The Most Simple Weed Recipe - ANYONE can make this!

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Ghoast, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Ghoast

    Ghoast New Member

    I know a lot of people are really put off edibles because they make them once and they don't work and they waste a ton of weed. Other people don't like them because most recipes call for 7 grams of weed or more and people think it's too much to use..

    Well here's a fool proof recipe that is extremely easy and only takes a tiny bit of weed..

    This will get you high for 4-6 hours.

    Follow this recipe exactly. Don't change any steps. It will work.

    An oven
    Some Biscuits/Crackers
    Tin/Aluminium Foil

    Take a small amount of weed - Roughly .2 grams - .4 grams (the same amount that you'd pack a bowl with)

    Put it into a tiny bit of tin foil (aluminium foil) so it is wrapped up and there are no holes anywhere. Don't double wrap it use only enough tin foil so it's completely sealed.

    Pre-Heat oven to 110C - 230F.

    Put in the little wrapped up ball of weed for 15 minutes.

    After 15 minutes take out the ball of weed and preheat your oven to 150C - 302F

    Take two cookies and spread the nutella thickly onto both cookies.

    Then open up your little ball of weed that you just took out of the oven and sprinkle it over the nutella, then get a toothpick and mix it into the nutella so it's evenly mixed.

    Then sandwhich the two cookies together and wrap the sandwhich in tin foil. Don't double wrap - just use as much as you need and again no holes.

    Then put this into the oven which should have preheated to 150C - 302F

    Leave it for 20 minutes.

    Take it out. You're done. It' fucking hot so be careful. You can eat it anytime you want now. These will stay good if you keep them in a tin.

    You will get super baked for around 4-6 hours. It takes 45minutes - 1hr 30 for the effects to start so don't get high or eat more than one if you don't feel anything in this time frame.

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  2. Luxs

    Luxs New Member

    Does this really work?
    Sorry but what did you mean by, "Put into a tiny of tin"?
    Like wrap the weed in foil and put the wrapped up weed on a aluminum tin?
  3. Ghoast

    Ghoast New Member

    damn its the whole b-i-t filter for some reason you cannot type b and it together. It's supposed to say put into a tiny b-it of tin foil.. Tin foil is the same as aluminium foil.

    Just wrap the weed in foil and then put into the oven, you don't have to put it on a tin.

    Basically you have to pre-bake the weed by itself (wrapped in foil) for 15 minutes at 230F - this is called decarboxylation and is very nessacary - this is pretty much the step people miss out which is why their edibles don't work..

    Try the recipe and let us know how it worked!

    Yes this really works!
  4. Luxs

    Luxs New Member

    Ohhhh alright it makes sense.

    I think I'll try it this weekend with a couple of friends, do you know if it makes your house smell?
  5. Renagade

    Renagade New Member

  6. Ghoast

    Ghoast New Member

    My Recipe is better..

    Firstly my recipe calls for much less weed.

    Secondly that recipe does not include the pre-bake with only the weed - this is a MAJOR part of the recipe and if you don't do it you have to use far more weed - which is why his recipe calls for 1g. If you use 1g in my recipe you will knock yourself out..

    Thirdly his recipe has nothing to do with a microwave.. He says bake at 310F for 20-25 minutes.. In my view this is too long and too hot to bake at..


    This will make your house smell of cooked weed while you're baking it. The smell will air out within about 30 minutes after you've finished and actually wont smell too bad - more like chocolate with a hint of something herbal.

    Bottom line is: If people know what weed smells like then it's very obvious. If they don't then you're pretty much fine because the chocolate smell is very strong too so it just smells like slightly strange chocolate to anyone else. The smell does go very quickly though.. the longest it lasted was 35 minutes after finishing and that was with extremely potent headies..

    If you're really worried about the smell then burnt toast pretty much covers up anything.. OR buy a $1 pizza and burn the shit out of it.. if anyone's like what the fuck is the wierd smell in here then just be like, 'ah shit, I burnt the pizza!!'
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  7. Renagade

    Renagade New Member

    My bad, that was the wrong recipe
  8. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    I'm trying this right now, I got the bud in the oven for the pun intended. After I cook it I'll let it cool off and eat it soon after. If my timing is right, I'll be coming down by the time I go to bed. I'll keep you posted.

    Edit 1: Just consumed the cracker with a glass of milk on about a half-empty/full stomach. I had a taco and coffee about an hour before consumption at 5:08 p.m. I used plain ol' saltine crackers in case you were wondering.

    There wasn't much odor. The most I noticed was during the decarboxylation stage. I was upstairs, I walked out of my room and there was a faint smell. Faint, but noticeable. The only other time I could smell the weed was when I ate it. But I would agree that it smells more chocolatey than it does like bud.

    It might just be the nervousness, but I think I already feel a tiny buzz after 10 minutes. I'll continue to update.
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  9. Micma

    Micma New Member

    Just baking some of these now getting ready for Australia day tomorrow. Used about as much Bud as I'd go through in one day of vaping with a mate. Is that going to be enough for two? or two much? I'm talking about vaping till really stoned, and then vaping more as soon as I can handle it :p

    Also, with the time it takes for it to settle in, is it a good idea for me to have a little vape before hand? Just enough to take the edge of waiting for an hour? I've never ate any cannafoods before.

