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    hi, i was wandering, what is it about pot that it does to ou physically, or maybe its actually more mentally that makes people lazy, now, i know about the myths and all, but its true that one of the effects of pot is that somehow it makes you tired, especially when your not high, it happens to most people, including me, i know that when i smoke every day im much more lazy and have less drive to do anything, but what is it that pot does? does it damper your bodys ability to make adrenaline, or deplete a few nutrients or maybe more importantly does it maybe screw with certain neurotransmitters like norepinephrine or dopamine? it has to do something, but what? i think personaly it may weaken adrenal glands over prolonged use, but i have no proof and no idea if that could be anything at all that pot is associated with.
    toke on.
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    I personally find that I want to do things when I'm high-- instead of sitting around reading the internet or watching TV, I want to paint or play guitar, do anything creative.

    It does not change hormones. I don't know if it affects neurotransmitters.
  3. Higher Logic

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    what is it about pot that it does to you physically, or maybe its actually more mentally that makes people lazy

    Marijuana doesn't make you lazy, physically or mentally.

    now, i know about the myths and all

    So you know all about the myths, but you continue on to say that it does make you lazy.
    but its true that one of the effects of pot is that somehow it makes you tired, especially when your not high

    No it's not. It's true that an indica, which is the most common type of strain found and grown in the States and in Canada, makes you tired, but a sativa is the exact opposite. Marijuana does have the ability to relax and help you go to sleep though, that's a good thing.

    it happens to most people, including me

    Maybe most people are just lazy :shrug:

    i know that when i smoke every day im much more lazy and have less drive to do anything

    There's your answer. Stop smoking everyday, otherwise you're just going to sit around, do nothing, and sleep. Try smoking once a week and finding other things to's not the marijuana that's making you lazy, it's you.

    does it damper your bodys ability to make adrenaline

    Technically, no. In a study involving pithed rabbits in which the entire sympathetic outflow, or the cardioaccelerator symphatetic nerves were electrically stimulated, cannabis decreased the plasma noradrenaline (a precursor of epinephrine that is secreted by the adrenal medulla) concentration, blood pressure, and heart rate. Basically, what the study suggested is that the primary action of cannabinoids was to inhibit the release of noradrenaline. Because of this, there was a direct effect on the adrenal glands, thus a lowered plasma adrenaline concentration in pithed rabbits.

    In a very non-technical way: rabbits were shocked via electricity and cannabinoids decreased the release of adrenaline, which in turn lowered the heart rate and blood pressure.

    It's also important to know that they were using a synthetic version of marijuana: the synthetic CB1/CB2 cannabinoid receptor agoinist WIN55212-2. They produced the same result with CP55940, another cannabinoid receptor agonist. On the other hand, WIN55212-3, produces no effect on adrenaline.

    The most important thing to understand is this: it's just a study, on rabbits nonetheless, the decrease in adrenaline secretion was minimal, which makes sense if you consider that marijuana does calm and relax you (lowred heart rate, blood pressure, relaxation, stress-reliever). So it's not a bad thing, and it definately isn't going to make you tired or lazy.

    or deplete a few nutrients


    or maybe more importantly does it maybe screw with certain neurotransmitters like norepinephrine or dopamine?

    See the lengthy, technical post on noradrenaline, aka norepinephrine, which is released in the adrenal medulla and is responsible for heart rate, blood pressure, and the sugar levels in the blood, not laziness (norepinephrine is also a hormone).

    it has to do something, but what?

    Get's you high, changes your perspective, and alters how you used to view things.

    but i have no proof and no idea if that could be anything at all that pot is associated with.

    It's not.

    toke on

    Maybe you should take a break.
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    i think Higher just took us all to school w/ that one
  5. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    :laugh: And it took a lot of motivation to type all that up...see, I proved the theory wrong :)
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    That's interesting, for I thought you contridicted the hell out of yourself.
    I'm 34 years old and started smoking when I was 14 years old. Most of the stuff we smoked (lived in Texas) was shwag from Mexico - some of it nice, fresh, and very potent. I've known many people who smoke in varying amounts. It certainly does make some lazier then when they are not doing it. I'm living proof of that. I was 202 lbs just over a month ago and I'm 175 lbs today and quite ripped and muscular. Even if your claim that it's only "Indica" strains is true, which you certainly have not established, your position is still full of more holes than the screen on my window. I doubt most, if not the very vast majority of people don't know what strain they are smoking. Again, according to you, it is likely Indica, being that it is the most common.

