Testing newborn babies without parents' consent

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by oneluv4boognish, Nov 29, 2005.

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    I figured i would take this question out of the urine testing forum, considering my question is really on what a horrendous violation of civil liberties this is/must be. In response to my post on how to pass a piss test preggers...someone just very recently posted that their newborn was tested. Now, i'm presuming that they weren't asked about this being okay. I know someone who's baby was tested, but only after they came back positive, which they never gave consent for them to be tested. How on earth is this legal? ESPECIALLY after Ferguson v South Carolina! If your child needs medical treatment or testing of any kind the parents must sign consent forms....how is this any damn different?
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    **** the police
  3. oneluv4boognish

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    Anyone with more than two brain cells that work together in unison have an answer? :thumbsup:
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    I know that there was a law passed recently in Arkansas that allows drug testing on newborns. That all babies will be screened for drugs prior to being released from the hospital. I don't believe they have to have consent. I know they take a babies blood when born, they have always done that, and it wouldn't be nothing for them to test that sample of blood for drugs. Several mothers around here have come home from the hospital without their babies because of testing positive for drugs. But, that is in Arkansas
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    What drugs did they test positive for? Cause seriously they might invade your space and give lectures but it's not usually just pot that gets your kid TAKEN....i can see something like what happened to me...having to go back the next day after CPS says you're "fit"....but i think there's more to the story.
  6. iamskfan

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    It is more than just pot. I have several pregnant friends though, that have been told about the law by their doctors, and all of them have quit smoking pot, b/c the law that allows the testing of the babies, and none of them want to test positive. For anything...not even pot.
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    No i'm with ya....i was referring to those that lost their kids....were they just popped for weed?
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    In my role as News Administrator I frequently read stories about children being placed in foster care because their parents were found to be marijuana users. Babies who test positive for marijuana or other illicit drugs are often placed in foster care as well.
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    My question though is the legality of them testing the child without testing the mother and having probable cause. What i'm gathering occurs is that the child is tested without the parent's consent regardless of them testing the parent...seems like this is their attempt to get around the supreme court saying that it's illegal to test the mother without her knowing she's being tested. If that is the case i just can't understand how this goes on legally....it's like they are just infringing on the newborn's rights because they're too young to speak.
  10. iamskfan

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    Yes, it is testing just positive to pot. It is a law in Arkansas now, they test all new born babies....so I would guess they do not have to have your consent, since it is law. That is why the doctors are making the new mothers aware of this law.
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    Do you know how many and what other states are doing this now?
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    Edit: Ouch, I just got owned. Replied to a post from 2005:eek:...

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