The first time you got high thread

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Acedeuceblazer, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Acedeuceblazer

    Acedeuceblazer New Member

    024's thread about when you first started smoking weed made me think about my first time I blazed, and how awesome it was. Everyone tell their story of the first time you got high!! What you smoked, how much you smoked, what you smoked out of, what you did and all that good stuff.

    My first time I got high my friend and I split a 50 bag. I didn't know much about buying back then but my friend was buying it anyway. we ended up getting about 5 grams of dankness (I didn't know it back then but now I do). We snuck out at night and went to the high school that was right behind my house. We smoked all of that 5 grams out of a mountain dew bottle bong that I made and was quite proud of at the time, a one hitter and a crappy metal pipe. I got supremely baked. I had wanted to know what it felt like to be high so much and I loved it. When we went home I thought I was still breathing out smoke because my breath smelled like weed and I was blazed, so I ate an entire pack of gum :D. I thought that was pretty funny. But then we went in my basement, chilled, smashed on some food, and watched pineapple express. Great memories...
  2. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    First time I ever got baked was with my best friend and another good friend. This was at work @ Papa Murphy's Take N' Bake Pizza. It was kinda late and we were closin up, and they'd wanted me to smoke for awhile and I finally caved. We smoked out of my friends glass pipe, and the weed wasn't that great. I didn't know that then, but knowing what I know now, it was crap. I did however get high as fuck though and eat hella fresh cookie dough out of the walk-in freezer.
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  3. Ilovemybuds

    Ilovemybuds New Member

    My friends got 3 dubs, rolled some nice J's we got really baked on the Handball Courts at the Middle School around 10, went to the bagel store, ate our hearts out and went to smoke hookah in the street!
  4. Lump

    Lump New Member

    About midway through last summer, our band had a date in a recording studio that's actually in the dude's attic. I had never smoked anything before in my life, but I was open to the idea, just never had the chance/ apprehensive of the consequences.
    So about halfway through the session, he pulls out a pipe and says "Any of you blaze?" We all said no sort of sheepishly, and he goes, "More for me then." So he lights up and in about a half hour he has the control room in the attic hotboxed. It's real hazy and I'm starting to get something out of the smoke.
    We finish up the song and we head out. Luckily that weekend my parents were out of town and I had the house to myself, because as soon as I got home I went into the bathroom and checked out my eyes, and they were definitely red. I just remember laughing and thinking "So this is what it feels like!" Granted, most of it was probably just my head because you can't get that high off of secondhand smoke. I figure I was probably more "high" off of the thought of actually getting high, lol... so I chilled in my room the rest of the night, got some Pizza Hut, watched a movie, and fell asleep. I just vividly remember the next morning waking up and feeling completely different with like a whole new perspective on life. Once again, probably all in my head, but I'm not gonna say it was a bad thing.
    And the rest is history. :silvermj:
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  5. Arch0n

    Arch0n New Member

    Ok, so keep in mind I'm really new to smoking and have only gotten blazed twice and that has been in the past month and a half. So I grew up in a neighborhood with these 4 other kids, they soon became my best friends and we hung out all day. I've known them since I was about 4. When I was 13 I had to move to a different part of town and no one smoked at the time. So over the years I would talk with them on the internet or maybe they'd come over and we'd play some video games. They never brought up smoking pot or even drinking. So my friends birthday rolls around and he figures he wents to get some people together so we can hang out. He told me we're just going to the movies. So he comes and picks me up and I get in the car.They tell me that they're going to smoke a little bit of pot, I was nervous at that point and began asking questions. We eventually get to our destination behind a supermarket and my friend whips out his vaporizer and plugs it into a converter for the car battery thingy. They start puffing on the hose connecting to the black vaporizer box. They look at me and say "Some for our guest of honor." I denied doing this and they looked at me and asked if they have ever done me wrong, and I said No. So I took my first hit and it wasn't even a hit. So I kep't trying and trying and I kept taking hits. I sat back a little for a while and shut my eyes while they get more high. My friend than starts playing techno in his car and I see one of his friends sitting right next to me doing one of these rave type dances. At that moment the frame rate in my eyes began to get lowered and everything was slower. I was freaking out. I got out of the car, had a few breathers and went back in. We left and then went to the movies and dropped one of his friends off. Then we go to a different parking lot and smoke more from the vaporizer. It came to the point where it felt like earths physics had changed to the moons physics and things could float. It was fun for me and I intend to do it more but I'll do it in moderation.
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  6. TokeArtist

