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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by knotme66, Mar 24, 2008.

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    I am pondered about something. I have heard things regarding half lifes of THC but it gets tricky for me to understand. I'm trying to get educated here somehow from others who may be more knowledged.

    When speaking of half lifes does that mean that the thc is generally low enough after just one half life that it isn't picked up on a DT? Or does one half life just bring the levels down low enough so that a full regiment of dilution can help pass the DT? OR...does it take a series of half lifes in order for dilution process to work? Better this one of them questions that is JUST AS hard to guess as the famous "Will I pass" question?

    I may be elaborating as I get new insight from others. Thanks for helping a student in training......
  2. Secs

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    If your level of THC is 500 nanograms per milliter of urine, the half life would bring it down to 250.

    Another half life would bring that down to 125.

    Another half life would bring that down to about 63

    so on and so forth.

    The cutoff for most drug tests is 50 ng/mL.

    The half life of THC in a human body can take anywhere from one day to 10 days - or longer.

    That is why it is so hard to tell exactly when someone will be "clean". It depends on your body's ability to retain the THC, the level you are when starting to abstain, and the exact half life time of THC in YOUR BODY. The variables are just too great from one person to another.
  3. knotme66

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    More.... I realize that one half life does NOT lower levels amounts to pass a DT. NOW....Is there general "rule of thumb" that can help determine what one's starting level will be? Like... does anyone know what's an average level amount for someone who only takes a few hits a few times a week versus someone who take them same tokes on a daily basis?

    RNRDUDE New Member

    Check out my link below...

    I have previously posted a comment on this subject, but remember this is for my body type and usage etc...

    You can google search "Half Life Of THC" and there are tons of scientific studies (done by both the goverment and private scientific case studies) on this subject. Those studies even clearly state that each individual is CLEARLY different.

    Hope this explains a little (although Sec's post above was to the point!)
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    I actually use to be a frequent smoker at least once a day.Until I started getting drug tested by my hospital for kidney transplant. They drug test me once a month.I stopped smoking cold turkey For about 3 weeks.then got my first drug test from the hospital,it came back negative. Now might I add I'm also a kidney dyalasis patient have been for 8yrs.after the 1st negative test I started smoking again on and off. I'd say like a few touts every other day maybe every 2 days give or take.see my theory was if after everytime I smoke make sure I always clean my blood @ dyalasis.@ least 4 hours of treatment, and I should be good right,well I go in to take my 2nd drug test, and what do you knw a negitive result again.and so on and soforth for about 6 months now.Neva got word of a positive drug test for marajuana yet.until I went to get a tooth pull and took some pain killer that were prescribed by the you see I'm not sure if it is dyalasis that's helping me pass these DT or the halftime theory.hope this helps in some way gimme some feed back...
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    It isn't possible to calculate half-life of any substance without a measured starting point. In other words how much THC was in system to begin with. Only then can elimination rate and time be calculated. In addition, all of the measured studies in the US use low THC content cannabis (1.75 and 3.55) classed as low and high respectively. This is strictly controlled, issued from U of Miss and any researcher must be licensed and issued a permit by 3 different agencies. Compare that THC content to average street level content (9+) and any calculation of half-life derived from US research is rendered moot.

    The words half-life and marijuana don't even belong in the same sentence.

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