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    *Sorry this is kind of long, but my main question is in the last paragraph if you want to skip to that first*

    Okay so i like making weed in things, but my best friend (who i always get high with) can't stand eating anything with weed in it. the first brownie batch i made unstrained he couldn't stand it, then the second batch i strained and he at first didnt mind it, and then couldnt stand it either. so i decided to make thc pills, and this is what i did.

    i took 8grams of regs and ground it up in a coffee grinder then put it in a mason jar. i put a ping pong ball (or any small light ball will work) in there too, then sealed the jar by putting pantyhose on it and streching it to make a little screen and tightening only the locking part of the top on. i shook it up to get a lot of kief out (but i think my holes were to big, because in the end i was left with far to little of an amount of weed, which makes me think the holes were to big). afterward i put the kief back in the mason jar (after dumping the rest in a bag) and put canola oil in there just over the top of the kief pile. i let water boil in a pot then put the mason jar in there and shook it up periodically and afterward i took empty pill capsules and filled them up with the oil using a small straw (i dont recommend this method...).

    In the end we were left with 30 pills, 15 for each. we ended up taking 14 though so i could save two so i could test the strength some other time (i doubt it will be much if any). The high took a while to kick in, and it was nice. nothing special, def. no trip. just relaxing and lazy and stuck to a couch. not much of a mind high, although i was very happy and not caring even though me and my gf almost broke up during it. your body feels very good too.

    Anyway, i also have a question. Me and my friend really want a 'crazy' high, but if i threw in a lot more grams then there would be far too many pills to take. is there a better method that will perhaps make less pills? or a method of ingesting weed without virtually any taste at all? (and i mean ANY! my friend has very picky taste buds, he will literally refuse to eat it at all lol)

    Thanks! and if you ever want to try the recipe, go for it, it was pleasent. just nothing that special. it would be a lot better with really good weed!
  2. 1956

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    Start with stronger pot.
  3. AstroCoaster

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    So basically you just made a bunch of consintrated hashish pills. It takes a harder process to isolate THC and put it into pill form. You might as well just buy bigger Capsules and make it from stronger weed just as ^ ^ 1956 mentioned above. Nice idea though... It's alway's great to see more methods of giving people Marijuana derivatives to get them high.
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    thanks for your input!

    well you see, i really want to use alcohol for the extraction because it can be easily evaporated and it seems it would extract more thc. but the problem is i don't have a non gas heat source to evaporate it and also im worried the alcohol would eat the pill capsule over time. and how would i go at finding bigger capsules?

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    you didn't say where you got the capsules that you already have, but check out your local health food store, they have some pretty big capsules for those that like to fill their own.

  6. RobDaBomb121

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    well i had a bottle of 240 Kava Kava pills, so i just pulled them open and dumped them out. I wasnt sure you could buy straight up empty capsules. would a "vitamin shoppe" sell them?
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    Yea they should, pretty much any type of health food store will carry them.

  8. RobDaBomb121

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    okay thanks for the reply. but i still wonder if theres just a way to make it maybe more concentrated or something so i can use less pills in general. also how big do i have to make the holes in the pantyhose anyway to get only kief out? i think i got a lot more than just kief do to how much was there and it just didnt stop ever, the more i shook, the more that came out!

  9. 1956

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    Google the term Cannabis capsules

    There is a lot of info on other sites about how to make them.

    Basically your headed in the right direction, just needs some refinement.
  10. 1956

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    Well, its easy to determine what you should do to get a better high, try smoking it rather then wasting a quarter on a buzz, even if it is regs.

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