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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Tuco, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Tuco

    Tuco New Member

    I was wondering if we have any old school smokers from the late 60's and early 70's who know real Thai Stick. Is it really buds skewered on pot stems and tied on with strings pulled off of the pot stalk? I hear people today talking about Thai Stick, but I think they are full of crap.
  2. imported_Ugo

    imported_Ugo New Member

    If you watch the pot-tv episode where they have old cbc exerts they talk alittle about them. I think it is also a play on words, because it would also work as 'tie stick'. I don't know what thier main purpose was but I think it was like a toothpick with weed strung on with thread. Maybe it was a way of measuring how much you were selling/buying durring a time when scales wern't as common. (I'm not really sure about the scales thing)
  3. FadedToBlack

    FadedToBlack New Member

    Hell, people find all ways to smoke weed, even now. I bet it's true.
  4. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Thai Sticks are also dipped in cannabis oil, are they not? They are usually 4 inches long, 2 inches wide, and come wrapped. Very potent, but some people say opposite. Sometimes dipped in other things, embalming fluid or opium.
  5. zoltron

    zoltron Banned

    1972 - $15/Thai Stick

    Yeah, back in the early 70's we used to see Thai Stick occasion-
    ally...about 4" long, like was said, but not real thick...about the
    width of a small cigar...very potent, at least what we used to get
    out buddy & I bought a Stick and went back to his apt.
    because he had a bamboo bong (1973)...we broke off just a
    little bit, put in thimble (bong bowl), fired up---------> 2 hours
    later, we realized the apt. was all dark, no TV or radio on, and we
    had been in a complete daze without even talking to each other.
    Very potent stuff, but that was 30 yrs. ago...I haven't seen the
    real thing in quite awhile...:D
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  6. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    that sounds sweet!! can you make those at home? i guess all u would need is a stem, bud and oil. hmm might have to try that sumtime.
  7. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    Never was embalming fluid used on a Thai stick, that's a trait of the 90's. Yes, it was a "stick" and as Zoltron said it looked like a small brown cigarillo. And the last time I heard of any was in 1976. :chokin:
  8. Almost Bliss

    Almost Bliss New Member

    Is that what they had on that one cheech and chong movie (Dont remember which, or could have been more than one) where they sold them from an ice cream truck in little push pop things?
  9. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    First and last time I had it was the summer of 1980 ...from a friend who lived in LA and we met a convention/reunion at Northwestern University ...

    I don't remeber much about getting back to Boston the next night ...

    Come to think of it, I don;t recall much of anything at all :D
  10. hauptmann

    hauptmann Seasoned Activist

    Well I guess its time to make them now isnt it. Honey oil from my leaves and small buds, bud from harvest. Time to make some new york thai sticks.

    Over at OO we should see who can make the best homegrown sticks.:D

    Buy an ice cream truck and deliver to all the ol' timers. Bring back some forgotten memories.
  11. YetiManY3K

    YetiManY3K New Member

    To answer the posters question, I dont think it matters what the sticks are made out of. My growing friend uses stalks of his plants to make his Thai Sticks, but I've seen shishkabob(spelling?) skewers used on them before too.
  12. zoltron

    zoltron Banned

    not real Thai

    isn't actual Thai Panama, Mama & myself pointed out,
    there hasn't been real Thai around in at least 20 yrs...:D As I
    should have pointed out, most Thai Stick was brought back by our
    brave soldiers of the Viet Nam War...and with R & R in Thailand,
    hence the name, Thai Stick was shipped back to the States with
    returning military personnel. :(
  13. Kibbatoz

    Kibbatoz New Member

    I dunno I have a feeling it is around somewhere probably just hard to find.A year or two ago my father said there was some thai stick around but he said I couldn't get any because this stuff was dipped in opium.I remember it being really expensive too.But that was the only time he saw any scinse the 70's too.
  14. d3llusion

    d3llusion New Member

    [​IMG][​IMG]:wtf:i recently purchased a weight of thai it was 8-9 inches long by about 3-4 in width realy compressed wich was wraped in orange
    string the weight 4 oz to smoke it just tasted like comercial weed but it got me realy i mean realy stoned more of a body feiling than the head i had butterflies in my stomach
    overwelming sence of dizzines
    and a almost hallucagenic ora round me it had verry few seeds but the ones i got wil go in the
    pots soon and wait to see what happens to them over all it was a real good smoke im from the uk and i see this type of thai all the time my friend grows a little crop
    every summer and is a good smoke too i reicently aquierd a few cuttings of jack herer skunk wich are doing verry well i think i will do a kind of thai stick with them using her stalks
    to bind the buds round the main stem can comperss then tightly roll up in plastic bags them the long wait you burry them 3ft in the earth for 3 to 6 months to let them ferment
    depending on how patient you are take from the earth and you have one hell of
    a smoke oil stikky bud
    that blows your head off
    trust me this was the real deal this thai stick was toxic i never smoked normal weed like this b4
    ever i was in a higher state of mind

    think i got the pic uploaded now
    sorry about the quality was taken on my phone:eek:
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  15. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    That looks like a giant brown turd. I don't think that is actual thai stick. It looks like weed that has been compressed to look like something similiar. Ugh, fermented? Are you kidding? Give me fresh, uncompressed green chronic anyday over 'thai stick'.
  16. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    The highest I've ever been was back in the late 80's, when a friend of a friend said he has some Thai Stick and offered it up to me. About 3 hits and I was jacked up. I went back inside and sat down on the couch. about 2 hours later the people I came with were leaving but I couldn't move my legs to get off the couch so I just stayed there that night. MJ has never done that to me since. I don't know if it was real Thai Stick or not but I do know it was definitley a different kind of high.
  17. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Real Thai sticks from the 70s were a bunch of small, hard, extremely potent, buds tied to a bamboo splint by a thread wrapped around them in a spiral fashion. The thread could well have been cannabis fiber, I never thought about it. It did look like a natural fiber of some kind.

    They were around 5" long and maybe an inch across. AFAIK, they weren't dipped in anything. If they'd been dipped in hash oil, they would have been sticky. They weren't.
  18. Pompo

    Pompo New Member

    We used to get Thai Stick pretty regularly back in the late 70's, named so because the weed was from Thailand. Outstanding 2-3 hit weed :dizzy: Kind of faded away at the end of the 70's though. Haven't seen any since :( We never sent the strings or sticks in for analysis :D Can't tell you what they were made of. By the time we got done smoking it, we could care less :laugh:
  19. d3llusion

    d3llusion New Member

    I just got me another oz of this hi grade weed"thai"yardie"ect"ect"ect wtf it is its quality man it realy hits the "them" spot i had a few joints whilst sitting in my room recording some old 12inch to the pc i was tripping "REALY" no joke sat there looking at the wallpaper doing all kind of wierd s**t music influencing my mind too it was one of the most strangest hi's of my life so far not worth trying to explain it was too complex:pbut it was gr8

    WTF are the grams on the left side for 139.60??????????????
  20. Pompo

    Pompo New Member

    This will give you some information about the grams you've noticed Website Features and you might want to give these a read also Posting Guidelines
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