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How Many Weeks' Will It Take To Pass A UA?

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  9. Take A Home Test Weekly

  1. stocky

    stocky New Member

    need to pass urine test for p.o on the 20TH' of april.

    i smoke a regular of 3-4 blunts per day.unfortunately do to my recent run in with the law i have to submit to monthly urine screens..i've tried xxtra clean,but my p.o didn't test me the day i used it , so im not really sure if it works.. this will be my first urine test and because of what im being charged with ,i know they're waiting and expecting me to fail..i believe that smoking herb is my religous right!! im not a criminal,and i don't think that i should be caged up like an animal just for being in love with the most natural thing on this earth!! need advice on how to pass a.s.ap​
    somewhat built, and a decent metabolism

    I came across this site and was amazed to see someone else had figured out the creatine metabolizing into creatinine method. I have been using this method for 3+ years now. I want to warn people with testing that is done for the legal system. They can have VERY low dilution triggers and I dont quite have them figured out. I do know they monitor creatinine levels as I got that to slip out of one of the drug counselors I was forced to speak with.

    This all depends on the county you are in. A county out in a rural area I used to be in, I passed find drinking LOADS of water and taking a creatine/carb load the day of t he test, 4 aspirin, and certo, plus as far as apspirin i like to use low dose 71mg and take the equiv of 325mg x 4, i think this will get the plasma concentraions higher as more surface area is available for the pill to dissolve. I passed many a times using this and drinking certo in fruit punch gatorade right before the test.

    Now for the bad news. My 2nd to most recent test i drank probably 2.5-3 x 32oz glasses of water/gatorade an hour for 4 hours upto the test, with 3-4 325mg aspirin every hour. And I believe I took certo.

    Resulit: diluted
    I know this county tests for creatinine levels but they might have others, I did a DOUBLE loading cycle of creatine for 4 days preceeding the test... AND drank certo in gatorade an hour before. still diluted. my po is a B*tch is nice and I get tested weekly!!). I kept a log of my water/gatorade consumption (other than the creatine loading starting 3 days prior):

    THIS IS THE 2ND TEST THAT WAS FLAGGED DILUTED... (7-10days clean from smoking HEAVILY)
    my definition of heavily is an oz+ of commercial brick per day and usually a 1/4oz of high grade AAA or exotic a week

    6:50am 1 16oz glass water, 3 aspirin
    7:20am 1 16oz glass water
    7:50am 1 16oz glass gatorade, 4 aspirin - 12oz of 16oz was with 1 scoop creatine
    8:20am 1 16oz glass water, 1 multiviatmin
    8:50am 1 16oz glass gatorade with 12 of 16 + creatine, - 3 aspirin, 1 B vitamin
    9:20am 1 16oz glass wat
    9:50am 1 16oz glass gatorade with 12 of 16 + creatine, - 3 aspirin
    10:30am 1 16oz glass gatorade drank while on way there - 2 aspirin, .5 B vitamin

    ON THE 3RD TEST i had a little over 2 weeks clean
    6:45 1 16oz glass gatorade w/ creatine in 12oz, 4 aspirin
    ~7-7:30 1 16oz glass water (in car spread out)
    8:00 1 16oz glass gatorade w/ creatine in 12oz, 3 aspirin
    8:25 1 multivitamin (small amt of water)
    9:00 1 16oz glass gatorade w/ 3/4 scoop creatine, 1 B vitamin, 2 aspirin
    9:45 1 12oz glass gatorade
    9:50 on way to test 16oz water

    RESULT: eye scan

    This time they didnt even urine test me, the county I reside in has gone to an Eye Scanning test, you can find more info at or These tests only detect you under the influence or from a 'hangover'. I read from other sources in 3-4 days you are fine from ANY drug. I personally know people who have gone in as little as 2 days after a coke session and passed. Be forwarnd, these are only screening tests, if you pop positive on one they WILL UA you for it to hold up in court. AND these tests also have a random number generation scheme built in where people are randomly sent for a UA even if they pass the eye scan.

    Substitution isnt a viable method for me, I have some old dude standing right behind me and the wall facing me while i am pissing is covered in mirrors. (invasion of privacy to the max). My first post here but I have enjoyed picking up some more tips, I have done MANY hours of research over the years I have been subjected to testing.

