That 70's Show Circle: You Do This?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by KissTheSky89, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. KissTheSky89

    KissTheSky89 Sr. Member

    My friends and I do it ALL the time.

    You know what I am talkin about? This show call That 70's Show has a point in every episode (alot of times more than once) where they are all sittin in a circle with smoke everywhere. Usually like 5 of em, and they take turns talkin. There is always one character talkin about a problem, while the others try to help, and always one of em who is too blazed and start ramblin lol.

    You guys ever do this?

    Dont be afraid to write your favorite quotes lol
  2. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    I love this show.
  3. Cannabis_Joe

    Cannabis_Joe New Member

    Yeah. This is how it almost always is with me and my friends. haha. I love the second and third video. hahaha. :D
  4. jdogg2112

    jdogg2112 Sr. Member

    Yup, I sit in a circle and smoke weed with my friends.
  5. Hyyerr420

    Hyyerr420 New Member

    That 70s show is the best. I love the one where Hyde makes special brownies and all the parents eat them haha so funny.
  6. isi

    isi New Member

    more like sit on a couch or in a car(lol) but for the most part yes all the time.
    p.s. thats 70's show is AWSOME
  7. Csharp

    Csharp Sr. Member

    yeah kinda, cept there is like 8 of us instead of 4, we have to go outside in the cold to smoke and we stand rather than sit(naturally) oh yeah, and there's always like 2 or 3 people talking at once rather than everyone one at a time.
  8. toke_after_toke

    toke_after_toke New Member

    yeah but unfourtanetly in my circle one person is usually making fun of someone and then everyone makes fun of that person.
  9. Csharp

    Csharp Sr. Member

    that happens in the '70s circle alot too, if you actually watch the show ever that is...
  10. Prodigy4/20/89

    Prodigy4/20/89 New Member

    The large sessions with more than 4 people are set up in circles normally. If there are less people the circle is changed to everyone focusing on the TV normally watching that 70s show or playing xbox.
  11. Bilbowe

    Bilbowe New Member

    Used to smoke with a lot of people but since I moved its just down to 2 of us. Oh well, still fun as hell. It would be interesting meeting more people that smoked though. We usually start talking about anything and then we get real loud and I think people can hear us since we live in apartments.
  12. Csharp

    Csharp Sr. Member

    haha, yeah that's another thing. after a few rounds we start getting louder and louder as well followed by a bunch of "shhhs" and "you guys, be quiet"'s
  13. KissTheSky89

    KissTheSky89 Sr. Member

    I eaither smoke with two others in a triangle so to speak, or with four others which is in a line across my neighbors living room.

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