The Official High Times "420 Things To Do While Your Stoned"

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    [x]1. Join NORML
    [x]2. Play Badminton
    []3. Travel the globe
    [x]4. Go barefoot
    [x]5. Meditate
    [x]6. Learn to roll
    []7. Take a hike
    [x]8. Rock out
    []9. Lose the remote (Remember, unlike marijuana, television is highly addictive and rots your brain)
    []10. Demand a raise
    [x]11. Go see a local band
    [x]12. Help a friend out of a jam
    []13. Write a letter to the editor
    []14. Save the planet
    [x]15. Plant a garden (We're thinking about vegetables at the moment, but if you'd rather harvest some nice "herbs," kindly check out "Where Does Marijuana Come From?" (page 177 in the book itself) for a few tips on acquiring a green thumb.)
    [x]16. Clean your bong (If the water in th bottom is both the color and consistency of chocolate pudding, it's definitely high time for a little scrubbing... then you can get stoned all over again.)
    []17. Fly a kite (Extra points if you happen to (re)discover electricity while you're at it...)
    [x]18. Ride a bicycle (They're fun, good exercise, and save fossil fuels.)
    []19. Shake your ((BOOTY))
    [x]20. Bake while you're baked
    [x]21. Rent a movie
    [x]22. Make a movie
    [x]23. Make a new friend (You might start by sharing the rest of that joint.)
    [x]24. Call an old friend
    [x]25. [Celebrity hit- REDMAN] Work
    [x]26. Try yoga (Just don't smoke too much before attempting to tuck your feet behind your head...)
    [x]27. Build a fort (Once it's built you'll have a great new place to smoke weed.)
    []28. Turn a cartwheel (Been a while, hasn't it?)
    []29. Feed the cat (You're both hungry, but the cat can't feed herself. Oh, and a little catnip is always appreciated as well.)
    [x]30. Dig a hole to China
    [x]31. Carve a Jack-O'-Lantern (Admittedly, this is the most popular right before Halloween, but then again, why wait?
    [x]32. Hide some weed (Put a joint somewhere you won't find it for a week or so.. you'll thank us later.)
    []33. Do it yourself
    [x]34. Stop stressing
    [x]35. Try juggling (Might want to start with something a little easier than flaming chainsaws, though...)
    [x]36. Doodle (Bonus points: Makes a little flipbook on the edge of a stack of Post-it Notes.)
    [x]37. Burn some incense (Just don't expect it to disguise your smokey smells. Everybody knows about incense...)
    []38. Sing a song to your sweetheart.
    []39. Study karate
    []40. Act in a play
    [x]41. Go camping (How do you think 'smores were invented, anyway?)
    [x]42. Hackysack ( A bit cliche perhaps, but it's a lot more fun than kicking around a bowling ball.)
    [x]43. Gaze at the stars (Take a nice big toke, squint a little, and the Big Dipper looks alot like a pipe.)
    [x]44. Laugh out loud (Odds are something's funny. If not, you may need to smoke a bit more...)
    [x]45. Practice your cheech & chong imitations (Dave's not here, man...)
    [x]46. Smile
    [x]47. Sumo Wrestle
    []48. Study Permaculture
    [x]49. Make love (Whoever said that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac never smoked really good weed.)
    [x]50. Count your blessings
    [x]51. Masturbate
    [x]52. Play scrabble
    []53. Go birdwatching
    [x]54. Snowboard at dawn
    [x]55. Do your laundry
    []56. Fight city hall
    [x]57. Tie your shoes
    []58. Overcome your projects
    []59. Cross a cultural divide
    [x]60. Take a walk
    [x]61. Get a massage
    []62. Give a massage
    []63. Quite your job
    []64. Sing in the shower
    [x]65. Shoot some pool
    [x]66. Flirt
    []67. Do your nails
    [x]68. Start a snowball fight
    [x]69. Ride a roller coaster
    [x]70. Beg forgiveness
    [x]71. Skateboard where it's not permitted
    [x]72. Have a good cry (It's not only cleansing, it also gives you a good alibi for having red eyes.)
    [x]73. Watch the clouds go by (Yes, we know--that one in the middle definitely looks just like Jerry Garcia.)
    [x]74. Terrorize an all-you-can-eat restaurant
    []75. Write to Congress
    []76. Staff pick-Natasha (Managing Editor) Go to the Gym
    []77. Get married (Scientific studies prove that cannabis couples have more fun, stay together longer, and always finish their slices of wedding cake.)
    []78. Live the life you've imagined
    []79. Fight the powers that be
    []80. Learn to sew
    []81. Love thy neighbor
    []82. Swim upstream
    [x]83. Whistle a catchy tune
    [x]84. Cook dinner
    []85. Solve a mystery
    [x]86. Call mom
    []87. Run away and join the circus
    []88. Build a sweet lodge
    []89. Have a threesome
    []90. Stop and smell the roses
    [x]91. Make spin art
    []92. Host a garage sale
