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How Many Weeks' Will It Take To Pass A UA?

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  1. r0os

    r0os New Member

    Too many people ask multiple questions on whether or not they can pass a test and then they rarely post their results. I am creating this thread for everyone who has to take a pee test to write down their results of either pass or fail, the method they used to try to pass, the last time they smoked, their height, weight, and metabolism speed, etc. I will start the first one out myself.
  2. r0os

    r0os New Member

    6'1", weight varies from 170 to 180, above average metabolism
    I took a pee test for probation and passed. I beleive it is an emit test but I am not sure. I passed a home test as well 2 days before the real test. I had smoked 5 out of 7 days of white widow and passed the home test in 5 days and the probation in 7. I worked out alot, drank plenty of water, and ate light for those 5 days, and then I ate alot the last 2 days and quit excersisng. I also took triple lecithen 3 times a day, fishoil twice a day, lysine twice a day, multi vitamins twice a day, niacin once a day, cranberry pills, fiber three times a day, hydroxycut twice a day before I worked out, and green tea pills. I was pretty confident I would pass so I didn't dilute but I did take 5 asprin throughout a 4 hour period before the probation test to be safe.
  3. NeedTaPass

    NeedTaPass New Member

    what a great idea.

    I am gonna link to the background rather than retype it all.

    I came back dilluted.

    I will come edit this post when I know more.
  4. killerbyte

    killerbyte New Member

  5. SigourneyReefer

    SigourneyReefer New Member

    I posted my results somewhere. It either got deleted or I was blazed and put it in some completely unrelated which case it probably got deleted. So...

    I used the Aspirin/Dilution technique, modifying it slightly so I wouldn't throw up. I drank the required amounts of gatorade. The first batch had the required amount of salt, the others had no salt at all. I ate as many salty foods as I could possibly handle, took all the required pills and I was good to go.

    I ended up passing my test and I am now unhappily employed :D

    -S. Reefer-
  6. NeedTaPass

    NeedTaPass New Member

    well I didnt get the call I was dilluted again, so I think I passed.
  7. r0os

    r0os New Member

    I passed in one week after smoking the whole christamas break for a week straight. I dont know why the bud gets out of my system so quickly, I guess its best just to appreaciate it and not question it. I have succesfully been on probation for 4 months now. WHOO HOO 10 more to go!
  8. el_jewapo

    el_jewapo New Member

  9. datura647

    datura647 New Member

  10. Amsterdamque

    Amsterdamque New Member

    i PAssed my drug test

    In 1999, I had a drug test for an internship..I had to piss in the cup.Well for the prior 36-48 hours I did the following:

    In the morning and before dinner take 1-2 spoonfulls of Sonee-7 w/water...aND DRink water periodically throughout the day..That stuff works as it flushed out my system.. But DO NOT take for more than 2 days..Apparently its for people who can't rid their body of wastes naturally..But it passes the urine tests w/ flying colors..
  11. AMA732MX

    AMA732MX New Member

    I Passed!!

    Thanks to some of the information I obtained off of this website, I would have to say helped me pass my recent random pee test. Thanks MUCH!!!!

    I am 180lbs., 5' 8" with an average metabolism and toke about 2-3 times on weekends and holidays. I toked about 3 times last weekend and I found out I had to pee on a Wednesday when I got home from work. :mad2: I had a pretty bad cold, so I called in sick the next day to buy a little more time. I was still extremely nervous that 4-5 days would not be enough time for an occasional toker to pass, (from everything I had found on the intranet regarding detection times).

    Even though I had read that Goldenseal doesn't do anything to help on the new tests, I started taking that on Wednesday night, about 3-4 a day. I have used this in the past and passed tests with questionable timeframes, (as well as my Wife and other friends), so I figured it couldn't hurt anything to add that to all the other **** I was taking.

    I used the dilution method and drank a bunch of water and OJ throughout the night. I was so frickin nervous I only slept 2 hours all night. I am a Buyer for a 7 million dollar a year account and a positive test result would have really put a hurt on any future raises or promotions, as well as screwed up my great working relationships I have with my Superiors. The morning of my test, I drank a few glasses of water, a 1/2 gallon of cranberry juice and took 4 aspirins, 6 tums and 2 multi-vitamins.