    I don't see how you proved much, if anything, with your post other than weed makes a lot of people tired -- thus likely to be less active -- thus lazy.

    Good job!!! :)
  7. Higher Logic

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    Most of the stuff we smoked (lived in Texas) was shwag from Mexico - some of it nice, fresh, and very potent.

    And what is schwag rich in, care to take a guess? It's high in CBD/CBN, the elements of marijuana that induce sleepiness. Sativas are high in THC, hence the energetic high. An Indica, on the other hand, induces a "couch-lock," it's where we get the term "stoned" because you are literally like a stone: it makes you want to just chill on the couch, veg out and watch TV.

    It certainly does make some lazier then when they are not doing it.

    You don't have any scientific proof, at least I've provided that.

    Even if your claim that it's only "Indica" strains is true, which you certainly have not established, your position is still full of more holes than the screen on my window.

    My claim is true. Go ask any grower in the world which strain is easier to grow: an Indica or a Sativa? Growers hate messing around with pure Sativas, they are very rare due to the complexities of growing it.

    I doubt most, if not the very vast majority of people don't know what strain they are smoking.

    Obviously, then again, it's not terribly hard to tell the difference between an Indica and a Sativa. You can tell by the densities, leaf structure, and most importantly the high.

    Again, according to you, it is likely Indica, being that it is the most common.

    According to me, growers, research, science, and confiscated marijuana.

    I don't see how you proved much, if anything, with your post other than weed makes a lot of people tired -- thus likely to be less active -- thus lazy.

    How have I proven that marijuana makes people lazy? If the majority of marijuana being smoked in the country is Indica, which is higher in CBD/CBN than a Sativa, which is very high in THC, and CBD/CBN produces a couch-lock type high, whereas a Sativa produces an energetic high, then I don't see any contradictions nor do I see anything wrong with my statement.

    Look at Jamaica for example, they smoke mainly pure Sativas, it actually motivates them to work. Have you even smoked a Sativa before? If you have, you wouldn't dare say that marijuana makes you lazy. Nothing makes you lazy.

    Smoking 24.7.365 won't make you lazy, it will however leave you with no time to do anything else. Drinking 24.7.365 will also leave you with no time to do anything else, as will eating, running, sleeping, or anything for that matter.

    Your post reminds me of the sound like Hearst and his claims of the "lazy Mexican..."
  8. Buzzby

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    Pure Sativas grow 14 - 20 feet tall and don't produce as much bud per unit of biomass as Indicas. This makes them a PITA to grow commercially. There are excellent hybrids that produce a Sativa smoking experience from a plant with a very Indica phenotype. Many indoor growers favor these varieties.

    I have also found that using a vaporizer produces a much more Sativa-like high than smoking, even when vaping Indica weed. I don't have an explanation for this phenomenon but many people have expressed the same thing.
  9. Candibar