    Substitution worked great for my girlfriend, the method I used was of course acquiring clean urine, then A GOOD NAME BRAND ZIPLOCK FREEZER BAG (dont want it leaking). Fold the bag over multiple times at the ziplock area till the piss is down at the bottom. Duct tape the bag to keep it wrapped this way. We then duct taped a heating pack found at your local sporting goods store (to put in your gloves to keep hands warm) to the bag and then strapped it to her inner thigh. worked like charm other than the tiny leakage after she was done (not noticeable but it still sucks having someone elses piss run down your leg).

    On a side note, people here have always had good luck with the 'waste your money drinks' I believe they might have something to mask/coat the bladder. The drinks around here do not tell you to consume large amounts of water. INFACT they tell you not to. just consume the drink, refil the bottle in 15min then drink that again is the common instructions...

    Just thought I would share my info, be careful drinking too much water. Depending on the mood of your po (or time of the month in my case) you can get violated for multiple diluted tests. Although it is alot harder to hold up in court with a lawyer.

    -Just some tips- Hope it helps out someone[/QUOTE]
  2. r0os

    r0os New Member

    Stockys methods are very precise and helpful, this is the reason I began this thread for others to learn many different ways of passing the test (mostly based on the asprin/dillution technique. I have not posted in a while but I recieved a piss test recently, and as I am on probation in a rural town it is much easier to pass my tests (as stocky mentioned).
    Well, my technique today was as follows
    Stayed clean for 5 days after smoking heavy amount for 2 weeks of northern lights, AK47, and Jack Herer (great dank)
    I begin taking two niacin a day after quiting
    Day of test
    I failed my first home test
    3 hours before the test I took 8 niacin (which isnt good for you)
    continuessly ate vitamin c, e, b, asprin (10 total spaced out), lethicin, centrum, and lysine for 3 hours before test
    Also drank 1.5 packeges of certo and 1.25 gallons of water
    (the water helped the most)
    30 minutes before the test took another home test and I passed
    went to probation took a test and passed.
    Dillution is the key (in an rural area) otherwise creatine and tums can be helpful to fool creatine and ph levels.
    As I passed my test I have the honor of being bakes as I typed this.
  3. imsoooohit

    imsoooohit New Member

    I passed!

    Here is my original post

    I also took some asprin after reading up on these forums..

    Thanks to everyone who supplies information on here. I wouldnt have been able to do it without you guys!
  4. bigggzigggy

    bigggzigggy New Member

    I Passed

    They took their time getting back to me, so I was really sweatin it out, but I passed a gc/ms test, got the call this morning. Stopped smoking for 48 hours drank sonne 7,the amount they recomend,for that time. Drank alot of cran juice and gatoraid for that time.And the morning of the test I drank Naturally clean , which is just an expensive and quick dilution method.also added aspirin and tums to the mix. Im 5,10 160 fast metab, but dont really exercise.Was a mod. smoker a little more than a 1/4 a week.But for a couple weeks b4, I only smoked about four joints, The last one being 48 hour prior. Although I passed I really dont recomend this. Dilition works but always try to give yourself more time{ a week at least }for peace of mind, I hope this helps. I gotta get back to my extra large JOINT. Thanks everyone for all the help. :splat:
  5. adventureboy

    adventureboy New Member

  6. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    well, for anyone out there who is interested, I am a 24 year old male. about 170 pounds, work out 2 hours a day, and was a chronic user up until two weeks ago; by chronic I mean only KB in blunts, joints, water pipes etc. Today I tested myself after a good cup of water, my urine was not clear mind you, it still had some color to it, and I was able to get a faint red line to show up in the the T section of the C-T home test. I know this means I am about near the cutoff line (which for this test is 50ng) and within a couple more days, possibly the weekend, I should be cleaned out. April 16 was my last day of smoking, and all I have done was eat healthy, work out, keep with the high fiber foods, the water, and the cranberry juice. This should help aid people so they may know that it is true that everyone is different, and regardless of use and frequency of use, it all depends on the individual body it is being put into.