    TokeArtist New Member

    First time I smoked was a few years ago. Me and my friend were at the bar where his girl worked, so we were plenty drunk. We closed down the bar and hung out with the waitstaff for an hour or so after. We get ready to leave (had a DD,) sit in the car and wait for the DD to come out of the bathroom. At this point we are starting to sober up. While we are waiting my friend packs a glass spoon and takes a hit. Like every other time he offers it to me but this time I actually accept. We sat in the parking lot for about 30 minutes smoking up the car soooo bad. This is about 4am right on a big highway with buildings all over but not a soul or car in sight. We notice that there is a hell of an echo if youyell towards the street since it was so empty. We sat in that parking lot for an HOUR yelling, playing with the echo. Then we smoke a little more and spend the next hour screaming every song on the radio at the top of our lungs in the car. We sat in the parking lot for 3 whole hours before finally going home. Then I get home and eat (wow is that amazing the first time,) then get in bed and put my headphones on and just drift into another world. One of the greatest times I have ever had.

    Sorry.... I've never been able to pull off "long story short"
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  7. Zubz

    Zubz New Member

    first time i got high was in a park near my house ,was with my freind and his mates, so we picked up and got a benz(10pound bag) , it wasnt dank just skunk and we only got a bit but we put it into 1 big spliff and passed it round, i felt great and i just lay back and enjoyed the day :)
  8. Iblazewithobama

    Iblazewithobama New Member

    My first time was with 6 people, two thirty packs and a half ounce of some Arizona fire. Smoked out of a bowl near this lake behind our house called "ghetto beach" pretty fucking awesome night.
  9. Mazzinator

    Mazzinator Sr. Member

    i was at my cousins house the first time i actually got and him were just chillin at his place, and at that time i had only smoked twice i believe, but i knew he smoked and i was braggin to him all that day about my knowledge on the stoner culture, etc.since he was family he never would believe that i smoked so he would just reply with "i dont believe that you smoke weed man, i just dont see it have to see it to believe it."
    so i think it was around 2pm and his buddy called and came over with a prescription bottle full of joints rolled in clear papers.i had never seen clear papers so naturally it blew my mind, and i expressed how amazing i thought they were when his buddy was like "yeah they look cool, but check out what they do", so he lit it up and we laughed and we got jolly high that fine day.
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  10. durga103

    durga103 New Member

    the first time i got high was at my brothers house when I was visiting for the weekend.(i think i was in 10th grade) anyways he rolled a joint and asked if i wanted to get high and of course i said yes...and I remember before we smoked he asked me like 1,000 times "are you sure? you dont have to" but I felt as though i was ready to smoke. Yeah he rolled the joint and I took 5 maybe 6 hits. At first i didnt feel high at all but then it just hit me and I just kept thinking wtf is going on??:paranoid: lol I laughed uncontrollably, ate almost everything in the fridge, and gave my brother a very detailed lecture about why i dont like asparagus..ha!.... it was a very fun day.
  11. Gonzo

    Gonzo Sr. Member

    Well the first time I smoked weed was when I was 12. I always hung out with older kids when I was younger so I did a lot of shit that a 12 yr old shouldn't really be doing. well I was at my friends house and he took out some weed rolled up some joints needles to say it was the best feeling in the world. We just kinda sat on the couch laughing about stupid shit. Good times.

    I would really not recommend kids that young to start smoking. When I started smoking I did it for all the wrong reasons, and didn't see it as I see it today.
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  12. Greensnap

    Greensnap New Member

    Awww that first rip...... I was hanging with friends and we where out doing what ever and we saw a open UHual and they said, hey you wanna smoke? We hot boxed the UHaul and I was only in eight grade so I paniced :eek:hno: and ran to the store and grab all of us soda. That was the end for about 4 years then I met my girlfriend :hippy: now (31/2years) So asked on our second date if I smoked and I said no so she grabs her pipe and takes a rip then shotguned it to me and well, ya, now we live happy ever after! :loveyou:
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  13. TokeArtist

    TokeArtist New Member

    Aww it was love at first toke haha.
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  14. Greensnap

    Greensnap New Member

    Yes it was! lol She saved me from a sobber world that revolved around boring conversations. lol I have sence understood why this life style is that of excitement, large social gatherings, and deep convesation with the best people I have ever meet!
  15. Mazzinator

    Mazzinator Sr. Member

    awww....i wish i had a gf that shotgunned hits to me....:(
  16. thegreenmachine93

    thegreenmachine93 New Member

    the first time i smoked was back in 8th grade my older brother and his friends had a bonfire and i was chillin with them when they pull out a big fat blunt and they put me in the rotation and i barely felt it so later they were using a water bottle bong and i hit that a few times :bong:and i was so baked i raided my house and ate everything and then spent the rest of the night chillin by the fire with friends

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