THC worms?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by fl0yd, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. fl0yd

    fl0yd New Member

    So one of my friends recently bought a bag of some dank, and when he breaks a nug open there are little orange worms crawling in it. He asks his dealer about it and she says they are "THC worms", and you are supposed to smoke it with them in it. BS is going through my head, and i just think she is a complete idiot, and she says she got really really really baked by smoking them. I think she is just insane


    Am i just a idiot and never heard of these little buggers that eat THC and you can bake them alive and smoke there burning skin to get a awsome high?
  2. MarcEmory4Prez

    MarcEmory4Prez New Member

    ROFLMAO.....they sold you some rotten weed.
  3. Clover

    Clover New Member

    go get your money back! :laugh:

    dont smoke the worms!
  4. fl0yd

    fl0yd New Member

    i looked up the THC worms online and found this

    i think i might buy a bag of just the worms, they get you real high apparently..
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  5. Drag

    Drag New Member

    That is disgusting and BS

    why would you want to smoke a living creature anyway?
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  6. MarcEmory4Prez

    MarcEmory4Prez New Member

    I got to agree with you....I think the article is BS. Silk worms are white not orange. The guy got cheated.
    Smoking the living creature is another thing....pot is a living creature, right?
  7. fl0yd

    fl0yd New Member

    ok guys i just got off the phone with my dealer, he explained to me that they're orange because of the years of breeding with marijuana in their diet, i don't know why they'd turn orange but I trust my dealer, he's one of my best friends.

    he's gonna drop a bag of just worms off at my house in 30 minutes if you guys want a trip report.
  8. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    I've never heard of this, so I'm gonna have to do some more research. Do you have a link?
  9. blitzed_24/7

    blitzed_24/7 New Member

    what do you have to do? u pack the worms in a bowl with the chronic? or smoke the works alone?
  10. fl0yd

    fl0yd New Member

    he just brought a bag of some REALLY kief'd out weed and its fuckin' crawing with worms. a dozen tiny orange worms crawling all over it...

    i'm freaking out, this is the stickiest bud i've ever seen. they keep producing THC on the bud, it could get too big.

  11. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    So now you claim the worms are producing THC on the buds?

  12. MarcEmory4Prez

    MarcEmory4Prez New Member

    Its amazing how some people will believe anything they are told. This guy is going to "smoke" something that may or may not kill him because his "buddy" said it was okay.
  13. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    Can you post a picture of the weed?
  14. hendrix

    hendrix New Member

    THC Worms on google bring up over ten thousand links. I've never heard of this, but it sounds interesting.

    Links "thc worms" - Google Search

    I couldn't find pictures or video.
  15. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    This is one of the silliest pieces of BS I've ever seen. THC wasn't discovered until 1964 by a team of Israeli scientists. How could someone be doing research on it in the 1870s?

    Or is it worm shit? How could they be "making" more THC than the bud had in it to begin with? :rolleyes:

    I only came up with 19 hits for "THC worms" on Google, and none of them represented credible scientific research.

    I believe that this is a curious Urban Legend, nothing more.
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  16. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    I didn't want to be so harsh as this sounded so silly to me I didn't even feel like doing the research to refute it but yes ... this smells of stinky old bullshit to me.

    The real question I get from this is: Is this a prank by the original poster to see how many people he can fool or is he really this much of a fool himself?
  17. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    Yes, his buddy whom also happens to peddle this shit for, I'm taking a wild stab here but, outrageous prices.

    The best kind of buddy ...
  18. fl0yd

    fl0yd New Member

    i dont know what you guys are talking about, i rolled a joint with some of these "THC worms" and i got super fucking high, and i'm still alive.. they're worms, not a bag of cancer.
  19. Zubi420

    Zubi420 Guest

    Its meant that you smoke the silk the worms produce not the worms themselves. They make thc as normal silkworms make silk allegedly. Smoking worms is disgusting.
  20. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    I don’t think it is possible to “make THC” because no other plant, let alone animal, other than cannabis does. If a being that “made THC” was to be discovered, there would be a lot more publicity on the matter. People of all nations know the word marijuana, or the symbolism behind the number “420”, but who in fuck has ever heard of a worm that makes synthesizes THC?

    In addition, if there was such a creature, that produced THC as its excretions, what would it be doing on marijuana buds? Who eats what they then shit? :puker:
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