The epilogue for "Gladiator"....

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by Ycekhold, Jun 29, 2001.

  1. Ycekhold

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    ....somehow wound up on the cutting-room floor; can't even BEGIN to imagine WHY....:D

    [We cut to the Senate, two days after the battle between Maximus and Commodus. Maximus has just been cremated with full military honors, and a hero's feast has been held in Rome in his honor. That having been done, the Senate considers what to do with the other player in that climactic melee. Some say that he should simply be thrown to the dogs and forgotten, but Senator Gracchus, in his infinite wisdom, delivers an alternative.]

    Gracchus: "In usurping the power of his father, the great Marcus Aurillius, our most recent emperor has surrounded his name with a foul stench. Let it be known that, from this day forth, all toilets throughout the Republic shall be known as.....COMMODES."


    20 bonus points to the first one who tells me the movie containing the line that inspired this bit of humor....
  2. deadhed

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    I don't remember it being in the movie, but I'm guessing History of the World Pt. 1
  3. potheadreturns2

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    Robin hood men in tights!

    20 bonus points for me! :)
  4. Ycekhold

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    *carnie-barker voice* We have a WINNAH!!

    Here're your bonus points; thanks for playing!:D

    deadhed> I don't remember it being in the movie, but I'm guessing History of the World Pt. 1

    You don't remember because it wasn't there....close guess, though; you got the writer correct.

    I'm guessing that I'm the first member (feeling glad to've risen above the "Junior" label) of this board to've made a viable connection between Gladiator and Men In Tights....I often find my humor in some of the strangest ways.

    On a similar note (yes, this would seem to belong in the Books section, but there will be a movie connection, I assure you all)....has anyone here ever read Stephen King's Dark Tower series?

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