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  1. Zeroxtreem

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    If this isn't an approved topic, I apologize, but since they are found in pharmacies I figured they're allowed.

    A friend of mine who is in the pharmaceutical business told me that he has THC pills in stock - honestly I don't think I've heard of them before :p.

    I read up on them a little bit and the answers were very...well, varied.

    Some said that it was an amazing high that lasted for so long.

    Some said the completely opposite.

    Chances are I will be getting some shortly...has anyone ever tried them before? Good? Bad?

    For most pills you usually need to eat beforehand or you'll hurl - are these the same?

    Again, if this somehow violates the posting guidelines I'm sorry.
  2. KottonMouth_420

    KottonMouth_420 New Member

    Hmm well I have nvr heard of them but I don't know if they are all that great.. I mean think about it... If you've nvr heard of them before and I haven't either chances are many others haven't either.. So they must not be too popular or that would be the end to lots of gang violances and kids would be buying that instead... It's probly not as good as weed surely so idk that's just my thought.. Sorry I couldt be more help
  3. Zeroxtreem

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    Well, it's not like you can just go up and buy them without anything - I don't know if a prescription is what you need, but I'm sure there's something to it.

    I know there's other chemicals and such in marijuana besides Tetrahydrocannabinol, but these pills are either close to, or are, pure 100% THC.
  4. kontroversy

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    Do a search for marinol here on the forums and you will get lots of answers.
  5. KottonMouth_420

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    Well no doubt you'll need to be 18 and have it perscribed but at least it's legal.. That's what I kent I didn't mean kids could get it whenever... I mean look how easy it is for kids to get weed.. I could get weed in the next 20 minutes anytime
    I want, so imagin for something that's legal? That's what I melt by it
  6. willowmp

    willowmp New Member

    LOL its Marinol and if you don't have a script for it he will either have to smuggle it out or pretend you have a prescription both of which would be kinda sketch wouldn't it?
  7. benjammin21

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    the name of the pills that contain synthetic THC is called marinol.

    it is NOT 100% pure thc. imagine eating a whole pill of pure thc.... youd pass out youd be so baked probably. im sure theyll do the job and work, youre getting it from a legitimate pharmacy. have fun with them though...i wish i could get some!!

    MARINOL Capsules is supplied as round, soft gelatin capsules containing either 2.5 mg, 5 mg, or 10 mg dronabinol. Each MARINOL Capsule strength is formulated with the following inactive ingredients: 2.5 mg capsule contains gelatin, glycerin, sesame oil, and titanium dioxide; 5 mg capsule contains iron oxide red and iron oxide black, gelatin, glycerin, sesame oil, and titanium dioxide; 10 mg capsule contains iron oxide red and iron oxide yellow, gelatin, glycerin, sesame oil, and titanium dioxide. Last updated on RxList: 5/29/2008
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  8. Zeroxtreem

    Zeroxtreem News *****

    Have you tried any? No one has said if they tried it :confused:
  9. Herbania

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    I have, i got it on a trial basis from my doctor, it sucks. It isn't like eating brownies. It wasn't meant to get you high, but try to get the medical effect without getting high. Regular pot is by far far far a better value and a better high.

    You want to eat THC make some brownies.
  10. jluciano420

    jluciano420 New Member

    My next door neighbor had cancer and he was perscribed Marinol. His doctor had told him it was a mild pain reliever and would help his appetite. He always told me that bong hits were a better med than these pills.
  11. Kushy

    Kushy down

    [ame=]YouTube - Intravenous THC and cannabidiol experiment[/ame]

    This may help you understand why everyone in this thread is saying the pills don't work as well as MJ
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