    EDIT: Just thought I should mention, my house smells fricken wonderful. Not overly weedy, just a godly hybrid of chocolate with a subtle weed smell. Dont think anyone would notice if they walked in if they weren't a pot head, but all my friends are so.... they might just find out :p
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  10. Ghoast

    Ghoast New Member

    The two of you who tried it I'd love to hear how it went! Let me know!

    How many grams are we talking about when you say you made it with enough to vape with? You need around .2 grams - .4 grams..

    I made one once with .45 grams and it got me extremely fucked up! I normally go for about .25-.35 now..

    Yeah they don't taste too bad either do they?
  11. Micma

    Micma New Member

    Just ate half then. I probably used a good 2.5* grams for two so im hoping i should be good. The taste was good. Just chocolate with a little hint of weed. The texture wasn't so good, but meh.

    Time to load up itunes and party it up... or pass out. which ever comes first

    **Can't be too sure. I never buy less than a 1/4 so I'm no good at eyeballing small amounts, and I have no scales.
  12. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    Mine went well given the conditions. Before I ate the cracker, I ate a bowl of cereal about an hour and a half before, and a taco and coffee an hour before. So I had about a half full stomach when I ate it. I used about .15 if I had to guess..about a half a bowl's worth. I didn't want to use too much just because I wanted to test it and I have a considerably low-medium tolerance.

    I started feeling the effects about an hour and ten minutes after I ate it.
    5:08 ate cookie
    6:18 I was driving on my way to work to see my schedule for the upcoming week, and I started to feel tingly in my was nice.
    6:24 By the time I got to work, I had a small buzz.
    6:45 When I got home, I was high. Probably a 5/10
    7:00 munchies hit, 7/10
    7:30 mom came home 8/10
    8:30 was getting really tired, had a long day9/10
    8:35 passed out

    I didn't get SUPER baked, but I had a really good high going by the time I fell asleep. The cool thing I think is that after my initial high, I was still climbing 2 hours later. So next time I make these, I'm putting in .2-.25 and I'm eating it on an empty stomach.

    I put a lot of nutella in, so taste wasn't an issue. Like I said, I only used .15 so the texture wasn't bad at all.

    Good recipe, rep for you :thumbsup:

    Edit: I wrote that when I was high and I messed up the times lol. Should make more sense now.
  13. zappy

    zappy Pondering Primate

    I've made a similar recipe before but made the butter separately, and then added it to the nachos. It was tasty and got me very stoned.

    I can make my most potent edibles by mixing my finely ground weeed into a vodka with 75% alcohol or more. Pure ethanol would be even better, but I do not know where to get that from, and definitely don't want to bother extracting it from the vodka. By heating the solution just below the boiling temperature of ethanol, I allow the cannabinoids to dissolve for an hour or so. I evaporate away the excess alcohol by increasing the temperature, leaving behind a nicely concentrated mix of alcohol and cannabinoids. Then I either drink the product in 1mL amounts, or mix it into a cake, nachos or any food I want really. My friend was the highest he has ever been when he drank a little too much of this stuff.
  14. Micma

    Micma New Member

    Just making my second batch now. Last time they worked out perfect. Very happily stoned after an hour or so, for a good few hours. This time I've pretty much doubled the amount of pot I used but it's slightly less potent, so hopefully it'll take me to a far out can't move stoned level.
  15. ewyk

    ewyk New Member

    Did I burn my weed during decarboxylation?

    I am currently in the processing of making these fire crackers. I just put the cookies with nutella and weed into the oven. After I decarboxylated the ground up weed for 15mins at 230F it was considerably brown and crumbled easily. The brown color im describing is similar to vaped weed, maybe not as dark. But the weed definitely got browned. Is this right? Or did I burn it?
  16. High

    High as a kite

    This is interesting I have never heard of this method for making firecrackers! I am defiantly going to try this infact I am cooking them as I type this :)
    I am going to use around .8 in each cracker, one for me and my friend. I figure ill need atleast that much to get all good n toasty as I smoke weed every day nearly all day. I am using graham crackers and nutella. I will wait till tomorrow after noon to eat them as its 4am atm lol, I also want to eat them on an empty stomach, very excited to say the least :)

    EDIT: So I tried eating one and I am satisfied with my experience. I only got to a peak of around 6.5/10 but I was expecting something like that to happen with my tolerance. The great part was that I was at a continuous 6/10 for 4 hours. Honestly though I would much rather vape or smoke my weed compared to this for I hate the whole chewing and swallowing process it makes me want to vomit (not because of the taste but the actual feeling) its actually one of the reasons I use marijuana, so I can eat. But I also really love the high I get from edibles because its nothing like the high i get from smoking or vaping.
    I think I will make another bach but with less weed because you were right it ended up knocking me out cold
  17. helixness

    helixness New Member

    Hey all! anyone know if this recipe would work well with

    1. Already vaped weed (from a MFLB)
    2. Shake (the $5 1gr stuff at dispensaries)

    Thanks !
  18. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    This actually sounds amazing, nutella is awesome by itself!! Unfortunately I live at home and it will make the house smell, I'd love to make it but will be a while till the rents leave for a weekend. I'd make it right now if not for the damn smell. Thumbs up on the recipe, probably the best i've seen as all the others require large amounts of weed, which im not willing to risk on my first time cooking with weed :p
  19. Victorian Rose

    Victorian Rose New Member

    Just curious, can you use peanut butter?
  20. smcdonald4844

    smcdonald4844 New Member

    You don't say how many this makes... I made 6 sandwich cookies... guess we will see if I used enough/not enough!

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