The hair test can be passed: here's proof

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by ziggy, Mar 9, 2001.

  1. ziggy

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    Good news for those of you facing a hair test...
    A close friend, a moderate user (3-4 times a month, basically a big fatty every weekend) just passed his test, which was performed by APL out in Las Vegas. He stopped smoking completely about three weeks before he took the test. Then, for five days he washed his hair twice a day with Nexus' Aloe Rid Shampoo (about $5 for a 5-oz bottle) and followed it with the Aloe Rid Treatment (about another $5); then he got a perm--about $45. He didn't cut any hair OFF, just had it permed. His hair's about eight inches long and dark brown. Two days later, on the morning of the test, he did the Afterburner/Nitro treatment (about $160 with shipping from, following the instructions that they sent, which says to soak the hair in vinegar prior to the treatment to soften the shaft. Neither of us are associated with Nexus or Afterburner, so this isn't a sales pitch, those were just the only two products that we read on the web that people said had worked. The active ingredient in both those shampoos is Edta, which is what gets the trace minerals and medicine residue out of your hair; I think any shampoo with that ingredient would help clean your hair out, not just these particular brands. The perm also really helped--his stylist (who is also a member of the 420 club) says that a perm actually affects the inner layer of the hair, which is what the test is trying to read. Make sure, though, not to smoke anymore after you get the perm--after a perm, your hair is actually MORE likely to store toxins, possibly because the hair is more porous.
    Also, I think he threw in a couple of prayers just to be safe.
    Anyway, he just heard today that he passed. And his hair doesn't look too bad--personally I would rather have some curls that a shaved head.
    This test is getting more and more popular; we all have to work on sharing information about how to pass it... what we choose to do in our free time should NOT be open to our employer's scrutiny!
  2. HillBilly

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    a friend in need...


    I hope the job your buddy got was worth the $210+ he put into the perparation for taking the test!! I cannot believe we live in the "Land of the Free" and must waste so much money on things not related to work, just to prove we are competant employees.

  3. sounds good but

  4. Daniel

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    Perhaps I should be flamed but...


    You have posted 3 times this morning (so far). Once you mentioned, then you mentioned

    I did a little looking, and they are both owned and operated by folks doing business at

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    Are you advertising for this?????

    Please dont.

    -Moderator Note: Spam links removed for obvious reasons, it would defeat the purpose to leave them-
  5. Megaweapon

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    Good call Danial...

    Nice job man... i completly missed it and thought nothing of it, thanks for looking into it alittle closer and sniffing out a garbage.
  6. Panama

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    Attaboy, Danial

    Billy Stevens has earned himself a custom title.
  7. Truth=Freedom

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    congratulations -

    After two weeks of intensive research and reading these posts - as well as dozens of sites on the structure of hair and hair care,

    i had come to exactly the same conclusion as your friend and used exactly the same method (except for the Aloe Rid Shampoo - it's basically just shampoo - it's the Clarifying Treatment that is the specialized product)

    There is one error in your analysis. EDTA is a chemical that can surround and bind metal ions. it does NOT cleanse organic molecules, that's a fact. A number of people have surmised that it is the Propylene Glycol (in very high content in the Aloe Rid Clarifying Treatment) that is doing the job.

    in my case i made a fatal error, and that was my hair was 3/4", and they wouldn't take it - instead they had me shave some chest hair, and i had trimmed it but not treated it!

    I had already abstained for six weeks, so i still may have passed, my chest hair was between 1/2" and 1/25" and is very fine hair. BUT i don't know.....

    But like i said, i completely agree with your friends' findings - but also after reading many many posts, i'd be careful about saying PROOF (though after all this i had put up a similar post, with those same directions, called "Hair Testing - this is what works) -

    OH YEAH - you DO NOT have to reshape or curl your hair when you perm it! I used a home perm kit, exactly the same chemicals and process as a salon perm. In a salong they wind rods around your hair while its' in the "reshaping" stage, and if you just don't do that, your hair ends up the same way as it was when you started!!!!!

    again, thanks for the great information
  8. disassemble

    disassemble New Member


    Alright long story short, im doomed for takin the hair test. a friend of the family offered me a high paying job and i was informed i will have to take the hair test.... I am not a casual smoker, i am a tru smoker especially of the quality product..... so potency is higher then normal.... anyway...

    I did shave my head, i shaved my chest legs and arms, i go to the gym so my cover is that I am an amature body builder, which is fine. i am using the Aloe Rid Shampoo Daily... Eating healthy, non fatty foods and running and biking to sweat as much as possible... what else can I do to secure this job>? if i don't get this job it will be the biggest dissapointement in my life... I have been clean for about a week and a little and i probably will get tested within two-three more weeks.. help!
  9. tokey

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    start treating your underarm hair
  10. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    After Burner is Toxin Wash private labeled, and twice the price. It is a very potent clarifying shampoo.

    I think TW compliments Zydot, the folks at Zydot told me that the use of a clarifying shampoo prior to the use of their product increases effectiveness...
  11. disassemble

    disassemble New Member

    question is: if i have no hair anywhere on my body- (I just shaved it all off after being 10 days clean) and a buzzed head... will the people that are hair testing me have to resort to another form of testing? because any other form of testing i am more likely to pass, yes this includes shaved under my arms
  12. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    Shaving everything----not a good idea. They can either reject you or use nail shaving. The only person I have seen on here get a urine test instead of a hair test was someone with cancer undergoing chemo.
  13. disassemble

    disassemble New Member

    the thing is... someone in the company is reffering me and pushing for me to get this job, tomorrow is the first interview, technically i have no idea that i am getting tested... because i haven't even visited the company yet... soooo the fact that i am shaven means nothing.. so... the fact that im shaven shouldnt mean anything. i just have the inside info on the job.... so what ya guys think? if im completely shaven, which I am... will they do a hair test? and nail test? wtf is that? this isn't an FBI job or anything just a computer job...... and so what if i shave my entire body, whos business is that? im a body builder i've already been doing it for months.. what cha think?!
  14. 1tokeovertheline

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    If you don't have hair they can't give you a hair test. No hair= no test= no job.
  15. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    I thought I was clear, I said they can use nail shavings, I didn't say a nail test. So that means instead of using your hair they use nail shavings. Or you could have used the search feature.

    It doesn't matter the reason why you have no body hair (unless maybe it is a medical condition that you can't help) they don't have to cater to you. They have the job and you want it. So it isn't their business why but it is their choice to offer you a job or not. Like 1toke said, no hair, no test no job. We have no idea how to beat nail shavings. So if the collector doesn't think you have enough hair for whatever the excuse they can take nail shavings or fail you.

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