    Candibar New Member

    Again, stating that the weed most commonly smoked results in a "couch-lock" state only proves my point while simultaneously showing the many holes in your own. How did you just say it.....makes you want to just chill on the couch, veg out, and watch TV. EXACTLY MY POINT. Thanks for proving it.
    I certainly don't for I made an obvious typo.....It certainly does make some lazier then when they are not doing it. It should not have the not in there and my further stating....
    ....should have included the fact that I've not smoked in 34 days (as of today).
    Uhhh, again, thanks for proving my point. The most commonly smoked weed makes most people lazy. Just because you smoke "the good stuff" doesn't negate this very obvious fact -- even according to your own version of logic. Have you ever considered the possibility that most people don't grow their own weed and that most of it that is consumed/smoked is of the type that makes people lazy.......thus making the statement that smoking weed makes people lazy more correct than the opposite. PLEASE, get a clue.
    Oh boy, most people don't make these distinctions -- as you've readily admitted. You have no point or you are simply incapable of making a valid one. Geeze, when people I know want weed, they go to their dealor who provides for sale what they have on hand......take it or leave it. I'm pretty sure this is the case with most people. "Hey, that looks like indica, I'm not buying that!".....for some reason, I've honestly never heard the many, many smokers I know utter those words or anything similar. Perhaps most of the smoking society around you just isn't of your caliber?
    Perhaps, oblivious to you is again the fact that you have proven my point.....ONCE AGAIN, good job and thanks!
    I was once stationed about 60 miles north of Jamaica, while at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. That was the closest I ever reached that particular country. Stating the demographics and most readily strain of weed in another country doesn't seem to prove much.....does it??? Wow, are you smoking Indica and confused as you type your prattle? Get some of that special sativa and make more sense, please.
    Now you are just being silly. People need to sleep and furthermore, most of us can multi-task simultaneously with smoking weed. Are you suggesting that while smoking weed, other functions become impossible. Can you not deficate while puffing on that awesome, mind-enhancing sativa.....or must you be a slave to your pipe as you puff. Hell, we did all kinds of things as we smoked.....albeit, mainly non-productive stuff like playing video games and eating.
    Hehe, your last post reminds me of someone who smoked too much weed. Lay off the pipe a bit, man. Anyway, I have nothing against people smoking.....I just KNOW there is a correlation (a very strong one) between smoking and being lazy. Blame it on "Indica" if you want, but it doesn't alter reality.......You know....REALITY....the thing that doesn't change whether you believe in it or not. Again, I don't mind weed at all. I think it is one of the most harmless substances that people can become intoxicated with. However, I'm not so subjective on the issue as to think that it does not cause laziness with most people. Incidently, I'm around friends all the time that smoke and even "hook up" friends with herb (NO GAIN MONITARILY FOR ME IN THE PROCESS) because I think it is mainly harmless and can be fun in moderation.
    Forgot to comment on this......all I can muster is....yea, RIGHT! NOT!
    You, very obviously, stated that the most commonly smoked form of weed in the USA (that place we reside, NOT Jamaica or Mars or some other place) makes people resemble a "stone" but not "lazy."

    Again, put the damn pipe down man. You make no sense whatsoever. You are rebutted! ;)
  10. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Simply put, no there isn't. Just because one smokes an Indica and sits around for 1-2 hours does not mean one is lazy. That's the whole point of this entire discussion. That's what most people do when they are high, they sit around, watch TV, listen to music, play video games, go to a movie, watch a baseball game, etc. Is that being lazy? Sure isn't. We didn't even get into the hybrid factor, since we keep talking about "most bud" being Indica, perhaps I should have stated most bud isn't a pure Indica. As Buzzby stated, it's mixed, usually with an 80/20% ratio of Indica to Sativa. You can't sit there and tell me that there's a strong correlation between smoking and being lazy, that's just not true.

    I don't need to lay off the pipe either, I haven't smoked in over a month :shrug: And even when I do smoke I don't suddenly become lazy...ever consider that most people are lazy to begin with? That would certainly explain a lot of things :rolleyes:
  11. Candibar

    Candibar New Member

    Compare this....
    With this.....
    In the first quote, you make it sound like people just happen to enjoy certain activities when they are intoxicated with weed (stoned). However, in the other quote, you say quite another thing....or did you forget what you stated already?

    So, we have people that were sober and acting one way --- not "couch-lock(ed)" or "literally like a stone." They were not yet "made to want to just chill on the couch, veg out, and watch TV" until AFTER smoking the weed......
    I've considered it and found it to be unlikely that what you claim occurs to you when you smoke (allegedly the NON-stoning, couch-locking, veg-out causing Indica) is not the common experience of pot smokers in general. Certainly not the ones I've known the last 20 years of smoking I've done.
    Hmmm, you certainly seemed certain that the stuff I've been smoking the last 20 years was.....
    Sounds like an ad hoc fallacy on your part. You say one thing in one place then jump the fence when it suits your "needs." So, are you now saying that "shwag" does not have these negative effects and that "most" of it has enough of the "good stuff" to overcome them? Pretty fishy, man!

    Let's see what Erowid's has to say about the "neutral" effects of cannibas....hehe, I'd put many of them in the negative catagory, but those listed there are certainly more serious. For instance, the "neutral" effect of increased appetite can be positive if you are on chemotherapy, though negative if you are trying to no longer be an obese person with associated health problems......
    Yep, they mention "stimulation" but note the LESS COMMON note!!!! Notice the "tiredness, sleepiness, and lethargy" without such a note. Hmmm, who's position does this support???

