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  1. slowgawd

    slowgawd New Member

    First time posting, long time edibles maker.

    I've been reading some great articles on the site about differing methods of extraction of THC. Great stuff, so thanks for supporting the mission! My concern is I'm allergic to alcohol and I've never tried to make a tincture with Grain Alcohol, and I will not touch Acetone, Butane or any other petroleum based solvents.

    I used butter for a long time, until i realized dairy was causing me routine sinus infections.

    When using Grain Alcohol is there a way to confirm there is no actual alcohol left in it? Is it impossible, or just a waiting game?

    Also, i've heard you can can also use oils as a solvent much like Alcohol, something with a super high fat content and a high smoke point (495deg) like Avocado oil, is this true?

    My goal here is to make sometype of tincture i can use in the products i make, much like the hash oil, for those eco-savvy I've also created some kickass organic, raw 'treats' and I'd be willing to share those recipies, just for something different :)

    Thanks for your support!
  2. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    welcome to the forum, good luck with your edibles

  3. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    you said you wanted to make uncooked. have you thought about making coconut oit instead of butter???
  4. slowgawd

    slowgawd New Member

    oh sorry to confuse, it doesn't have to be raw...i just have a few good raw recipies.

    I have trouble with tropical oils too, coconut actually gives me red hives...I've used sunflower oil to extract thc before, but it didn't have the same impact as using butter used too, unless I'm just out of practice.

    I'm wondering if the alcohol will completely evaporate leaving no trace, so I don't swell up and die.

    OR maybe it's possible to use the same everclear extraction method with an super fatty oil like avocado which i can ingest pretty readily.

    Any thoughts?
  5. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    I have soaked weed in 190 for months, strained out the weed and let the alcohol evaporate until all that was left was a greenish/blackish goo that was incredibly concentrated. I just rolled it up into a baby aspirin sized pill and swallowed.

    A quicker, really cool advancement on this theme is in this link

    I'm a weenie and would use 190 over rubbing alcohol, but enough people using it live to talk about it.

    I read this somewhere and it stuck because I understood the logic, just don't know if the science would hold up. Untested by me, just throwing it out there.

    Make your tincture then combine it with an equal amount of water. Boil off half the liquid, and because alcohol boils at a lower temp then water, 175 to 212, I think. The remaining liquid should be in theory water. Don't know if it would work, but might be worth looking into. If you boiled it in a double boiler, and kept a thermometer in it, you should be able to keep the boil between 175 and 212.

    And for those who are now shaking their heads, and about to type water and thc can't bond, this does not mean that particulates in the tincture might not suspend in the remaining water as the alcohol is boiled off.
  6. chronreef

    chronreef New Member

    Someone needs to come up with a cold pressed hash oil. No butane, co2, alcohol or steam. Just pure oil squeezed from hash. I am working with some friends on a process to produce pure oil but we are moving pretty slowly. I will update the forum if we come up with a method.
  7. slowgawd

    slowgawd New Member


    Thanks for the replies! I just found out yesterday here in WA state you need a special permit to buy 190 proof. Thankfully my buddy is a Naturopath and has the purest stuff money can buy, so i will buy it.

    I'll give the boiling method a try, he actually thinks the alcohol should fully evaporate and not leave anything behind, since many tinctures are made this way and are lab tested for purity.

    Would love a cold press! that's the way to do it...squeeze that plant.

    I'm also going to do a batch of Organic Rice Krispies with my old method of simmering the shake in oil for a while, to compare.

  8. Kushy

    Kushy down

    If you work in the biodiesel industry one of the byproducts is 100% pure ethyl alcohol :) Strong stuff to drink, great stuff to make pure hash.

    Has anyone ever tried butane on vaped buds? I'm new to wax and butane but I visited a club recently with some golden 55/g wax.. now i'm a believer. And which butane do you suggest? I think Ronson is the most popular brand but I thought I heard that it's got some additives, is there purer?

    I'm almost deciding on giving this up and just using iso on vaped.. too much tubes butane and shit to buy.. is it worth it? I wouldn't really do it a lot with green bud, I just don't have that kind of money.
  9. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    try olive oil, works well if done right
  10. nlskunk1

    nlskunk1 New Member

    There is also a process with using food quality glycerin. I am not sure the exact process, but that my help around any allergies.

    On the topic of tinctures, I know with some alcohol based ones you can add other herbs such as peppermint or cinnimmon to boost the taste a litle more tollerable. Has anyone ever uses a lemon zest or orange zest to add a citrus flavor to the tincture? Or will the citrus or acidic properties effect the extraction/purification of the thc? :confused:

    thnks, NL.
  11. chronreef

    chronreef New Member

    Kushy. I have heard that there is no 100% pure ethyl alcohol. There is only 95% pure alcohol at best. That other 5% is the nasty crap you taste when smoking ISO2 hash oil. If you want to try butane make sure to locate some that is R6 or R7 meaning that is has been refined 6 or 7 times to remove the additional impurities. The can I saw was from Korea. The process is simple and the items you need to buy are pretty cheap. Not sure about the butane price though. It still results in a wierd oil and it is a sin to call it honey oil which is squeezed directly from the hash with no chemicals or other processes.
  12. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    why would someone want hash oil if you can get hash as easy as bubble bags or screening. you can add it to foods, oils, alcohols, and you can smoke it, hash oil isnt that versatile is it?? if it were me, i would invest in the bubble bags, you can get a set of 5 for like $149 US. to me if trying to avert a food allergy, it would be worth it to me. and then you have straight powdered hash to put in a bowl and spoon into your food. just dont forget to decarboxylate it. (I believe you need to do that.)
  13. Ganjasaurus

    Ganjasaurus New Member

    what nlskunk1 said above ^

    food quality glycerin extraction. you can fill a mason jar with some glycerin and herb, set the jar in a pot of boiling water for 4-6 hours (make sure the glycerin level is approx the same as the water level in the pan so it doesnt tip over). filter the matter from the glycerin and you have tincture.
  14. chronreef

    chronreef New Member

    I like to mix hash oil with weed in doobs. It gives a nice taste and makes it very stony. If you use the butane oil sometimes the oil will burn as soon as the heat gets to it.

    I also like to take hash oil hits off a hot rock. The effect is instantaneous.

    I agree though that hash is much easier to handle and smoke.

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