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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by soer, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. soer

    soer New Member

    how do the cops test bud on the side of the road? my friend said they put it in this liquid and told her it was good ****.. but how does it work

    also what kinda THC percentages are goin around nowadays? i have no way of gauging whether im spokin 10% or 20% bud. i could be missin out on some incredible bud and not even know it...

    how do you test for the THC percentage? and whats the CBD ratio and how is that computed?

    thanks all ..
  2. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    I'm not sure if police, currently, have a test for telling you the percentage of THC. That requires expensive lab equipment. However, they can do a saliva or roadside test to determine if there is THC either in your system or in a substance, but it does not read out the percentage. They were probably just judging your friend's bud by the way it looked and smelled, seeing as they probably see a lot of bud all the time. What they do is touch it to your tongue, place it on your tongue, or make you chew something and then in 5 minutes they can tell if you there is THC present. Remeber though, that the law does not require there to be THC present for it to be marijuana. Marijuana includes all parts of the cannabis plant, including seeds, resin, and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant, as well as residue such as that found in a pipe. It does not include the stalks, oil, or cake made from the seeds of the plant, or any mixture or preparation of the mature stalks (except resin), fiber, oil, or cake, or the sterilized seed of the plant which is incapable of germination.
  3. soer

    soer New Member

    okay thank you higherlogic..

    what kinda THC percentages are goin around nowadays?

    also how does the test work that computes the THC percentage?

    and whats the CBD ratio and how is that computed? i know the CBD ratio increases as the THC decreases the longer u leave the plant in flower
  4. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    1998 average THC percentages

    Averages for 1998

    Commercial: 5.57%

    Sinsemilla: 12.32%

    I've seen references to 25% THC from reliable sources and rumors of 29% from not-so-reliable sources. I'm sure that very little of that ever hits the market.
  5. soer

    soer New Member

    how is THC percentage tested?

    and whats the CBD ratio and how is that computed/tested?
  6. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry

    After analyzing the quantities of THC and CBD in the sample you divide the mass of the CBD by the mass of the THC. THC provides the up, psychedelic, cerebral effect. CBD provides the sedative body stone. The lower the CBD ratio the more "up" the high.
  7. GSmoke1

    GSmoke1 New Member

    Hi the test the police used on my bud was as follow. They took about a gram sample and put it in a vial. then they shook it for awhile with this clear substance. Right away this substance turned purple. The told me that this was some real good stuff by the dark color the purple was. I was pissed because it did in fact look to be those kills. after the fact there was the arrest. I was trying to be friendly and I would of gladly smoked it there with the cops if they would of let me go.
  8. Niteshift

    Niteshift L.E.O. in Good Standing

    They were using a standard drug test kit.

    With experience, you can guage a little bit about potentcy based on the speed of the color change and then shade, but it's not even close to an exact science and it's more for "fun" than anything else.

    The kit is testing for THC, period. The potency isn't material to the charge, so there is no real reason to care at the scene on the police end.
  9. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    How much do you require for an accurate test?

    And how expensive are these tests...

    I know a few folks who'd enjoy these as stocking stuffers!

    :rudolph: :silvermj: :gleaf: :silvermj: :gleaf: :xmas:​
  10. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    LMAO Mama....those would make cool gifts, especially if one could perform multiple tests using the initial purchase. It'd be pretty neat sometime sitting aorund with your buddies, and going "Should we smoke the 15% stuff or the 18%?" LOL.....I know which one MY friends would choose!
  11. Cassius

    Cassius Seasoned Activist

    lol that would be a great stocking stuffer >=)
  12. Niteshift

    Niteshift L.E.O. in Good Standing

    You know, I'm not sure on the price, but I'll check into it just FYI purposes.

    Edit: The ones we use cost us about $3 each.
  13. vladimir

    vladimir Sr. Member

    i was under the impression that cops go by weight rather than quality/street value. that means if you have 3 oz of bad weed, you're still in more trouble than if you get caught with an ounce of good weed that is probably worth way more than the 3 ounces of bad stuff.
  14. Niteshift

    Niteshift L.E.O. in Good Standing

    Weight is all that matters in marijuana prosecution.....and of course the presence of THC.

    10 grams of great pot and 10 grams of crappy pot is just 10 grams of pot to the court system.

    DANINKY New Member

    i know that they dont need much at all to test if it is, in fact, marijuana. as far as testing for the THC percentage, i am unable to inform you of that. but about a year ago i was arrested for having both mary jane and some pocket knives on my high school property (long story, i didnt know the knives were in my car, which my principal illegally searched), but the marijuana he found was 2 ziplock sandwich baggies which has the absolute tiniest amount of shake in the corners. my principal and school's police officer were holding the bags up to the light and were really wondering if it would be enough to test or not. i really mean like the TINIEST bit of shake. but the officer took the bags into his office and came back in about a minute and said there was just barely enough to test and it was, in fact, marijuana. since i had almost never been in trouble before (one time, just for skipping class), they dropped it from possession of marijuana to possession of paraphernalia for me, but i still was arrested and put on probation for the knives.
  16. cb007sax

    cb007sax New Member

    The entire science behind the term 'THC percentage' is somewhat convoluted. It just really doesn't make any sense. There was a VERY good video on about this, but it was taken down a while back. Basically, when you ask, what Percent THC is your Marijuana, you have to ask, Percentage of WHAT? It's certainly not percentage of Overall weight, as the THC's actual weight would be minuscule compared to the weight of the plant matter. I also don't know if I agree with Buzzby's formula (Ratio of CBD to THC). If it were a simple ratio, it could have TINY amounts of both molecules, yet show a high 'percentage' of THC, and still be weak in potency.

    In short, I do not believe any journal I've seen has defined THC percentage in a consistent or agreed upon manner. If anyone has a decent link to a study or journal let me know.

    In response to the roadside drug kit testing, I could see how more THC would produce a darker indicator color. The indicator is designed to react specifically with THC. There are a number of factors though that could produce a darker color that may not actually indicate high THC content (Think of simply increasing the surface area of the THC crystals). It's a psuedo-science at best, I wouldn't rely on it.
  17. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    It has to be percent of total weight or percentage of total volume. The most logical would be percentage of total weight. Percentage of total cannabinoids (by weight or volume) wouldn't offer any information about actual potency.

    What brought you to that conclusion? It would be much smaller if it was percentage of total volume, since cannabis resin is denser than cannabis leaf.

    How else would you measure a ratio of two substances in a mixture? The ratio of CBD to THC has absolutely nothing to do with the percentage of THC in the mixture. 1% CBD and 4% THC would would produce the same ratio as 4% CBD and 16% THC. The weed could be strong or weak and have any kind of ratio of CBD to THC.
  18. cb007sax

    cb007sax New Member

    I apologize Buzzby I thought you answered the percentage question with the CBD/THC ratio answer, I didn't realize he asked specifically about the ratio.

    To me the only thing that could possibly make sense is percent of volume after the Marijuana is ground up or somehow all the plant matter is removed and only various chemicals are left or something of that nature. That being said, I'd still like to read into some studies to see their methodology.

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