    Oh, you want to use semantics to suggest that "laziness" is not the same thing as "tiredness, sleepiness, and lethargy." Well, do note that "The Random House Dictionary" defines "lazy"..........2. slow-moving or sluggish. Still, if the term "lazy" bothers you, I'll be happy to change my claim to something like........

    Most people that smoke weed become tired, sleepy, and lethargic. LOL, sounds like lazy to me, but let's ignore the context of my statement and allow you to engage in silly semantics, if that is what you are indeed doing.
    Awesome, for I gave my pipe to a friend, thus I don't have one and I too have not smoked for over a month (today was 34 days).

    Incidently, I honestly am not against pot use and would like it legalized. However, I tend to gain weight due to the munchies and I quit working out when I smoke. This is progressive over time. I'm certainly not alone with this "problem" and many don't have a problem with it at all. Still, for most, it makes us "lazy" -- a problem I certainly don't have when I'm not smoking. I ran 3.0 miles (12 laps) on the high school track and played a ton of tennis BEFORE going to work and after donating 880 mL of plasma today. I'll get my RN license next May and certainly don't want to lose that either!

    I'm happy that you and many can enjoy herb with little or no adverse effects, but that certainly is not the case for many, many others.

    Best wishes!
  12. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Mine I would suppose, seeing as I said the most common strain is a dominant Indica, not Sativa.
    Nice of you to choose that definition, how about this one though:

    Resistant to work or exertion.

    Your definition is not even the proper context for this argument. You can have a "lazy" or "slow-moving" eye, you can float down a "lazy" river, that moves slow, but if you are honestly trying to argue using your definition, that marijuana makes you slow-moving, then I have nothing further to argue. We're talking about being lazy though, like, "I'm so lazy that I don't wash my clothes, go to class, or go out and find a job."

    That isn't lazy though, being tired isn't being lazy; moving slow isn't being lazy.

    How is it that I, and many others, seem to have no problem getting and holding a job, going to college, getting a degree, and working? That's the exact opposite of being lazy.
    If you can find me scientific data that says users of marijuana are lazy, meaning they don't have any motivation to work, or pursue school, or anything else, then I'll gladly agree with you. Until then, marijuana does not make someone lazy. I said it before and I'll say it again: perhaps most people are just plain lazy to begin with, it sure is easy to blame one's problems on a plant...
  13. eXploit

    eXploit New Member

    I think what Candibar is trying to say is that after smoking marijuana, during the period in which you are high there is less likelyhood of doing much more than just vegging out on the couch watching TV than if the weed wasn't smoked at all.

    While you're feeling the effects of the weed, there is more tendancy for lazyness during this period.

    I don't think he was trying to purport the myth of "amotivational syndome" or anything like that. Even i can say that sometimes I'm less energetic when I smoke.
  14. ChronicSmoke7

    ChronicSmoke7 Sr. Member

    Most people are not LAZY, it is just that their consciousness is in a state know as Vigil counsciousness, in a sleep like state and this is were most americans live. Some here use marijuana to enhance their consciousness into self or objective but others just remain in that lathargic vigil sleep like counsciousness.
  15. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    And I wouldn't disagree with that one bit. I don't think anyone would. That's the whole point of being high though, to just relax and chill out. It's a stress-reliever. He was the one who pointed out that my original post was a complete contradiction, obviously he misread it.
    I'll semi-agree with that. Sure, most people probably just watch some TV, play video games eat some food, or lie on the couch...then again, people really don't need marijuana to do that, Americans are quite good at that without any drug. Myself, on the other hand, as well as others, find things to do while high. We go out and take a drive, hike up a mountain, go swimming, write music, draw a picture, whatever.
    That's how his statement appeared then, especially when he kept saying marijuana makes you lazy. It does not. I even agreed with him that during the period (1-2 hours after you smoke) of being high that you probably aren't doing much.
  16. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    I found where the mixup is. The original poster said: "but its true that one of the effects of pot is that somehow it makes you tired, especially when your not high."

    How is marijuana going to make you tired when you're not high? If I smoked yesterday, why would I all of a sudden be tired today? So I wrote back and commented on that and said:

    "No it's not. It's true that an indica, which is the most common type of strain found and grown in the States and in Canada, makes you tired, but a sativa is the exact opposite. Marijuana does have the ability to relax and help you go to sleep though, that's a good thing."

