the joy of a gravity bong

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by technobudz, Feb 28, 2001.

  1. technobudz

    technobudz Guest

    i just wanted to share a story, it was sunday, me and my gf were going to smoke the weed i had, just to mention it was good quality commercial-shwag weed. as we were going to get the old bowl, her sister asks if we wanted to smoke out of her gravity bong she made, we said yes, let me tell you, of the little amount i had, i got extremely baked off of 4 gravity hits, i never felt a high like this, i was high for 5 hours, very very intense..i got more high off of this then i did with kind budz..if you want to make a gravity bong do this..

    1.get a 2liter bottle, cut it in half, keep the top.
    2. get a milk carton cut it in half, keep the bottom, put water in the milk carton, then place the top half of the 2liter bottle in it, put foil on the mouth part, poke holes, put the weed in, put the lighter by the foil slowly lift the bottle up, when its full of smoke take foil off, put mouth on mouth piece, push bottle down and suck in, theres a hit, works very well..

    good luck
  2. SaintGreen

    SaintGreen Guest

    i dont think aluminum foil is very safe to smoke weed off of. just get a stopped drill a hole down in it, and take your bong bowl and put down in it, that will work just as good. that's what i did for my gravity bong
  3. CheebaKing

    CheebaKing New Member


    aluminum bowl= aluminum oxide fumes= contaminted smoke=bad stuff in your lungs :) If you can get an actual slide from a headshop, that would be the best option. Probably the best household bowl would be a stainless steel socket wrench piece. Makes sure it's steel though. Just make sure whatever use isn't aluminum or plastic.
  4. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    I read you man

    The first time i got really baked was with a gravity bong, not as complex as your, mine was just a 2 liter bottle with a hole on the bottom and aluminon foil for a bolw (i know its bad, but i didnt know better then). After about 5 hits i was on my way to the moon :)
  5. 5inthemorn

    5inthemorn Guest

    Oh man, made my first gravity bong today. Oh my goodness gracious. That was the craziest high!! I took the first hit, but i think I went a bit too fast. I couldnt breathe or talk for like a minute after my hit. I felt as though I was beng suffocated. Wooooo. The harshest way I've ever smoked, but jeeze. one hit- 2liters full of mj smoke - and i was gone. if you havent tried this, go do it now! its ****in nuts.
  6. sticky_bud

    sticky_bud Guest

    Try a milk jug :)

    Gravity bongs are the shiz-nit!! If you wanna get phatter hits you should get a milk jug(1 gallon) and cut off like the bottom inch or so, then get a bucket(or a full bathtub works well!:D) and fill it so the water goes about an inch under the cap. Oh and to make a great gravity bong bowl just take a small knife and cut a small X in the cap, take a heat source(lighter,matches,whatever...) and hold it under the X for a couple secs and grab the metal bowl off your pizo(if ya dont have one Id highly suggest getting one they're only like 2 or three bucks)and push it through the X and with the warmed up plastic it should make a great seal,and you dont have to worry about the fumes from the foil:D
  7. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    Thread Moved

    Well, this started off as a Real Life Story, but it's become a Methods of Use.

    Guess where it's been moved.:D
  8. marijune

    marijune Guest

    but if you melt the plastic cap like you say sticky_bud
    then won't you inhale the plastic instead?
  9. Megaweapon

    Megaweapon New Member

    I did relitivly the same thing, instead i burned a hole in the cap with a old sodering iron and just popped an old bowl in there while the hole was still warm, works like a charm, and you really dont have to worry about plastic fumes when your smoking, because the cap really never gets hot. For added fun try doing G-Bongs in a pool, thats always a fun time :D
  10. Nickkers420

    Nickkers420 New Member

    Hot Plastic

    Actually you do have to worry about the plastic cap heating up... Two weeks ago I had a party, and we all used my gravity bong.... it was getting some serious use. And the metal bowl head got so hot, it melted the plastic and sunk thru it and fell in to the water... No good at all, lost weed and plastic fumes... and i need a new design

    Right now what I'm thinkin is a rubber stopper with a glass bowl and stem (for like a bong) with the stem stickin thru the hole in the stopper. I think I can rip off one of those stoppers from my science class, unless any of you have any better ideas.

  11. sticky_bud

    sticky_bud Guest

    Nah you dont melt the plastic you just warm it up so the bowl sticks in there with a good seal:D Plus when you smoke out of it you dont melt any plastic unless you use it alot, but the bowl will fall in the water before you know it so you reall dont need to worry about plastic fumes......
  12. sgtspliffkin

    sgtspliffkin New Member

    i saw a crazy gravity bong a while ago that is sort of a solution to the hot bowl problem. there was a bucket with a small 4 inch tall or so straight bong, with a plastic cap on the top of it, strapped to the side with a bicyle tire inner tube. the cap then was connected to a tube that was connected at the other end where the bowl would ususally be on a g-bong onto the cap of a gatorade bottle which rested in the bucket. the gatorade can they used was like 1 and a half gallons. huge. its good cause it solves the problem with the hot bowl and it gives water filtration too.
  13. Party_Dude

    Party_Dude New Member

    Methods of Use


    Way to stay on top of things!
  14. RauleDuke

    RauleDuke New Member

    How much do you usually pack in the socket bowl(what im using right now)?

    I pack tiny tiny hoots, and i get just messed up. like a really small blader.
  15. Zero*33

    Zero*33 New Member

    ohhh yeaaa i LOVE gravity bongs , they can be quite harsh on the lungs but a few hits and you will be nice and toasty :)

    my first time hitting a gravity bong i got such a headrush i threw up from it.But ive been toking on em eversince.

    personally i think it is the best way to smoke and the most fun

  16. ::blazed jae::

    ::blazed jae:: Sr. Member

    me and my friend made a gravity bong at his house with a gallon water bottle and his bong bowl. after it was made we took it over to his pool (this was in november, not like he uses it after summer). it was tight as hell hitting buckets in the pool and it got us really blazed
  17. ChilleY420

    ChilleY420 New Member

    i was thinking along the lines of a plastic trash can (clean of course) a pool, 4 hoses and a giant bowl.
  18. Hemperson

    Hemperson New Member

    My garage has seen hunderds of gravity bong hoots, while my mom was leaving town to take care of a sick friend in the vancouver hospital we had mad sessions with nothing but a gravity bong. We would find kids in our school and take them there to get f**ked out of their heads. We had a perfectly sealed bowl made with a bowl from my buddies pipe and some caulking and the cap to the first 2L we used that we never took apart, just kept rotating 2 liters and water to keep the hoots fresh.
  19. Jurassic5

    Jurassic5 Banned

    i made a mini gravity bong last night, i took an "extream big gulp" cup from 7-11 and a 16 Oz water bottle. its pretty cool, i can just put the top on and keep the water and the bottle inside and i can carry it around and ****, if i should ever want to, but i doubt i will.
  20. hallucidity

    hallucidity Banned

    You guys ought to try a waterfall bong...I prefer them to a gravity bong, for simplicity. They use almost the same principal.

    You melt a bowl into a plastic bottle top, as with a gravity bong. Then take a bottle (anywhere from 20oz to 2L) and punch a hole in the very bottom. Pack the bowl, then fill up the bottle almost all the way. Put the cap on, and light the lighter over it, then release the hole. The water draining out causes suction, drawing smoke into the bottle, and when all the water is out you take the cap off and hit it.

    Kinda like a gravity bong...but I keep the cap-bowl in my coat, and I can make a waterfall bong anywhere I can find a standard threaded plastic bottle.

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