    I cannot tell you how relieved I was to get a call the next Monday, advising me that I passed!! Thanks again to the info on this website!!

    Now I need to do a little more research on this Urinator thing and synthetic urine, because knowbody should have to stress out about these BS random tests!! Can anyone please point me in the right direction to learn more on these substitution products?

    Thanks again and keep up the compassionate work !!

  12. craiggerz

    craiggerz New Member

    Here is how I passed

    The guidelines for me to come clean.. I am a 42 year old male, 6'1" 150lbs. Ultra-fast metabolisim, lean and even hight strung. Daily weed smoker for years with average quality weed going through about 1/4 ounce a week. Pre employment drug screen was probably an EMIT but I'm not 100% sure. Here's what I did to get clean and pass my pre-employment urine test.

    Abstained for 35 days. I remember in 1995 I was pee tested and passed in 21 days, but really didn't want to cut it close. So remember the 4 to 6 week rule of thumb. I drank 6-8 cups off coffee per day. If ya don't like coffee then try Coke or Pepsi in the afternoons. Also drink more water daily than you are used to. The day before my test, I drank four cups of black coffee which kept me up, but made me pee alot. My diet was lower than usual due to lengthly unemployment. I drank a bunch of beers about 5 days prior to my urine test. The day of my test was four cups of coffee in the morning, the urine test was my 4th or 5th pee of the day. Mid stream pee. Pee for 1-2 seconds-peed in cup-finished in the loo.

    So there ya have it, folks. I also encourage more of you to post in this thread to re-assure people like me that they will be OK. A dozen posts here out of the 200 I've read is not enough. Off to my new job to fill out final paperwork. And finally tonight to get baked!!! :wave:
  13. TheNewGuy

    TheNewGuy Sr. Member

    I'm pretty sure this won't help many people, but I think I should at least post my results anyway, as a courtesy to those who gave me feedback on the site.

    Age: 18
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 145
    Metabolism: FAST. I can eat anything, at any time, any amount, and my weight won't change more than a pound.

    K, I had to take the piss test for Home Depot, and I didn't use anything at all. No dilution, no additives, etc.

    I hadn't smoked for three weeks, and before those three weeks I was smoking about 2-3 times a week (usually only 2 times a week).

    I jogged every other day at a park for about two weeks, and did crunches and push-ups etc at night for about a half hour.

    Took the test, and got the job (yay!).
  14. fastlx

    fastlx New Member

    Diluted test result

    Body stats:
    6' 3 or 4"
    somewhat built, and a decent metabolism

    I came across this site and was amazed to see someone else had figured out the creatine metabolizing into creatinine method. I have been using this method for 3+ years now. I want to warn people with testing that is done for the legal system. They can have VERY low dilution triggers and I dont quite have them figured out. I do know they monitor creatinine levels as I got that to slip out of one of the drug counselors I was forced to speak with.

    This all depends on the county you are in. A county out in a rural area I used to be in, I passed find drinking LOADS of water and taking a creatine/carb load the day of t he test, 4 aspirin, and certo, plus as far as apspirin i like to use low dose 71mg and take the equiv of 325mg x 4, i think this will get the plasma concentraions higher as more surface area is available for the pill to dissolve. I passed many a times using this and drinking certo in fruit punch gatorade right before the test.

    Now for the bad news. My 2nd to most recent test i drank probably 2.5-3 x 32oz glasses of water/gatorade an hour for 4 hours upto the test, with 3-4 325mg aspirin every hour. And I believe I took certo.

    Resulit: diluted
    I know this county tests for creatinine levels but they might have others, I did a DOUBLE loading cycle of creatine for 4 days preceeding the test... AND drank certo in gatorade an hour before. still diluted. my po is a B*tch is nice and I get tested weekly!!). I kept a log of my water/gatorade consumption (other than the creatine loading starting 3 days prior):

    THIS IS THE 2ND TEST THAT WAS FLAGGED DILUTED... (7-10days clean from smoking HEAVILY)
    my definition of heavily is an oz+ of commercial brick per day and usually a 1/4oz of high grade AAA or exotic a week