    See that part in bold, I said "yeah, it is true that marijuana, especially and Indica, is going to make you tired while you are high."

    Then Candi said I'm contradicting Then he points out a definition about being lazy, but uses the second definition, which isn't even the right context for this argument.

    Final thoughts, already stated of course: the weight of scientific evidence suggests that there is nothing in the pharmacological properties of cannabis that alter people's attitudes, values, or abilities regarding work.

    Being lazy means what again? Resistant to work. No contraditions, just an inability to read what was said...
  17. Candibar

    Candibar New Member

    I guess I'm the only one who was more likely to skip college classes, not do my homework, and even call-in to work if I had started my day by smoking......

    Yea right!

    As I've posted elsewhere, I've cycled through periods of smoking and not smoking over the last 20 years. During this time, I've met many many people doing the same to some degree. On a cycle of fitness, I get to the point of going to the gym and loving it. I tend to read more and am just more pro-active in my life. I tend to start missing marijuana. The last time this occurred, I recall thinking.....

    I'll just by an 1/8th and only smoke AFTER going to the gym for the day. I won't give in to the munchies. Before that first high (after abstaining for weeks or months), this seems like the only rational choice. However, once I smoke, I start making exceptions. I'm certainly NOT a lazy person by nature, but as I progressively start smoking more and more frequently, I certainly become one. I STOP going to the gym altogether, for that morning buzz has made my day a "lazy one" -- an unmotivated one. I think a lot of this effect on me has a lot to do with the "munchies" and how high-sugar intake can cause a person to feel lethargic. I gain weight and my clothes stop fitting. I tend to go out less and less, then I get fed-up with my decreasing condition and I quit smoking. Instantly, I transform into a productive person with boundless energy.

    Another example.....

    A good friend's 21 year-old son I met over a year ago has certainly transformed after starting pot use. He was attending the local college on a scholarship, while simultaneoulsly holding a manager position at Sam's Club. He provided money to his parents to help with bills and had a nice car and dressed well. He started smoking WEED and within weeks, he was skipping classes. He ended up losing his scholarship. About a month later, he was on a break at work and decided to go "burn one" with a buddy. He came back to work noticibly high and was FIRED. Currently, he spends most of the time at his father's house on the couch playing a Playstation2.

    I think experiences like this are ample and you'd have to live under a rock to not know this. During my teen years, I knew soooo many who were A/B students until they started smoking -- then POOF, their grades dropped.
    People tend to be less productive when tired than when not tired -- duh. Again, enjoy the semantics with the term "lazy."
    Still sounds like "lazy" to me, but I did agree to call it tiredness, sleepiness, and lethargy for you. People who would NOT be like this without weed, exhibit these symptoms WITH weed, thus they are less productive than they would be, thus LAZIER.

    I gotta walk with my wife, but I'll try to check back on this "discussion" later.
  18. Cassius

    Cassius Seasoned Activist

    HL is right, he just worded things kind of ambiguously.

    What he was trying to say is, there's a world of difference between being tired and being lazy.

    Some days you are more tired when you get up for work (or school) in the morning than on other days, true?

    Maybe Monday you're not tired at all because you got plenty of sleep over the weekend, and you get up and go to work. Tuesday you didn't get as much sleep but still felt okay when you got up, pretty normal, so you get up and go to work. Tuesday night you are a bad boy and stay up until 4 am playing video games, then Wednesday morning your alarm goes off and you're very tired, but you still get up and go to work.

    Difference levels of tired-ness, but the person isn't lazy. Lazy would be not going to work because you are tired.

    In the context of marijuana, laziness would mean not doing much of anything because of the tiredness it gives you. In other words, marijuana does not make you lazy, it makes you tired and if you allow that sleepiness to keep you on the couch every single day, then yes you are lazy and marijuana provides an easy way for you to be lazy.

    But it's not the marijuana that makes you lazy if you do that, you're just a lazy person. If marijuana didn't exist, you'd probably use TV or eating or some other outlet to keep yourself from doing anything productive. Plenty of people moderate their smoking (once or twice a week or less) so that they don't allow themselves to get lazy from being high every day -- and plenty of people also smoke every single day and find ways to keep themselves productive where they don't allow marijuana to be an excuse to be lazy. Usually by getting in the habit of doing something when you get high, whether it's exercise or being creative (writing a story/song/whatever), or just whatever.

