Thai Stick

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    Well you could not roll a joint with it, it had to be smoked in a pipe...hookah...I cannot say 100% that it was dipped in opium, I know the sticks were very sticky, never be able to draw it thru a joint. I also remember while in san diego, alot of fake sticks started showing up.
    Just listen to Rush 2112 Train to Bangkok ........the good old days, no piss test....but harsher penalty
    Far as straight opium, back in the 70s, all we use to use was a little piece on a spoon, light it up and inhale with a straw. Im sure that wasnt the best way...but the only way we knew.
    Its only been 30 years ago......
  2. Phenom

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    Just google images it....
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    Great Stuff

    I was here in Thailand in the 70's and Thai Stick was all you could get, it was natural natural grass no additives and mild, lovely flavour but a great high, it made you really horny and the munchies were good.

    Not much around since the mid eighties, a lot in Thailand now comes from Cambodia but there is still some great local product.
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    Thai stick came from Thailand. and yes, you are very close to the corrent description. A Thai stick can get 20 people high.
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    Had thai stick many years ago in Thailand, small cigar shape 4-5 inches long, a little larger around than a cigarette, cost was $.25 per stick, always got very parinoid on it probibly because I was in Thailand(huge penalties if you couldn't buy your way out)
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    I was in Thailand in '68-'69 and smoked what we called Thai Gold for half a year until we discovered Thai Green. Thai Gold was as good as anything and the best we had ever smoked but the Green was psychedelic. Visuals like Mescaline, out-of-body effects like Acid, but definitely Cannabis. I was ripped for 24 hours on 3 tokes. I woke up stoned. Even the Thais got very high.

    Supposedly grown by a leper in small quantities only a lucky few knew about it, like our Pedicab driver, Jo. Get this, for $5 Jo would ride away and return with 5 gold sticks (sometimes wrapped in USAF documents!), all buds delicately wrapped with string on a small skewer. He'd walk a few steps to the jungle and return with a 2" long x 3" dia piece of bamboo. He knocked the cells inside the bamboo, augered a hole near the bottom that held a finger-sized bamboo fitted with a hollowed out nut. My first bong experience. Jo got a very fat tip.

    Later that year I met a friend in LA and he had 2 cartons of Marbys. Before he left Thailand he paid, I think, $60, plus cigs and got back the cartons, now resealed after each had been opened, wrappers removed, packs opened, cigs removed, emptied, refilled with Green and capped with tobacco in the end. Everything got repacked, resealed and re-cartoned. Virtually undetectable. If you remember being in LA, Spring of '69 and smoked some of the best pot ever, you're welcome. The friend charged $25 per pack, a steal.

    I doubt this strain could still exist considering the leper, the 40+years and all.
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    (OLD SCHOOL )thai stick

    I have been in search of the old school Thai sticks ,i remember back in the 70's we used to get thai sticks for $ 10 that was very expensive for weed it was on a bamboo skewer and about the size of a roll of dimes but a little long and fit in the bottom of a glad bag(pre-ziplock) and it was about a 1/4 oz. which was expensive because we could get a LID for about $10 . a Lid was about 3 to 4 fingers in a glad bag of weed (LID =OZ) but back to the Thai , it was gold colored but had no seeds and was stonyer than shit ,a PINNER (a joint not much larger that a toothpick) would get 4 people stoned but good. i have yet to see any of that strain of weed , so i am in search of the old school Thai.
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    saw that on the "because i got high" music video lol
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    Real Thai Stick

    Someone was asking if real thai stick was grass tied to a stem. The real thai stick I smoked back in the 60's was long, thinnish buds with a slightly reddish green tinge. They were single long buds tied one to a stick, looked to be sativa, and the sticks were of the incense variety. Each was tied on with a sinew colored thread. What I remember most was the screaming, raging, incapacitating high. The best I'd ever smoked & it's not hard to say, even with all the hybrids I routinely smoke these days, ie, white widow, hazes, and everything else 20%++, nothing will ever match that! Good Asian sativa is sky rocket! :eek:
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    still available

    well I won't give details of how, but I'm still getting Thai stick to this day. It's not tied on a stick in this case but is real and is from there. I recieve details on the province it came from before I get it, OCC, Mikong, Fang Thai. there are apparently several varieties. Also getting several varities of Cambodian defined by province like Ko Kong. Thai is psycedelic and electrifying and tastes sweet. The Cambodian is very heavy and sedative and tastes like gold seal hash with a hint of leaf. It's price is set at the highest price payed for any kind in north America, about triple the norm. I get no other kinds and it's easily 3x as powerful as anything others consider good. Unreal when vaporized. I didn't find mixing Thai stick and Cambodian to be a good mixture though, their effects are too different from one another.
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    Just gotta say, everyone thinks they get the best weed.
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    That sounds about right. Seedless buds tied onto a very thin bamboo stick with string. Been years since I've even seen a stick, let alone smoke it.
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    I was in Okinawa in 1973 and had some brought in by airforce personal.
    It was light brown sinse attached to a thin peice of bamboo with a strand of hemp fiber and it was excellent, the best that I had ever had up until that time,the buds were only about 5/8" in diamiter.
    In 1980 in california I got some more which also was supplied by milatary personal and the general concensus was that it was bettet than Mendicino Greeno!
    It does not have chemical additives.In those days some people laced low grade weed with embalming chemicals and called it canibanol(A total misnomer), or the called it sherm.These products fucked You up but not in a good way(Not a THC high).Some people smoked a lot of it and did permenent damage to there brains!
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    The last time I enjoyed the sweetly unique Thai stick was 1977 as a Seabee in Port Hueneme, Ca. As I recall they were about 5" in length secured to a sliver of bamboo with what looked to be hemp or bamboo string the size of thread, lined up 5 side by side on top of another 5 side by side secured again with the string and tied to another block of 10 to bring nice packaging and shipping blocks of 4 high 5 wide secured snug. About 3 grams each, $15 or 2 for $25, $750-$900 lb. They fit so nice in Christmas cards.;)

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