The Peace Pipe

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Empressive, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Empressive

    Empressive New Member

    This is our most prized possession, the one that means the most, our peace pipe. Of course, if you know anything about peace pipes, you know that this does not belong to us, in fact we are just "holding it" and we must treat it as such.

    We made this peace pipe out of bamboo, deer antlers, rabbit fur, turkey feathers, snake skin, beads, suede, and an arrow-head. We go most of the materials from a Native American shop two cities away and we used the bamboo off of a bamboo tiki torch. It cost us about $50 all-in-all and was totally worth it. The only time we smoke out of this is when we hold "ceremonies" and only with the most open-minded people that we know. We have only used it once. She's a beast...

    The rabbit fur on the front actually has a pouch sewn into it where we can keep our goods. :]]

    Sorry the images really aren't that great. I can't get it to sit (I'm actually afraid to because it's kind of unbalanced, made to be hanged but we don't have the materials yet), so all of the pictures are me holding it. I'll try to get better ones taken later because it really looks SO much better.

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  2. Loopoo

    Loopoo New Member

    That's awesome. I didn't get what you meant by "holding it" for someone though :s

    Reminds me so much of this sword my dad has. It's a mantel-piece sword that he hangs up for decoration, and when my Rooster died, he took the tail feathers (They were HUGE) and put em on the sword sheathe. It's amazing :D
  3. Linkus420

    Linkus420 New Member

    ill post a pic of my peace pipe too if you wait a bit, its really cool
  4. BigMac1337

    BigMac1337 Banned

    Lol, that's a really sweet idea. I'm going to need a peace pipe...
  5. BurntwoodBud

    BurntwoodBud New Member

    Looks like thats my new mission to make a piece pipe lol..
  6. Empressive

    Empressive New Member

    Sounds like a really sweet sword!

    - Native American's never claimed their peace pipe's as their own. Instead, they treated them as though they were someone else's property because they were so sacred. So instead of claiming, "It's mine", they "held it" for another.

    You guys really should try one of these. They are SO amazing to smoke out of. You probably couldn't even clear it...I couldn't...but we passed it around and we all felt great.
  7. AdamBommb

    AdamBommb New Member

    Eeevery pipe is a peace pipe:)
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  8. MrMacon16

    MrMacon16 New Member

    i hear ya adam!!! and love the bob marley quote there! but in seriousness i like the whole peace pipe idea and my friend's dad has one he told me the story bout it nice work Empressive
  9. Daytripper420

    Daytripper420 New Member

    that's amazing! how did you put it all together? what did you use for the bowl and such?

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