    Saying "marijuana makes you lazy" is not only inaccurate, it makes all marijuana users look bad when really in most cases it's the person saying it who has the problem -- and the problem has nothing to do with marijuana, the weed just provides an outlet/excuse for them to be lazy.
  19. Candibar

    Candibar New Member

    Now that makes no sense to me and I'll try to explain why......

    You admit that marijuana can MAKE a person tired, when they would otherwise NOT be. Marijuana is the causitive agent in the change in a persons ENERGY levels in this case. The "otherwise NOT be" is the basis of why I think you are wrong. I totally agree that many do not ALLOW this increased level of lethargy, sleepiness, and tiredness to prevent them from meeting their social obligations, while many do. However, my point is that a VERY PRODUCTIVE person NOT smoking weed is much likelier to be "lazy" after smoking weed due to this increase in those attributes.
    Yes, and being lazy is certainly more likely when a person is tired. A person who would not otherwise be tired, but that smokes weed and becomes tired is going to be much more likely to not be productive -- to continue laying on the couch and engaging in their PS2, instead of going to work.
    I've certainly never suggested that marijuana makes all users lazy, I'm just claiming that for most people smoking, it tends to increase the likelihood of someone being lazy and in many cases causes the laziness directly. Marijuana is the causitive agent inducing the "lethargy, sleepiness, and tiredness" that would not otherwise be present without the abuse of the substance.
    Higher Logic seems to be suggesting that a lethargic, sleepy, and tired person moves at the same speed as one that is not in that condition. WOW! What "logic." I certainly work at a different (slower) speed when I'm tired. I guess you are special by smoking that special sativa.
    Wow, this is almost funny. I don't know of many instances where I or anyone I know that fires up the pipe and starts playing their video games suddenly becomes sober, wide-awake, and out the door after 1 to 2 hours. That is just laughable and must occur in another reality.

    I forgot to comment on this, for it too was funny....
    LOL, when I was stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, many of the civilian workers were Jamaican citizens (Jamaica is 60 miles from the base). The bus drivers, maintenance workers, commissary employees, etc, mainly consisted of Jamaicans. They had their own housing districts. I hate to stereotype, but they are your example and I suggest you observe Jamaicans working before you suggest they are hard-working. LOL :) People are motivated to work by needing FOOD, SHELTER, and FUN stuff in life. People that like to smoke weed need a source of income and certainly are motivated to get it enough to work. That doesn't mean that because they smoke they are "better workers" than they would be without if they didn't view weed as part of the FUN stuff in life that they require.

    Hell, I worked in south Texas doing roofing work while smoking weed in the summer time (hard, sweaty work). We'd start early in the am working, then at lunch blaze some weed. I'd be tired and much thirstier, but I kept working and got the job done the rest of the day for I had an overriding MOTIVATION (getting PAID some money) that overcame my tiredness, lethargy, and slowness. I certainly was not a more effective worker after smoking.

    Weed tends to make people lazier, but many can prioritize and still get the work done -- paying bills, picking up children from school -- while others cannot, when they OTHERWISE would if the causitive agent, weed, was not in the picture. :rolleyes:
  20. Candibar

    Candibar New Member

    Especially if smoking weed is involved..... a person is much more likely to be tired. True? For most, a direct correlation exists between days of being tired and days that weed was smoked, for intoxication of THC is a known causitive agent of tiredness, lethargy, and sleepiness.
    Such behavior would likely effect work performance. Thus, making you worse at your job and not as good of a worker. Just because you make it to work doesn't mean you are not "lazy on the job" once you get there. My god this discussion is silly.

    Ok, you guys are right! Smoking weed doesn't effect work performance just after and during intoxication and kids can expect to continue to do well in school once they start smoking weed so long as they are not naturally "lazy." Weed will have no effects on what people accomplish in life, atleast not in a negative way because being tired, lethargic, and sleepy tends to increase production instead of impairing it. Weed's effects only last for 1 to 2 hours and then you are back to just being "normal" and should probably smoke some more so you can increase your productivity to its optimal levels. Also, Jamaicans are a hard-working group of people due to their intake of sativa. :rolleyes:

    You guys are right and should keep smoking. I'm done and you win. :rolleyes:

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