    6:50am 1 16oz glass water, 3 aspirin
    7:20am 1 16oz glass water
    7:50am 1 16oz glass gatorade, 4 aspirin - 12oz of 16oz was with 1 scoop creatine
    8:20am 1 16oz glass water, 1 multiviatmin
    8:50am 1 16oz glass gatorade with 12 of 16 + creatine, - 3 aspirin, 1 B vitamin
    9:20am 1 16oz glass wat
    9:50am 1 16oz glass gatorade with 12 of 16 + creatine, - 3 aspirin
    10:30am 1 16oz glass gatorade drank while on way there - 2 aspirin, .5 B vitamin

    ON THE 3RD TEST i had a little over 2 weeks clean
    6:45 1 16oz glass gatorade w/ creatine in 12oz, 4 aspirin
    ~7-7:30 1 16oz glass water (in car spread out)
    8:00 1 16oz glass gatorade w/ creatine in 12oz, 3 aspirin
    8:25 1 multivitamin (small amt of water)
    9:00 1 16oz glass gatorade w/ 3/4 scoop creatine, 1 B vitamin, 2 aspirin
    9:45 1 12oz glass gatorade
    9:50 on way to test 16oz water

    RESULT: eye scan

    This time they didnt even urine test me, the county I reside in has gone to an Eye Scanning test, you can find more info at or These tests only detect you under the influence or from a 'hangover'. I read from other sources in 3-4 days you are fine from ANY drug. I personally know people who have gone in as little as 2 days after a coke session and passed. Be forwarnd, these are only screening tests, if you pop positive on one they WILL UA you for it to hold up in court. AND these tests also have a random number generation scheme built in where people are randomly sent for a UA even if they pass the eye scan.

    Substitution isnt a viable method for me, I have some old dude standing right behind me and the wall facing me while i am pissing is covered in mirrors. (invasion of privacy to the max). My first post here but I have enjoyed picking up some more tips, I have done MANY hours of research over the years I have been subjected to testing.

    Substitution worked great for my girlfriend, the method I used was of course acquiring clean urine, then A GOOD NAME BRAND ZIPLOCK FREEZER BAG (dont want it leaking). Fold the bag over multiple times at the ziplock area till the piss is down at the bottom. Duct tape the bag to keep it wrapped this way. We then duct taped a heating pack found at your local sporting goods store (to put in your gloves to keep hands warm) to the bag and then strapped it to her inner thigh. worked like charm other than the tiny leakage after she was done (not noticeable but it still sucks having someone elses piss run down your leg).

    On a side note, people here have always had good luck with the 'waste your money drinks' I believe they might have something to mask/coat the bladder. The drinks around here do not tell you to consume large amounts of water. INFACT they tell you not to. just consume the drink, refil the bottle in 15min then drink that again is the common instructions...

    Just thought I would share my info, be careful drinking too much water. Depending on the mood of your po (or time of the month in my case) you can get violated for multiple diluted tests. Although it is alot harder to hold up in court with a lawyer.

    -Just some tips- Hope it helps out someone
  15. thegirl

    thegirl New Member

    I passed a supposed GC/MS test after not smoking for 23 days. Before that I smoked once a day for very long stretches at a time with only a day or two for breaks.
    I diluted and took lots of vitamin b to color. Also popped a few rolaids on some advice I read here.
    I am female, 5'7, 140, average metabolism.
    I should point out that I still think they gave me EMIT even though they said GC/MS.
    I also want to point out that this is by far the best site to get the truth about drug tests - it's a great service.
  16. J-420

    J-420 New Member


    I took a GC/MS pre employment test given by QUEST labs last thursday 3/25/04 I called today and they said to come on in on Monday! I abstained for 5 days prior to test Used Qcarbo juice drink (from GNC) as directed and tons of water that morning prior to using the juice drink. I had the test at 2 pm so i had some time to drink through the day. I drink nothing but water as a normal routine. I went pee about 8 times befor going to docs for test and used mid stream sample. I also use multi vitamins as a normal routine but i noticed a nice yellow to the sample which i attribute to the vitamins.

    Im 5'7" female about 140lbs I have a fairly lean build. Ive been smoking nonstop for 17 yrs except 15 yrs ago when i was pregnate for my daughter. I smoke about an OZ of top shelf buds per week.