    [x]93. Defy expectations
    [x]94. Read a book
    []95. Write a book
    []96. Take a siesta
    []97. Play matchmaker
    []98. Download your favorite band's first album
    []99. Sync up dark side of the moon and the wizard of oz
    [x]100. Surrender to fate
    [x]101. Comfort a friend
    [x]102. Fix your car
    [x]103. Rake the lawn
    []104. Find a new apartment
    [x]105. Resolve a dispute
    [x]106. Floss
    [x]107. Win an argument
    [x]108. Plan a picnic
    []109. Clean out the garage
    [x]110. Cruise for cool trash
    []111. Look through old photo albums
    []112. Tickle some until they cry
    [x]113. Start a lemonade stand
    []114. Sing in the shower
    []115. Blink rapidly
    [x]116. daydream
    []117. Do the robot dance
    [x]118. Scratch your behind
    []119. Pretend to be a car
    []120. Cultivate a fake french accent
    [x]121. Make prank phone calls
    []122. bodysurf
    [x]123. Play videogames
    []124. Build a raft
    [x]125. Build a fire
    [x]126. Wear a blindfold
    []127. Go hot-air ballooning
    [x]128. Make a to-do list
    [x]129. Play paintball
    [x]130. Go rock climbing
    []131. Invent a milkshake
    [x]132. Play hopscotch
    [x]133. Chew bubblegum
    [x]134. Make sock puppets
    []135. Create a collage
    []136. Pop zits
    [x]137. Fart
    []138. Pick your nose
    [x]139. Hold your breath
    [x]140. Stand on your head
    [x]141. Consult a ouija board
    [x]142. Flip a coin
    []143. Jump on top of a cuddle puddle
    [x]144. Use a new word
    [x]145. Respect your elders
    []146. Polka till you drop
    []147. Play dress up
    []148. Go for the gusto
    []149. Jump for joy
    []150. Shave your head
    [x]151. Catch fireflies
    []152. Skip rope
    [x]153. Stay up all night
    []154. Build a sand castle
    []155. Cool off in a kiddie pool
    [x]156. Stare at the ceiling
    []157. Go fly fishing
    []158. Work a crossword puzzle
    [x]159. Keep a secret
    []160. PRactice your beatbox
    [x]161. MAster the art of ping-pong
    []162. Call 4-2-0 on a fucking cop
    []163. Tune a piano
    [x]164. Visit the library
    []165. Win prizes at the boardwalk
    []166. Run a marathon
    [x]167. Make a hot fudge sundae
    []168. Hail satan
    []169. Go sailing
    [x]170. Look through a kaleidoscope
    [x]171. Playa round of miniature golf
    [x]172. Read HIGHTIMES
    [x]173. Throw a water balloon
    []174. Research your family tree
    [x]175. Hide under the covers
    [x]176. Play laser tag
    [x]177. Play hooky
    []178. Get a piercing
    []179. Get a tattoo
    [x]180. Spin around in circles until your dizzy
    []181. Learn an instrument
    []182. Play backgammon
    []183. Write a stoner comedy movie script
    [x]184. Find a four-leafed clover
    [x]185. Go trick-or-treating
    []186. Experience a lunar eclipse
    [x]187. Scuba dive
    []188. swim with dolphins
    [x]189. Watch the super bowl
    []190. Connect the dots
    [x]191. Tend to my plants
    []192. Skydive
    []193. Swim beneath a waterfall
    [x]194. Keep a journal
    []195. Talk like a beatnik
    [x]196. Head for mardi gras
    []197. Make your own website
    []198. Bartend a party
    []199. Visit the pyramids
    []200. Go bungee jumping
    []201. Play air guitar
    [x]202. But more weed
    []203. Chase a tornado
    []204. Change diapers
    [x]205. Try some sudoku
    []206. Play dungeons and dragons
    []207. Learn a language
    [x]208. Start a food fight
    []209. Take a cold shower
    []210. Backpack Through europe
    [x]211. Play dead
    []212. Milk a cow
    []213. See the northern lights
    []214. Steal the show at karaoke
    [x]215. Watch old home movies
    []216. Brew your own beer
    [x]217. Climb a tree
    []218. Make a tire swing
    []219. Grow a beard
    [x]220. Make 'smores
    []221. Build an aquarium
    [x]222. Check your e-mail
    []223. Visit stonehenge
    []224. Howl at the moon
    [x]225. Hunt for buried treasure
    []226. Explore the jungle
    [x]227. Take photos of your herb
    [x]228. Wear a wig
    [x]229. Draw a self-portrait
    []230. Upgrade your grow room
    [x]231. Study mythology
    [x]232. Solve an algebra problem
    [x]233. Play chess
    [x]234. Ride a horse
    []235. Roll your own (sushi)
    [x]236. Go back to school
    [x]237. Dye your hair green
    []238. Retire
    []239. Pray
    []240. Balance your checkbook
    [x]241. Achieve enlightenment
    [x]242. Wash the dishes
    []243. Check out the farmers
    []244. Visit an active volcano
    []245. Go snorkeling
    []246. Climb to the top of a mountain
    [x]247. Light a joint with a magnifying glass
    []248. Remodel the Kitchen
    [x]249. Admit you were wrong
    []250. write a screenplay

