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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by urite4594, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. da sAUCE!

    da sAUCE! Banned

    i can help you distill liquid THC.
  2. KushMonster

    KushMonster New Member

    yeah they do

    Maranol is pure THC and it comes in pill form so yeah basically a THC pill
  3. pretendo

    pretendo smoke da herb

    idk think its pure THC isnt marinol synthetic THC
  4. tekkenlaw

    tekkenlaw Sr. Member

    Put your weed in a container and add food grade glycerin just enough to cover the weed. Shake it once a week for two months then strain the mixture to seperate out the liquid. Use 2 or 3 drops for a good effect. I haven't tried this I've only heard about it so proceed at your own risk.
  5. the curley kid

    the curley kid New Member

    ya man. dA Sauce distilled some and put it on sweet tarts and ya. then he shot it up which supposedly worked. wow. im gone.
  6. da sAUCE!

    da sAUCE! Banned

    yeah but, that topic is closed and that was another day. If I talk about it anymore I'll most likely get banned again.
  7. Must_Get_Stoned

    Must_Get_Stoned New Member

    Uhh, you could keep kanola oil iwht weed in it?
  8. SpliffMan420

    SpliffMan420 New Member

    You know it mentions using olive oil to soak the THC up couldnt you fry with the oil or something getting stoned off chips seems like a good idea :D
  9. biggles4life

    biggles4life New Member

    I have been experimenting with the green dragon. I love the affects that it gives. I only make with schwiggs to save money.

    I have been able to make an oil by evaporating the alcohol. I don't enjoy drinking and find it to be disgusting to drink. I noticed that although the oil will get you high after waiting for an hour. it is not as potent than if you just take the shot of greendragon. I wouldn't take the shot straight though. unless you like the pain and horible taste. but it does get you quicker.

    I put the oil in a bowl to smoke it and it had little to no affect on me. I haven’t tried it since.

    The way that I found to be the best way to make the green dragon is to buy a bottle of everclear from behind the counter at the liquor store. I usually keep the ratio of an eighth of schwiggs to an fl ounce. It is close to 6-7 ounces in a small bottle of everclear. I use a coffee grinder to make the marihuana a fine powder. I don't clean it before throwing it in. I usually eat those things after cleaning the sack anyways, and it takes a long time to clean. After you make it a powder you mix them together in a bottle. I have made some strong stuff filtering the mix under an hour a couple times. I do notice more potent high if you keep in a dark place for about a month shaking the bottle every day. its your choice. the liquid will turn a dark green color. when you are satisfied with how long it has soaked. you can strain the liquid so that the marihuana buds are not in it. That is an easy way to make it. Than you mix with drink and wait for it to kick in. <<< this way is very affective and has given me a very long high. i wake up fealing it.

    For the oil. I did above method and used a cozy warmer candle heater. The ones you buy for making your candles heat up to release the scent. I put the liquid in a glass container and placed on top. it heated up the liquid and slowly released the alcohol from the thc. Some of the thc may have been lost. I watched and fanned the area every ten minutes or so.

    I put the oil in my mouth and after an hour i got a long and good body high. nothing too crazy. I was even more level headed than if I smoked it.

    I recommend only taking an ounce at most of the green dragon the way I suggest to make it. as for the oil. I would be careful with it since I only made once since i felt it was a waist of the stash.

    Now as for budder. I have made what I guess would be considered budder. I make it to make foods with. It gives the same high in my opinion as the green dragon.

    I use around 11/2 ounce of shwiggs for every pound of butter. Its simple to make. I use a crock pot to cook it. I keep the setting on the lowest. don't want to burn it. put the pound of butter into the crock pot. Just like the greendragon Crush it up into a fine powder. When the butter turns to liquid mix in the crushed bud. stir the bud into the butter every ten min or so. The times vary. the process can vary depending on how long you want to wait. I usually wait about 4 hours. You can tell that its extracting it since the butter turns a green color. After you are satisfied with how long it has extracted. filter the butter into another container. make sure you get all the buds out.

    Now you have budder. You can put in fridge for later, or make some delicious foods.

    I don't use chronic since it costs so much to get the high that I believe schwagg will give you doing the same process. Thats your choice.

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