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  1. has any one been to the hempist in boston? its a head shop and i was wondering if it has good quality peices because ive been thinking about taking a ride over there and picking up a peice...

    more specifically... do they have bubblers, and what would the price range be?
  2. Zeusman

    Zeusman New Member

    yea. I got my bowl there about 3 years ago. it's a great piece. nice solid glass. she's had her fare share of spills and she keeps on kickin. i spent $60 on her. she was more than I would have liked. I could have gotten the same kinda bowl at a festival for $25-30.

    i was last there in December and from what I remember they had a very good selection of alot of different varietys of pipes. even some nice bongs. i dont remember specifically about bubblers but I wouldn't doubt it. i'd guess anywhere from $50 to $130 depending on the quality/size/maker. alos they have grinders, stash jars and stuff like that.

    supposedly Sugar Daddy's in kenmore sq had pieces also.

    post a picture of what you got .
  3. TheGnome

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    Hempest? Sick place... Would i buy anything bigger then a chillum there? Hell no.

    Like most headshops, they are WAY over priced, and they can be, since that they are one of the only places in the city, not to mention on Newbury street...

    Personally, i would not buy at any head shop around here.....But if you must, Yes the Hempest has some sick pieces, if you have the cash...

    Another place in Up in Smoke in if you want more details....
  4. Jack_Torrance

    Jack_Torrance The Other One

    the hempest is a really classy place, I am friends with the owners they are really nice guys.

    they have bubblers and lots of pipes, but really not that big of a selction and a little over priced (it is in the city on newbury st), but anything reasonably big you can usually haggle down.

    i would recommend you hit it up, and sugar daddy's does have pieces but they are WAY more over priced,

    if you go to the hempest be sure you go upstairs to Volta, it is right above it and owned by the same people. up there they have really high end stuff, the cheapest thing there is atleasts 4-500 in the really expensive cases, but they have smaller stuff up there too. you have to check out the expensive shit though, its mind blowing

    if you live closer to rhode island however, i would recommend OPM (near the providence performing arts center). I would say they have the sickest glass in defientely providence, and the best around besides the shops in burlington VT and some in NH that i have never been to
  5. Well i live in a suberb of boston so i would be taking the train in while my mom thinks im up town in my town with some friends... also would they let anyone in? Or do they have an age policy, because unfortunately i look younger than i am and i am 16.
  6. Bx4Lyfe_2005

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    Wow, next time I'm in Boston I will definatly check these places out. I spend alot a weekends in MA, CT, RI, and NH, so knowing these places is always good to know.

    Depending on the pieces, you should ALWAYS firgure to pay at least 5-10% more on buying stuff in a shop than online...thats just how business works. The storefront will have bills to pay like any other business from lights to property tax to employees...If the markup is over 25% then I would start haggling and price comparison.

    There is a plus side to it...because your right there, you can feel & touch the merchandise, something you cant do online. You can see any defects, and pick and match acessories to what you want and KNOW it'll all fit well.

    Downside, more often than not, the return policy is ZILCH, and sometimes you wont find pieces that are UNIQUE and bargin priced, but it all depends on what you are willing to spend on stuff that is not mass produced and cheaply made.

    NY has got some GREAT shops, but some of them are REALLy crappy made glass & other pieces...I will post a few addys here later on as soon as i get thier business cards from my desk.
  7. PaleRider

    PaleRider New Member

    I haven't been to Hempist but I have yet to see a headshop that sells to anyone under 18. I think you are going to be out of luck.
  8. The hempest is a great place. They have some real hot pieces. Nice bongs and bubblers. It is a bit pricy though, but they have opened up a shop in harvard square that is much better priced. It is in the garage in harvard square and since rent there is cheaper than newbury street, their prices are much more reasonable. Also, don't worry about your age there.
  9. Jack_Torrance

    Jack_Torrance The Other One

    IDK, if you are 16 and look younger they may card you if you try to buy anything. they won't card at the door so feel free to look around (they have ots of clothes and un pipe stuff there) but you may be turned down to buy a pipe, they could get in mad trouble, espeically if you look really young
  10. blondie0420

    blondie0420 Locks of Gold

    There's a Hempest in North Hampton, Mass too.

    I'm trying to get up there - maybe this weekend - to check out their pipe selection.
  11. well i just got my permit... so i could show them that. I know that they sell to people around 16 cuz my friend got a peice there a couple weeks ago, but hes slightly taller and looks a bit older... its all cool though, cuz i dont look THAT young i just look a bit younger than 16, to put it another way is i look like a freshman, not a sophmore.
  12. alright ive got down basically how i am gonna get there... im gonna arrive at back bay station with 35 mins to get there and back before the next train home to be safe... its only .4 miles from the station to the hempest and im gonna bring a buddy or two who do look a bit older so i hope I have no problems... do yall think 27 mins is good to look at the selection and make a good choice?
  13. Jack_Torrance

    Jack_Torrance The Other One

    yes, it is very close from there. when you get out of the station take a right, go 2 blocks (you go past the library 1 bock) and turn left onto newbury street. 5minute walk at the most. good luck, hope you get something good, report back. make sure to check out the place upstairs, you will be so happy you did (they have small pipes too not just expensive shit, but check that out too)
    and if u have an id that shows you are too young, thats not good to show. say you left you id at the dorm or something, you just moved to the city for college summer courses if they give you any shit

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