    Good luck everyone with their detoxes, now that I am almost clean I just have to hope and wait that I get the call back from the company I interviewed for.
  7. axisdenied

    axisdenied New Member

    How much passes?

    Hey everyone! I just thought I'd share this with you for the purpose of getting an idea of how much pot consumed the night before passes (remember, this is just an idea... I'm sure it doesn't work the same for everybody). The story is that I went into work after lunch during which I drank a martini. I work in a plant with all sorts of hazardous crap around so when somebody in the office smelt alcohol on me, I was contacted by human resources to be escorted to an off-site medical facility for a breathalyer and drug screen. Of course I was under the limit on my BAC but the night before I had smoked one hit the size of a fully-packed one-hitter. I was in the company of a security guard at the time so I wasn't able to mess with the contents of my bladder. At least a month had elapsed since the last time I'd smoked other than being in the presence of other smokers and passively inhaling. Here's the stats on me:

    125 lbs, female
    low-to-moderate metabolism


    cheap mexican green, I'm guessing around 3% THC content but one hit was enough to produce mild effects

    This was in the middle of the day and I had already urinated a few times already that morning. The only trick I could use was giving pee midstream (a little in the bowl, 30mL into the cup and the rest in the bowl). The test I took was a SAM 5, which I think might be 50/ng per mL cutoff. I passed.

  8. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    I'm 5' 7 and 145 lbs. I smoke on weekends only, every weekend. I hadn't smoked for exactly a week before my UA but didn't know I'd even have one until the day before I took it. The day before the test, I took some Niacin. The day of the test, I drank 2 liters of Pepsi and peed whenever I felt like it. About an hour before the test I took 1 aspirin. Once I got to the doctors office, I told them I didn't have to pee and proceeded to the water cooler and drank about 8 glasses of water. After that, I sat down and glanced at a couple magazines until I had to urinate. I gave them the minimum 30ml, and made sure to piss first into the toilet until I was halfway done, and than into the cup, and than finish off in the toilet.

    Anyways, the results came today and I came up negative. Good luck to fellow smokers :chokin:
  9. SideshowStoner

    SideshowStoner New Member

    Called my company today to check if everything was up to date and they said the results came back NEGATIVE!!! I'm really feeling good about this summer and I want to thank this board for helping me through a tough time. I was 8 days clean when I took my test and I still managed to pass. Thanks everyone.

    Right now i'm drunk off my ass. Yay cinco de mayo. Yay negative results.

    -Sideshow (matt)
  10. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    Thanks S2.

    I had my test last friday. I didn't know I'd have it until that morning, but luckily I hadn't smoked for a week. I took a couple Aspirins and had a 32oz. bottle of Gatorade, 2 cans of Pepsi, and 8 glasses of water throughout the course of the day and pissed when ever I felt the need. Before the test I took a couple more glasses of water to be safe and than took the UA. The results came in Tuesday and I came up negative.

    Again, thanks to S2.
  11. HELLuCiNaTiOn

    HELLuCiNaTiOn New Member

    Had my test 2 days ago at 11 am... woke up about 7:30, drank 64 oz. of Powerade, took a One-a-Day multivitamin after breakfast, then took 4 aspirin, about 3 Niacin, & a B6... topped it off with a couple cans of Mountain Dew right before the test... piss was flourescent yellow... got the results today & came back NEGATIVE! This after smokin at least a quarter ounce this past month & at least an ounce a month before that...

    I wanna thank the board for all the help, couldnt have done it without the info gathered from this site. I start my job on Friday, $13.36 / hr with union benefits after 60 days

    Thanks yall... together as an informed community we can beat a bull**** system ran by hypocritical power-hungry people...


  12. nny62

    nny62 New Member


    i used to smoke crazy amounts. like 5-6x per day of chronic 1/8-1/4 per week
    i stopt smokn on 3.15 - had one session on 3.29 wit a few bong rips and then clean until 5.7
    plenty of exercise, drinkn fluids
    passed a home test on 5.1 with first part of morning void
    took my test w/ quest on 5.7
    they just made me wash my hands and they turned off the water. if i had wanted to sub it would've been really easy. she claimed she was listening but when i left the bathroom she was somewhere else.
    it was my second void of hte day, but i did not have enough so i gave them the entire thing.
    anywas, i got a call for my new job today telln me they want me to come in on saturday to start.
    burn on yall
    good luck
  13. Jen the Samurai

    Jen the Samurai New Member

    My thread:

    Well, I'm 19 and I smoked for the first time 10 days before my drug test. All I did was drink a couple bottles of water before the test and only urinated once or twice during that time.

