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  1. Toke

    Toke New Member

    Does THC affect dogs, cats, or other household animals (hamsters, etc.)? What I mean is, if you shotgunned a pet enough, would the THC affect its mind and get it high?

    I've seen plenty of movies with this happening, but I'm not sure if THC affects other beings besides humans.

    I have seen a video of the effects of drugs on spiders though.
  2. Emersion

    Emersion New Member

    Lol, the High times vid on the effects of spiders is HILARIOUS!

    But I digress, according to Wiki, it normally intoxicates animals. "It has been shown that administration of high doses of THC to animals lowers serum testosterone levels, impairs sperm production, motility, and viability, disrupts the ovulation cycle, and decreases output of gonadotropic hormones."

    And has been seen to both increase and lower the pleasure of sex.
    That is it for the testing of THC only. You have to remember that people who have taken THC pills report a worse painkiller than actual marijuana.

    There are a couple studies listed too.
    1. H.K. Kalant & W.H.E. Roschlau (1998). Principles of Medical Pharmacology (6th edition ed.). pp. 373–375.

    2.W. Hall, N. Solowij (November 1998). "Adverse Effects of Cannabis". The Lancet 352: 1611–6. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(98)05021-1.
  3. locket

    locket Oodalolly

    My personal opinion is that trying to get animals high is equivalent to animal abuse.
    Unless you can get that animal to tell you in plain english that it WANTS to get high, keep the weed to yourself.
    Imagine someone somehow gets you to unknowingly ingest acid. You'd be fucking tripping balls and going bonkers. I relate that to how an animal must feel when forced to get high.

    Whatever your intention was when asking this question, just don't try to get animals high. please.
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  4. Toke

    Toke New Member

    I wasn't saying I wanted to, and I really don't care about anyone's opinion on my actions, but thanks for your input (I actually feel the same way).

    I was just wondering. My friend's dog got into his stash of an off topic drug, ate an eighth of an ounce of it, and died. Pretty horrible.


    Yes, I blaze with my dog all the time. He seems to really enjoy it.
  6. SoThrowd

    SoThrowd Sr. Member

    I used to get my dog high back in the day and he loved it. Then one day he got way too high and was really really really really lazy. I had to drag him to get him to another room. Now he doesn't like it, so I respect that and keep it to myself. My other dog loves to get high. She would always put her nose to my mouth when I exhale smoke and she does it on her own. Sometimes it gets annoying when she does that so I would just find somewhere else to smoke.
  7. _Jay

    _Jay Sr. Member

    Although I personally do not get my pets high, I have friends that do and their dogs seem to really enjoy it. He has to hide his stash in high up spots so his dog won't get into it, it's pretty hilarious actually. It always tries to attack you when you're taking a hit, haha. ;)
  8. Spidercow

    Spidercow New Member

    After my cat FREAKED OUT i dont smoke near her anymore.
    Wasn't good.

  9. Kiefer Suthrlnd

    Kiefer Suthrlnd New Member

    Its just weed! You are doing the animals a favor as long as they like it...and believe me you can tell. If I die and come back as a dog please smoke me up!
  10. locket

    locket Oodalolly

    Not all animals will like it, and it's impossible to know which ones will like it, that is if they even truly do like it. Think of the reasons as to why you get high? What do you like about it? Can you translate why you get high or what you like about the high with being a dog or a cat?
    If you get high because it enhances your music capabilities for example, you can't say the same if you were a dog.
    If you want to do a dog a favour, take it for a nice walk where there's lots of smells and dead things to roll in. Don't get it high.
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  11. marcusJay

    marcusJay New Member

    I think its a waste of weed to give it to an animal. The only weed my cat gets is catnip and she gets plenty high on that stuff.
  12. Kiefer Suthrlnd

    Kiefer Suthrlnd New Member

    Its very possible...and the yard at my house is big enough that there's no need to go to a park. My dog's favorite activity is to chase the ball or lounge around out back in the sun while blazed.

    Trust me, she basically tries to take the hits out of your mouth even if you arent offering, steals weed canisters, stems, and loves to lick stuff weed was broken up on. This wasn't caused by me, I rescued her from a family of stoners and have seen this behavior from day 1.

    It would be wrong of me to deny her the wonderful herb that she loves.

    and MarcusJay... the wasting weed argument doesn't make any sense.
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  13. mizzOe

    mizzOe New Member

    I blew some smoke onto my rabbit, not sure if he got high - he just went under a tree and chilled there for about 40 mins.. then ate a bunch of carrots.. lulz
  14. 2slo2run

    2slo2run New Member

    Well I choose not to get my dog high for reasons similar to those from above.
    But I do know that my brother used to when he lived at home. I also know that when he comes to visit she gets very excited, jumping and yelping and runs to him. She is very old and rarely moves, the incredible change in her actions when he shows up are very odd and only him and I know that it might have some correlation to her previous experiences with him and MJ,
  15. High Mom

    High Mom New Member

    I've found that my pets, both cats & dogs, just get up & leave when I light up.One cat seems to stick around a bit & get her buzz on, but she doesn't respond to catnip.
  16. sweet cheeba

    sweet cheeba New Member

    we put my friends ferret in his kennel and put blankets over it
    then we sparked a j and would pull the smoke in to our mouths and then blow it into the kennel and put the blanket back on

    this shit was straight boxed so we took off the blanket and opened the door and his ferret waddles out and falls down

    then we cooked a blunt ourselves and played with the ferret

    twas the most magical experience of my life

    man and beast intertwined as one...i gotta stop smoking this
  17. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    I do not agree on getting any animals high, though I don't care yet what you guys do. I have heard of many stories of animals dying, obviously the most smaller ones like less than five pounds. I know a guy(not really a friend) that had a hamster and he would get him high until the poor little guy was apparently 'high' for about a week because he had been hotboxed and then died. :(

    ^^^What a F*cking dumbass.

    How would you know if the dog likes the smoke or not? Are you sure he is not curious about the smell or for some reason just likes it( Not actually being high, just likes the smell) Perhaps the dog just like the attention that is given to him. Just because the dog is sitting next to you when you're smoking your blunt doesn't mean that he's asking to pass it to him. :shakehead

    Oh, maybe the dog said, "Hey let me take a rip out of that bong sucka!! " *bark* >_>
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  18. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Gave it to a dying dog

    My dog was dying of cancer, we had some tranquilizers from the vet that kept him sedate, and used several baby aspirin each day, but for the last weeks of his life I would add about a joints worth of pot to his food 2-3 time per day. He was a large Lab and he gained weight during the last weeks, I think because of the pot in his diet. I thought the end was in sight I would want to stay as pain free as possible.
  19. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    If you smoke indoors and have a companion animal, there is bound to be some level of second stream smoke that they will be exposed to.
    I would never under any circumstances blow bong rips to my Dog. She is, however, minutely affected by the small amounts in the air, both from burning material and exhaling. It's pretty much unavoidable.
  20. Purpose420

    Purpose420 Sr. Member

    President Bush’s Drug War Report Card (MPP-TV)

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