bare minimum sample size. A friend and I had speculated that if you give them yr initial pee, that the incriminating particles would be at the forefront of yr urine. Maybe thats just stoner logic but what the hell, it worked. Don't know if my experience will help anybody but I hope so. Drug testing should be illegal for jobs cuz the shit that is the worst, cocaine etc. ..... goes out of yr system in 3 days but the stuff that is harmless and NO ONE has ever died from ingesting, is illegal.

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