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  1. ihatehippies

    ihatehippies New Member

    Recently got my recommendation from a doctor and I am now the proud owner of a card. Been to a couple of shops and one thing that strikes me as odd is that they offer weed chap stick. It must be pre ordered in advance, and I was just looking for opinions of others who have experience before I waste time and money trying to get some. Does it actually work? Is it a lasting high or passing? If anyone has actually used it before any account would be welcome. Thanks.
  2. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Since trying to absorb THC through you skin is absolutely the hardest way to get it into your system, are you sure that's what it's for? I've seen lip balm based on cannabis oil, which is pressed from seeds and contains no THC.
  3. iLikeTurtles

    iLikeTurtles New Member

    Maybe they meant chapstick with hemp extracts.
  4. ihatehippies

    ihatehippies New Member

    Honestly I have no idea what it was made of.... I just saw the words weed chap stick and assumed it was THC. I'm just excited about being able to get baked discreetly in public. My roommate is a hard ass about it, so I was just looking for something discrete. Is it safe to assume that the cannabis oil has no effect at all? What about chapstick with hemp extracts?
  5. iLikeTurtles

    iLikeTurtles New Member

    No you arent going to get high from using "weed" chapstick. And chapstick with hemp isn't going to get you high either.
  6. ihatehippies

    ihatehippies New Member

    My fantasy is ruined. I appreciate the honesty though.....
  7. jeseekuh9

    jeseekuh9 New Member

    i actually have some! noooo it doesnt get you high but it does contain THC and moistens your lips!
  8. boosted-r32

    boosted-r32 New Member

    my roommate has some of that now, he said that he doesnt get high from it, but who knows you may have something different. good luck with your card, enjoy it!

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