    I feel that i passed the initial EMIT test with this method and it never made it to the GC/MS machine thing but I was nervous as hell that id fail. I also have yet to get up the nerve to smoke again just incase there was an "issue" with the first test. In my opinion, knowing what i know now, if faced with this test again i would take in clean urine and not stress myself so badly.

    Good luck to everyone! Watch for the smoke signals i think my nerve is comming back!
  17. ANON 78

    ANON 78 New Member

    Guess I Passed!!!!!!!!!!

    Pretty heavy smoker.
    5-11 Male, 265lbs.
    Slow/average metabolism.
    Work out irregurarly.

    Took my pre-employment (Quest) test last Weds. (3/24). It was marked a GC/MS test on the control form, and was very nervous for days. Suspect an EMIT was done first. Was told the results would be in within a day or two, but I didn't ask about the results. I know they couldn't hire me with a positive result. I abstained from smoking for 10 days prior. Before that smoked pretty heavily. Took a "7 day detox" pills leading up to the test, and used the dilution/asprin deal starting about two hours before the test, with some "Strip" drink from GNC. Also took creatine pills for about 3 days leading up to the test.Also took some B-2 vits. morning of test. Urine was an unnatural, radio active yellow. Passed an at home test 1/2 hour prior to real test. I'm now employed at my new company, but still have reservations on smoking for the same reasons as the person who posted before. Never asked about the results, but I guess I passed, since I'm working. Heard a GC/MS test could take anywhere from 7-10 days for results, but could they hire me without any results? Their drug policy says they can test if there is suspicion, so I'm holding off at least till this week end, lol. Just in case. Got to thank all these posts for some good information. Hope I never have to go through this again.
  18. tigger1

    tigger1 New Member

    my drug test

    I recently had a drug test delema and since the only reason why I passed was because of this site I thought I should take the time to give my input. I smoke about twice a week of average quality stuff and I weigh 165 with an above average metabolism. Before my first drug test I was clean for 9 days. I was really worried before my first test so I wanted to do everything possible to try and pass. I started out by going to GNC and picking up something that was called GHF fast flush. I know many people say these drinks and a crock and waste of money but I thought I would rather be safe than sorry.

    The day of the test I drank about 1.5 gallons of water. 2 aspirin 4 hours before test...followed by lots of water...2 aspirin 3 hours before test....followed by a lot of water....3 aspirin 2 hours before follwed by my overpriced drink. 1 hour before 3 more aspirin follwed by 2 cups of coffee. I also peed a lot.

    Went to the test...gave sample and waited that devistating wait. I had to wait a week and a half before I got a phone call saying that there was a problem with my sample and I would have to give another. I don't know what the problem was...I thought I might look guilty asking but figured it was just too dilute.

    So I went the the 2nd test by this time I was 3 weeks clean. I figured I should be ok by this time so I just drank about a half gallon of water followed by a couple of coffees.

    Found out the next day I was negative which was a very good thing

    All in all I can say by my first drug test experience that it was a load of crap. I can understand being tested for any drug (including alcohol) as long as they are only testing to see if you are on that substance at the time of work. As far as I see it as long as your post work activities do not affect your workplace quality of work there should be no problem with using the bud. I have smoked for about 1.5 years and will have to say that I feel much more allert in the morning after smoking bud rather than consuming alcohol. This is just my 2 cents.

    For anyone out there that was as worried as I was believe me I know the feeling. There is nothing like a drug test to make you look guilty. I recomend to everyone on here NOT TO ASK IF YOU ARE OK OR NOT... Take the time, do the research and post your results for others to follow. I want to say on a personal note that if it were not for a site of this magnitude I would have not been able to pass this test. Thankyou and always smoke responsibly which in my mind is not letting others who are under the age of 18 smoke.


  19. 0xfc

    0xfc New Member

    chronic. N2. substitute. quick fix. passed.

    protecting your privacy,

  20. I_like_pot

    I_like_pot New Member

    smoked alot of weed for 2 weeks. stayed clean for 2 weeks. had court appointed piss-test and passed, i drank half a gallon of water and half a bottle of cran-grape juice a half hour before. im 6'2 125. not exactly athletic, but i play paintball 1-2 times a week. :thumbsup:

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