    However... I PASSED!!! NEGATIVE RESULTS!! Not even diluted. I had already taken the test before I posted on this site and just came here to ask for peoples' opinions on whether they thought I would pass or not, just to ease my mind.

    Well, my friends. You were correct. YAY! Thanks for the support... I go in for orientation at Kohls on Monday! Big bucks, here I come!
  14. 4mer_smoker

    4mer_smoker New Member

    I passed

    Well, I don't know how much this will help anyone, but here was my original thread.

    I guess what I should stress is that I was very much a chronic heavy smoker. I smoked everday for three, probably closer to four, years. Sometimes I would consume as much as a quarter in one sitting. Anyways, I'm 19 6'0 and I weigh about 150. I was clean for 42 days when I took the test. I worked out every day for like three weeks up to the test, drinking a lot of water and very much milk. Starting 2 days prior to the test, I drank at least a gallon of water a day, probably a gallon and a half and I took a bunch of aspirin before the test along with the B vitamins and multivitamins.

    I'm just saying that if you're a chronic smoker for an extended period of time like I was, you should probably go for the six week mark. I called in today and was told to arrive Monday. I must give thanks to cheaptalk, because this is a priceless source of informtion here. I'm not sure if I would've passed sooner, because I didn't have the money for the ATHome tests. I'm glad I didn't substitute, even though it would've been very easy, because it feels good to piss clean by myself. Anyways, thanks again!
  15. illkungfum0ves

    illkungfum0ves New Member

    substitution and dilution as backup

    original post

    On wednesday i had my job interview. The lady interviewing me assumes that i know that there's a pending drug test(in which i did).. This lady tells me to get it over with as soon as i can without even telling me it was a drug test.. I pretend i'm stupid at this point saying "uhhh... they're not gonna take my blood are they, i'm scared of that kind of thing..." haha... The lady says nah and gives me the directions to the place. But for some reason i was told to pick up the papers and get the test done early morning at 8am the next day. So the next morning i wake up at 7:30, drink 5 cups of water and return to pick up the papers. I'm told i have 24 hours to complete the test. So i lag even more. around 9 i'm freaking watching regis and kelly or something like that, drinking more water, making myself feel all heavy, and at the same time, being pretty freaking nervous... My pee is completely clear at this time. 9:30 i take a multi-vitamin and start calling friends up to see if they could fill up my 4 oz. bottle. I get one friends specimen, stick it in my double layered tightie whities and down more water.. i'm scared about the temperature sinking below 91º so i try to rush to the testing place as soon as i can. assuming i would get there in 10 minutes, i get there in 20.. I arrive there only to wait another 20 minutes in line, needing to pee a freaking river... I start squeezing the shampoo bottle as much as i can to warm the urine up.... I didn't even feel the heat of the bottle anymore.. The guy finally calls me up, colors the toilet bowl water and leaves me be. I pour my friends pee into the cup and proceeded to watch the scale on the side. I thought thought the pee's temp would be super low due to all the time consumption.... The scale starts at 90º and goes up in increments of two. So it goes 90, 92, 94, 96, 98.... each number had a box underneath it.. after i poured my friends pee, the box underneath 90, 92, and 94 turned black until the box underneath 96 turned grey. I rejoice in my head at this minute, but i still needed to pee.. So i released the fury accidentally on the wall, and then re-aimed it into the bowl.. pausing inbetween. I finally get out, and waited a little. As i was sitting, i thought the nurses and stuff were giving me dirty looks.. But i'm paranoid like that.. The doctor calls me and tells me to sign.. he signs and tells me it's to assure the company that he's the person who tested me... i get to leave.. today i got called, and i have orientation in a few days.. all this, just to freaking work.

    good luck to everyone else!
  16. angeltear44

    angeltear44 New Member


    A few people have posted this, myself included so I'll share. I'm 21 i haven't smoked in years. I'm 5'9 140 pds. I smoked on saterday night. Today is tuesday and I passed an at home drug test. So those who had a night of minor debauchery can relax
  17. ticadad

    ticadad New Member

    Below is what i posted about two weeks ago. I never got my result's from the drug screen but i started yesterday so I am assuming no news is good news. thanks for all the insight from all who had posted to my response...

