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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by dasamm, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. dasamm

    dasamm New Member

    After doing some extensive research on vaporizers I have come to the following conclusions:

    -No smoke = No tar/carcinagens = Better health :D
    -Get more "bang for you buck" by using less herb to achieve the same high.
    -Possibly get a better, "cleaner" high
    -Less smell

    -Seemingly complicated (especially to the new user)
    -Less convinient
    -Questionable materials used. By this I mean that a lot of vaporizers use metal and other materials (such as plastics) that when heated may release harmful chemicals in themselves. Which kind of defeats the purpose of using a vap for health.
    -Difficult to clean and set correct temperature?

    These are the main Pros vs. Cons I can think of. I still plan on getting a vaporizer, however NONE out there fit my picture of an ideal vap which would be:
    -Portable (I really like the idea of the balloons that come with the Volcano)
    -All areas that come in contact with heat and the user are made of safe materials (i.e. not metals, plastics) The tube is ok as long as it's a food-grade plastic.
    -Is a WHOLE unit and does not require a heat gun
    -Has an electric temperature reader so one can set the vap to the temp. they desire.
    -And it will beep when that temperature is met :D

    I know there are a lot of threads about vaporizers here, but I feel this helps simplify a lot of information that I spent a couple hours reading about and studying by what forum members here said and info I gathered from other sites.

    *note: I was almost sold on the Vaporbrothers Vaps, but read that it has metals that come in contact with the heat that is inhaled... I'm not sure if any of the users of this particular vap are concerned about this, but thought I'd give a heads up. I couldn't get any info concerning this on the Volcano, but it appears that it does as well, however the "plastic" balloon the vapor goes into *IS* completely safe.
  2. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    A vaporizer quickly pays for itself. If it stretches an ounce of weed 2:1, it will more than pay for itself in the first ounce you smoke.

    If you're not bright enough to use a vaporizer you probably shouldn't be smoking.

    True, but greatly outweighed by the positives.

    I think this is largely hype used by some vape manufacturers to make their devices sound superior to their competitors' products. At vape temperatures, metals don't give off any harmful vapors and quality plastics don't outgas.

    They're no more difficult to clean than a bong and the methods are just about the same: you flush them with alcohol to dissolve any resin that has condensed in the works. Unlike a bong, the dried residue from the cleaning is good to smoke. Setting the correct temperature takes about fifteen minutes the first time you use a new machine. After that you just set the thermostat to the same position.

    In the VB machine, nothing comes in contact with the air, weed, or vapor but glass, food-grade plastic tubing, and the stainless steel screen in the whip. The heating element is behind glass. A stainless steel screen is not going to hurt you at temperatures much lower than you'd find in a stainless steel frying pan. If you're worried, you can flame the screen with a torch to burn off any suspected contamination. The screens that VB sells are pre-torched.
  3. teog

    teog New Member

    im buying a vape genie for conveince
  4. dasamm

    dasamm New Member

    Good point there buzzby. For some reason I was under the impression it was an aluminum screen. Very good point made about the stainless steel used in a frying pan...
  5. kgs

    kgs New Member has the best ones. I bought the Vapir Digital Air. It has a themometer that controls the temp, so all you need to do is set it and it will take care of it. It also uses convection heating, so all you do is put your weed in the little metal basket and the fan blows hot air over the weed, vaporizing it.

    Their vapes are garenteed not to melt or burn metal or anything. I would recomend them. I still haven't tried my vape (still in the mail, later this week hopefully) but I'm sure it's going to be awesome.

    Also, they say that you need to drop some oil or water onto your weed so that is vaporizes. The water will boil I guess? I don't know.. basically what you're doing is boiling the weed. You set the vape to about 392F, that is THC's boiling point, and then the vapor will form. So I guess water will help, oil is supposed to be nice though, tasty like a hooka perhaps.
  6. WeedyMcWeedison

    WeedyMcWeedison New Member

    larger time saving pro

    I bought a VB and find that it saves time on breaking up the bud. Since the temperature is not hot enough to burn the stems are seeds, you do not have to worry about the heacache you get from smoking the rags. If the bud is broken up in a blender and strained through a spahgetti strainer then most of the larger stems and seed will be filtered out. The finished product is powdered bud that is perfect for the vaporizor due to the enlarged surface area of the bud. Plus it saves hours on breaking up the bud. Zip it up and Zip it out.
  7. joel223

    joel223 New Member

    I had a vapir once. That thing sucked. I could never get it to work well for me. I ended up giving it away to someone, but they love it, it's the only thing they smoke out of anymore.

    I just bought a glass bong with one of those special bowls and a heat gun. I have had one of those vaporizers before (it broke) and it got me the highest I've ever been. Hope this one works the same. I have to wait until tomorrow to use it because tomorow I'm off probation. Can't wait. :D
  8. Osiris27

    Osiris27 New Member

    I've smoked out of a vaporizer before and it is the best device to smoke out of.

    -Rips like a bong, but better.
    -No coughing.
    -Clear headed afterwards; more stoned, less stupid (wow, can you say contradiction?)

    -Isn't an authentic way to smoke
    -One might feel like their missing out on the other affects of smoking (think pipe or blunt)
    -Looses some of the taste, and schwag really tastes bad in vaps.
  9. PotShot

    PotShot Sr. Member

    This is where I have to agree. The only thing I would miss when using a vaporizer is the whole breathing smoke thing. Its unhealthy and all that, but I just really get a kick out of it. I have this long-stem pipe that I absolutely love to smoke out of(when I got the weed to fill it to the brim--the only proper way to go about it).

    Nevertheless, I would like to have a vaporizer. It would be another weapon for my arsenal, and it is a better way of smoking. :shrug:
  10. FUBAR

    FUBAR New Member

    that is true, but its not like you can only use your vaporizer. If your buddies are firing up a blunt, go ahead and light up with them. you have more options!
  11. LorenzoMcT

    LorenzoMcT New Member

    I read somewhere about constructing a makeshift vape from a test tube, a bung and a straw. I'd be all over that if it worked out right, only because I don't have the money for a real vape and I don't feel like messing about with lightbulbs.

    This is my first post, by the way. I'm a ganja fan in my late teens. I appreciate a lot of the wisdom on this board.
  12. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Test tube vapes are the most primitive type. You put weed in the test tube, heat it up with a butane lighter, and suck up the vapors that come out. The positive aspect is that it costs next to nothing. The negative aspect is that it is almost impossible to get the temperature right. By the time it gets hot enough to generate vapors it's well on its way to getting hot enough to char the weed.

    The bung, BTW, is optional.

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