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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by drew9870, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. drew9870

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    Alright, this is my first post, let me say that I have a good amount of knowledge into Cannabis, so I would really like answers from some reliable, educated people possibly with some experience on my question.

    Lets get straight to the point, I have a half lb of crispy, partially oxidized, Cannabis that had been left to mold, there obviously wasn't too much moisture when the patient stored it, it came into contact with a male and this batch alone has about 400-500 seeds, lol. I still have a sinus infection from picking some seed out a few days ago from the mold being stirred up.

    So, can I turn this into Oil/Hash WITHOUT the mold spores getting through the screen/filter, I use a Coffee filter for extracting Iso Oil, but I wondered if the Iso would disolve any mold or any chemicals/harmfuls from the Mold, or if the mold would seep through the filter? I already assume Bubble Hash is out of the question because mold falls through screens, lol.
  2. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

    ewwwww i wouldn't fuck with mold.
  3. drew9870

    drew9870 New Member

    Thanks for the help man, how extremely helpful. I dont care what one would/wouldn't fuck with, I want to know educated FACTS about pot. Maybe you could still answer the question? Considering the question wasn't ''who would process this moldy shit?''.
  4. drew9870

    drew9870 New Member

    Since you must have thought your comment was useful or something, let me explain mold to you the way you probably never looked at it.

    Mold, whether you are a scientist or not, CAN be removed without affecting the THC content on the bud, not 100% gone, but I am sure you can remove atleast 75-85%. I bet letting the buds soak in warm water while giving them a stir once in awhile would remove a good portion of mold, plus I would break the buds into shake for more surface area.

    Jeez, I am only 19 years old, and have to answer my own questions. LOL.
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    First off welcome to the forums, and hey man you'll notice that when you sort of bash people on here with stuff like this:
    you can find it will be hard to get any help at all, dude was just trying to help you out.. but any ways, as far as the mold goes id say toss it man, if its already given you a sinus infection whats the point in trying to smoke it if you believe you can get rid of 75-85%? still spores every where on that bud, its no good at that point man, but do try and save the seeds as they are very handy and stay around for years =D
  6. drew9870

    drew9870 New Member

    ewwwww I wouldn't fuck with mold doesn't show much knowledge, the least he could've done is have some sources that show nothing can be done about removing the mold, so that is not trying to help in my book, that is stating an opinion.

    Sorry if I cannot explain thing in typing format as the way I would in person, but I know with some processing, the mold can be removed, and you probably wouldn't have to have a lab to get a hold of the solvents that could work. I would like someone who has FACTS on this situation, no sense in filling a thread with useless opinions that run through my eyes and out the back of my head, lol, I specifically asked for someone with knowledge on this subject, someone who basically sums it up to ''nothing can/should be done with it'' is completely ignorant, and is talking from opinion until I see that they have sources showing people have ran experiments/tests on removing mold.

    All you really have to know, is what solvents can seperate mold from organic material, without posing health risks once the solvent is removed, and finding a solvent that won't extract the THC. Simple as that, and it can be done, just have to open the mind a bit.
  7. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Drew first of all welcome man. Secondly, unfortunately these forums are not great for scientific questions. Questions like "Should I smoke this bowl or not" are answered easily here but for much more specific questions like the catalyst needed to remove mold... you're going to want to turn more to the internet/scientists because when dealing with mold and possibly harmful substances you don't want to take anyone's word on a pot forum.. even if they're right.

    So my opinion on this is (since I'm not a scientist either): First off.. it's better to eat mold then smoke it, right? The spores can be vaporized and inhaled straight into the lungs and that is not good. But when you ingest pot or any food, the stomach acid and the churning and the mixing will probably minimize the mold. Sure a lot of mold will hurt you if you eat it but when you see a couple hairs on some cheese, it's not going to kill you.

    So my advice is... Why not make it into a food, and dilute it. So whatever process you choose to do, whether iso or butane or whatever, try to remove as much mold as possible through that process, and then once you have the iso oil with small amounts of mold inside of it, I would then assume it's probably OK to dilute that oil into a cooked recipe or brownies or something. That way you're chemically altering the pot first and removing most of the plant matter and mold, and then going an additional step to mixing it in with food and it would all be digested. At least that's probably what I would do...

    But again, I would say don't take my word 100% for it. I'm not a scientist, and I'm not aware of all the molds out there. It's been my understanding in life that if you see a little mold on some cheese it's not very dangerous to eat a little of it. From that I would say it's probably not dangerous to eat a little pot mold in food, but then again, I don't know every type or 'strain' of mold and some can be more dangerous than others. If I were you I would look up to see if pot mold is any more dangerous than cheese mold. If it isn't cook it into food and eat it. If pot mold is much more dangerous that cheese mold, then I would say just toss the sack and call it a loss
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  8. drew9870

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    I guess I could do a wash/rinse with the buds and some water, some THC will dissolve into the water, but not at an amount anyone should really worry about, I will just minimize the amount of water I run through it.

    I will then make BHO or Iso Oil with it, if the consistancy, ash, taste, or smell is musty or out of the ordinary, I will not bother poisoning the patient :angel:.

    Thank You, great advice.
  9. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Oh these are for other patients? I'm a little confused, but are you a caretaker, or do you make edibles or grow pot for medical patients? If so then definitely do not give these patients the edibles. If there is a large amount of weed the risk is too high to distribute it. Anything you manage to salvage from shitty or moldy weed should be used for only a personal stash. If I were a patient I sure wouldn't want an edible or BHO with some mold in it. The only way I would accept anything like that if it was free and I was told about the possible small amounts of mold beforehand. Correct me if I'm misunderstanding though.
  10. drew9870

    drew9870 New Member

    I am not a caretaker, the person is not a patient, lol, but the person just wanted me to let them know what I think and if I could do anything to process it, most everyone I know comes to me for any kind of processing. If I were a caretaker, I wouldn't let the stuff on my premises, lol.

    I will probably just pick most the seeds I can while wearing a breathing mask or something with very small pours that fits tight around my nose and mouth, probably outside as well. I will run a couple small trial runs with a water wash + Butane extraction along with an Iso extraction, it is quite apparent the Butane will extract way less/no harmful substances from the mold.

    I'll dump a little Miracle Grow liquid food onto some patches of dirt in the forest next to my house and scatter the seeds everywhere, now is the season, and I live in the Oregon valley, so I think a few will sprout, Botany is my weak point.

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