    FUCK!!!! I lost the rest of the list :(

    But add your own!

    Or go ahead and make this a check list like me!
  2. heavy_metal_smoker

    heavy_metal_smoker New Member

    somehow i doubt this :D
  3. hector

    hector Sr. Member

    [] waste all your time filling out a quiz :)
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  4. AstroCoaster

    AstroCoaster Sr. Member

    For me... High Times has just been a place for me to look at pictures of Weed, What people won the High Times Best Bud Cups for best Sativa, Indica and Best Bud along with what seed companies are out there and what kind of strains there are. Thats about it.
  5. BubbleGumZombies

    BubbleGumZombies New Member

    :rasta:Dig a Hole to CHINA?! Sounds epic c;:hail::hail:
  6. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    I dont care what any list says, by far the top five things I LOVE to do stoned is..

    1. Take huge bong rips and go hiking up a mountain or through a valley and thick forest. Its fifty thousand times better in the rain.
    2. I like grabbing a couple joints and a few ice cold beers and sitting under the hot sun on the back porch of my house, lots of privacy.
    3. Smoke with my bro we always to outdoors stuff and hike and we both are so much alike so its always a fun high :)
    5. Me and two of my close friends, one of which is my brother have Nazi Zombie group game night haha nerdy as it may be we all get ripped and play online together. We all have mics and none of us are ever beside each other but its cool because we all know each other well and have been playing games online together for years

    Sorry but I had to make a list hahah I love doing these things so much lol
  7. Kranter

    Kranter Above the Ignorance

    Too bad,right now im high, but its raining, so i cant do this! D":
  8. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    Getting my new longboard in a couple weeks and then i'll have my old one to ride in the rain :)
  9. scubaman

    scubaman New Member

    Scuba diving is great after a joint

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