The "Plane" Truth: Flying High with Cannabis

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by mcs, Sep 12, 2002.

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  1. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    Please don't post this, as it is extremely missleading.

    1) I've said it numerous times, if you see a dog, ditch your weed. Most handlers will not be as nice to you, or as stupid, as the one you encountered.

    2) Checked baggage has a much, much higher probability of getting sniffed by a dog than passengers at the security checkpoint.

    3) Excuses never work. Everyone has an excuse, and cops don't want to hear it.
  2. ke1n

    ke1n New Member

    BS its safe, everytime i travel they look at my shoes and pad me down. I think vacuum sealing it a few times is good. after that, tape it to your nuts and hope dogs dont sniff aroudn htere. if u are a girl, better yet, put it in your *****. my suggestion
  3. turbodude

    turbodude New Member

    1. that is assuming you can ditch your weed after seeing a dog. you may have to walk past a dog to ditch your weed or back thru security to get to a bathroom.
  4. fortherecord

    fortherecord New Member

    Hey WNB, you seem like you've done this alot before. Have you had any close calls? i'm flying from LAX to milwakee and i plan to take about 2/8ths with me. I'm thinking about just taping it to my boxers. Any tips to keep it from smelling and still making it comfortable to have it taped to my boxers. Thanks.
  5. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    No, you're wrong. In every single airport I've flown out of, you can see the entire security area before you actually enter it. If there is a dog there (which there rarely is), you'll see it. Even if this specific claim is not wrong, it doesn't negate the rest of the points I made.

    Never had any close calls. Actually, I've never even been patted down, so taping it to my boxers was overkill too. But better safe than sorry...and you might look like more of a terrorist than me :D As for fighting the shouldn't be too much of an issue. Double bag it if you want though, and maybe put a little deoderant on the inside of the outer bag. It's not gonna fool a dog, but it'll certainly prevent security from smelling it. As for places to put it...use your imagination. But in front is gonna be best, as security isn't gonna pat you down too carefully there :D
  6. focker960

    focker960 New Member

    Help Me !!!!

  7. SKankfest2000

    SKankfest2000 New Member

    lol mayhem im leaving JFK Airport to LA tomorrow =D im gunna bring weed no problem or paranoia abotu that im just wondering does a lighter set off a metal detector? or shoudl i just throw it in some baggage. Id buy oen there but im goign with my parents so id be pissed if i coudlnt find a lighter because i liek to smoke at nights and **** when im at the hotel or when i wake up =D plus im a lazy **** and dont wanna have to buy oen i lie kto be prepared
  8. urite4594

    urite4594 New Member

    Well today's the day. I leave for B.C. in a few hours. I've already got the weed packed up all tightly and taped to my boxers. Hopefully i wont be sweating bullets if i get patted down. Wish me luck.
  9. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    Just be aware that there's a possibility of there being dogs on either end, as it's an international flight.
  10. BLazewithme

    BLazewithme New Member

    That is wrong because I have been asked to take off my shoes many times while going through security. Sometimes they will get a cloth and just rub it once inside your shoe and test it for certain things. I think the safest thing to do would get your pot and vacuum seal it, then like the other person said put it in shampoo or i have heard peanutbutter. I think the peanutbutter would definetly work. THen when you off the flight you take it out and rinse all the stuff off it and then smoke. I think any other way is to risky, dont take the risk
  11. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    Did you read NONE of this thread?

    1) Dogs can still smell your bud through peanut butter, or shampoo, or whatever else.

    2) A peanut butter jar with a sack of weed in it will show up on the x-ray, because the density of the bag and the weed is different than that of the peanut butter.
  12. urite4594

    urite4594 New Member

    hell ya, i made it. I type this safely in my homeland of British Columbia. I almost had a heart attack in the airport at Las Vegas. I saw a police dog but it wasn't at the security booth. I just walked through like nothing. They didnt even pat me down. I had it taped to my boxers. I can honestly say i was being way to paranoid.
  13. MrHarmony

    MrHarmony New Member

    Orlando Airport

    I'm having the same debate (also flying to Orlando) I've seen all kinds of posts about people doing stuff like putting it in phones, etc. But, I'm kinda leary since if you've ever walked by the TSA area and seen the x-ray machines for carry-ons, it's pretty easy for them to tell if something ain't right! I've never seen dogs in domestic flight areas so I'm convinced carry-on is the way to go... but want to think of a good place to stash it.
    Someone suggested disguising the weed in a pack of cigarettes - i.e. unroll the tobacco and load 'em with fine shake. This looks unsuspicious going through the x-ray in your purse or whatever. But you can't take much this way. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  14. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    Read the thread, 'cause it's been covered hear like 10 times now?

