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  1. ChefWig2008

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    Over my many years of smoking and making cannafoods I have finally come to the conclusion that this is the best firecracker recipe. I have tried multiple other firecracker recipes and have only gotten effects ranging from nothing to a mild body high and sedation. A few nights ago I tried these firecrackers with an excessive amount of weed (2g+) and sure enough a little over an hour later I felt almost as if I were tripping balls. However it was too much weed and I ended up getting the spins (don't ask me how, 1st time weed spins for me - I smoke too much). I tried the crackers again with a gram and I was fucked up for a good 4 hours, but enough of an anecdote let's get to the recipe.

    Things you need:
    An oven/toaster oven
    *Crackers/Tortilla Chip/Etc.
    **Peanut Butter
    .7g-1.5g decent bud
    Vegetable Oil (fattiest type you can get your hands on!)

    *Do not use an absorbent material like bread or it will absorb the oil from the peanut butter
    **I personally made my firecrackers with a mix of Skippy and all natural peanut butter, but I'm sure either will work fine with the vegetable oil.

    Things you might want to know:

    Smell - The smell is strange, if someone has cooked with marijuana before they would likely know what it is but if anyone hasn't they would not be able to tell it is marijauana being cooked. Also, this recipe DOES NOT make your house smell - in a ventilated oven it may make the house smell a SMALL amount for ~20 minutes but the smell subsides very quickly once the oven is off. On the other hand the oven smells weird for about an hour but this smell also goes away quite quickly

    Vegetable Oil - In case you are wondering why it is because I had no luck with firecrackers previously and was hoping that the extra oil would help absorb the THC. It seems to have worked but you'll have to try it for yourself.

    The How:

    -First thing is first, take ~1g of marijuana and grind it as fine as you possibly can, this will maximize the amount of THC absorbed into the fat.

    -On a plate place ~2 tablespoons of peanut butter (this will vary depending on how much marijuana you use and how many crackers you would like to make)

    -Take ~2 TEAspoons of vegetable oil and mix it in with the peanut butter until it just looks like extra oily peanut butter.

    -Now add the marijuana to the peanut butter on the plate and make sure you stir it in well so that it is mixed evenly throughout.

    -Using a whatever is handy scrape the marijuana peanut butter mix off of the plate and onto as many crackers as needed. I would recommend a thin spread of peanut butter so that the THC is heated evenly.

    -Wrap the crackers completely in tinfoil and cook at 310 degrees for 20-25 minutes (I use 23mins but I really doubt it matters).

    Let cool and serve!!!

    Please provide feedback / improvements
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  2. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    i will try it this Tuesday as i should have more bud then
  3. ChefWig2008

    ChefWig2008 New Member

    I forgot to mention that if you are looking for a recipe that tastes absolutely delicious - AVOID THIS RECIPE. As with any type of firecracker they aren't the best tasting but they are one of the quickest marijuana snacks to make and give you a nice long high. If you are curious as to what they taste like either make them or make peanut butter crackers... then imagine what weed oil smells like - because it tastes exactly like it smells.
  4. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    Very helpful and informative recipe! :D
  5. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    do you know what 310 degrees is as a gas mark?
  6. GiggleSmokerrr

    GiggleSmokerrr New Member

    DON'T USE ALUMINUM FOIL!!!! ****, people! You're only supposed to wrap foods with skins that you don't eat in foil if you cook them (like potatoes), because the aluminum leeches into your food. And it can cause Alzheimer's. I'm serious: Google it. True Story.

    here's what i do: put them in the microwave (NOT wrapped in tin foil), and nuke for 1.5 minutes at 30% power or 2 mins at 20%. It works.
  7. Captainwhoosh

    Captainwhoosh Well-Known Member

    assuming I cant try the oven way and I have use a microwave...did you cover them with a paper towel or anything?
  8. GiggleSmokerrr

    GiggleSmokerrr New Member


    Nope! But i do put them on a plate or something, because the peanut butter seeps out of the crackers. Oh, and every microwave is different so you may have to tweak the times. The important thing is to not burn them, because then they are almost impossible to get down!
  9. hockeysniper

    hockeysniper New Member

    First of all, the aluminum foil Alzheimer's connection has never been proven true (Is it safe to wrap food in aluminum foil and cook with aluminum pans? - Eat Better America). Secondly, I hope you realize that you are wasting a lot of weed by not wrapping it in anything, as the vapors escape uncovered
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  10. Zaireeka

    Zaireeka New Member

    Thanks for the recipe! I'm hoping to try this later tonight, I'll post back with my results!
  11. 4/20

    4/20 ARRRRRR!

    Try using peanut oil instead of vegetable. That way it tastes more like peanuts.
  12. thugcash89

    thugcash89 New Member


    Lol I did this and my results turned out to be Complete black!!! WTF happend i dont thing I cooked to long because I had timer on for 25 mins on 310 degrees on the seting bake!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!
  13. Gr4m-M4n

    Gr4m-M4n New Member

    Awesome recipe man! Really easy and works really well!:D
  14. apples

    apples New Member

    Why would the smell last soo much less in this recipe upposed to others? please clarify.
  15. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    Thug, was that 310 C. or 310 F.?

    Big difference. lol

    Im going to try this soon, But I wonder about this 310. degree business.

    Whats the temperature at which pot starts to release its THC?
  16. TheMeatball

    TheMeatball New Member

    Just guessing: the foil wrapping? Perhaps the herb being mixed thoroughly into the peanut butter?

    I'm not sure though.
  17. calnick

    calnick New Member

    Just wondering. Could you use saran wrap and a microwave? I'm imagining very soggy results.
  18. Zaireeka

    Zaireeka New Member

    I'm not sure exactly, but I wouldn't use saran wrap in the microwave. Something about that sounds like it would be a disaster.
  19. cj117

    cj117 Surfer Monkey

    a 7th grader did a science project and discovered that saran wrap in the microwave actually produces carcinogens and WILL make you sick...
    Don't use it, unless you're looking for a way to get your medical card for cancer...
  20. cj117

    cj117 Surfer Monkey

    I just made a firecracker out of about 1/3-1/2 gram of vaped remains in the microwave... easiest way to grind the bud up is to stick it in a plastic bag and crunch it up with your fingers.

    These really don't taste too bad, especially if you mix the vegetable oil with the peanut butter and then add the bud. I wolfed one down after sticking it in the microwave at 2.5minutes 40% power. Might have been too much, but we'll find out soon!! =D

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