    The best way to get pot through security is on your person, in a place where a quick patdown won't find it. If you see a dog though, make a b line for the bathroom and ditch the pot.
  15. turbodude

    turbodude New Member

    most of the inspection is looking for terrorist more than small time drug users. it is based more on typical profile and psychology. the point i am trying to make is that if you easily get nervous trying to carry illegal drugs thru inspection (carry-on bags or on your body) this will tip of the inspector that something is not right. try to relax and act normal as you go thru inspection.

    if there are no dogs inspecting domestic flights (check-in bags), it makes more sense to put your small time stash in your check-in bags. the trick is to have so many small places to hide your stash (socks, pockets, etc) in check-in bags that the inspectors would never have enough time to go thru everything.

    i just got back from a domestic flight with a small stash in my check-in and no problems. if you want to really play mind-games. try rubbing some pot on the outside of one of your bags when you are not carrying anything illegal just to see what happens.
  16. Ilúvatar

    Ilúvatar Where is my mind?

    actually, if you wanted to empty out most of the cigarettes, you could get a pretty good stash into them. but one thing i should point out is that, if you keep that pack of your person when you go through the metal detector, it will go off because of the foil in it; while the pack will still look like a normal cigarette pack, it might smell a little "funny" to the guy taking the detector wand to your body. So if you want to use that method, you should keep it in the bag that you check, sometimes it doesn't hurt to be overcautious ;)

    If your just looking for a joints worth of weed to take along, what you could do is get a pack of cigarettes, and take them out, then just put the already broken up bud into the bottom of the box and put the cigarettes back in it. a little tobacco will fall in the shake, but it wouldn't be near enough to notice it in a joint. :)
  17. turbodude

    turbodude New Member

    making a bee line for the bathroom to ditch your weed may not be an option. there was no bathroom in the baggage claim area i was at yesterday. and i am sure the security is aware of this method and / or constantly changing their security methods to keep the smugglers and terrorists guessing. in fact they could be reading these emails right now and tracking our asses down as you read this. how's that for paranioa? bottom line is international flights are more risky.

    security is constantly changing their procedures. they were waving metal detectors all over my body a few days ago and i would have been sweating bullets if i had any pot on my person. fortunately, i put it with check-in baggage and no problem. they key is to have so many possible places (socks, pockets, etc) to hide small quantity that security would never have time to check everything.
  18. MrHarmony

    MrHarmony New Member

    Yep, there's a dog..

    Good call. I was at Denver Int'l this past week and got to see a dog lingering around the security area to the 'A' boarding gates first-hand . Just some FYI -you do have a nice view of most security areas before you approach so you might see the dog in advance, there was one dog hanging with three TSA folks sitting just past the area where you enter security. I didn't notice him until I was commited to enter the security zone. If he was drug-trained, I definitely would have been noticed (I was about 15 feet away from him when I first got to see him - he was around the corner) and a beeline for a bathroom would have been unlikely to do in time.
    My opinion: it's a gamble to take anything through - I would be more worried about getting pinched and missing my plane (non-refundable tix!). The only thing I was left wondering is if the dog that were in that area are marijuana-scent trained.
  19. digitalosophy

    digitalosophy New Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm going to Puerto Rico in a few days, and of course I want to bring some pot

    Problem being is I live in NYC. I'm flying out of Kennedy Airport in queens so it's safe to say security is concerning me.

    Here's my idea.

    2 people going, my friend and mysefl.

    Inside a thing o f toothe paste we will both place about a 30 of chronic all broken up, wrapped inside celuphame(spelling). I have a great idea how to get it all in without doing any major damage.

    This is my question.

    Can the dogs smell this **** even though its in celluphame and toothe paste?

    Does any one have any idea's considers where I'm leaving from?

    Also Puerto Rico isn't and international flight or anything.

  20. Insert_Username

    Insert_Username New Member

    This is not true at all. I had something on my person while flying within the states last year. We went through search, then my father and I were pulled aside for extensive search, which had been instated due to the 911 attacks. I had to get patted down, and my shoes were removed and checked, as well as my hat. The entire search took 2 minutes, however they DID check my shoes.

    We got on our plane, but the door would not shut and lock properly. We had to wait in the airport for the next flight, which did not leave until 4 hours after the whole ordeal. Needless to say, my dad and I were brought onto the plane 15 minutes before takeoff because they had empty seats (otherwise we would have been leaving the next morning). Since we got on the plane so quickly we were again searched extensively. Be careful. Know where and where not they can touch and search you and you will be imaginative enough to think of a place to hide your stash.
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