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions for my fellow smokers or ex one's. anyway, i have to take a test for a fortune 100 company. they sent me the form to go take to the clinic, in Long Beach, and on it the type of test is as follows: 5 Panel/THC50 and also Blood Ethanol. can anyone interpret this? Also, anyone know or have any experience with the "UTEST THC" home testing kit?

    Finally, I am about 5'11 and weigh 180 pounds; i work out, surf and run 6 days a week. Up to March 10 I smoked the Chronic everday and sometimes all day for about 5 - 6 years. Basically I have been clean at or around 60 days. any insight. I have gone through some previous post, not trying to waste anyone's time, however could not find any that applied to my specific situation... any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!! thanks...

  18. qtiepie282

    qtiepie282 New Member

    I passed my urine test after not smoking for 18 days. I smoke a bowl or two of mids every weekend or so, sometimes in the middle of the week too (however, about 23 days before my test was scheduled, I went on a binge and smoked several times a day for almost a week). I am female, 19, 120 lbs., avg. metabolism. I took this as pre-employment test and was VERY nervous, b/c I NEEEEEEEEEEDED this job. Basically, all I did was 3 days before the test begin flushing my system out with water and all-natural cranberry juice all day every day. I bought two home tests and took one at the beginning of the flushing and I tested negative, but I was concerned about the accuracy so I kept up my regimin. I took this stuff called X-treme clean in a state of paranoia right before my test, after testing neg. for my second home test. I went in, my urine was a nice mid-light yellow color but it took nearly TWO weeks for my results to come back!!!!! Two weeks of nail biting, but turns out there was a problem in the chain of custody. But I tested negative and I start my job tomorrow. Wish you guys luck.
  19. cascader

    cascader New Member

    Passed my test. Here is how it went. I stopped smoking fifteen days before the test. I'm a bicycle rider, so I kept riding every day, 15-20 miles, up 'til two days prior to test. I went on a diet of oatmeal for breakfast and grilled chicken and steamed veggies for dinner, drinking only water or tea. Two days prior to the test I ate a thick porterhouse steak with all the trimmings. I ended up about fifteen pounds lighter as a side benefit. I was definitely burning more calories than I was taking in. I followed N2's dilution/asperin method closely and did dry runs and self-tested. I did a final self test in my car a half hour before the actual lab piss. It was negative, so I was very confident I would pass. And I did. Hope this info will be helpful to others. I've been a daily smoker for years, usually excellent high end weed. P.S.: I'm glad MJ is my drug of choice because there were NO withdrawl syptoms. :cool:
  20. allwaysaff

    allwaysaff New Member

    neg & pos results from 2 urine tests ! beware mixed results can occur !

    I took 2 tests a couple of weeks ago, passed the one i paid for myself (Any Lab Test Inc./done by LABCORP, 50ng, cutoff) and failed the 2nd/job one(given by concertra/Advanced toxicology Network/ATN was the lab) 2 DAYS LATER...i smoked for 3 days 2 weeks before and drank alot of water before the 2nd test i failed, went in the afternoon after pissing all morning, took vitamins for yellow color, only peed midstream, and drank for days before the 2nd failed test...i cant confirm but suspect the lab did a GC/MS right off the bat instead of an EMIT...beware subsitution is the only way to insure a pass/negative result...I'm 6', 200lbs. and abstained for over a month before the 3 day binge...the postive failed test was a 10 panel screen...

    beware of gaining confidence from a single test, and here are the questions the lab asked me upon positive results:

    1. been in close proxmitiy to smokers in a confined area ?
    2. what meds are you taking ?
    3. when was the last time you smoked ?

    I should have said yes to #1 as I might have had an out or retake possiblity.
    i heard from the employer you can test neg/positive randomly for as much as 30-45 days after...i did everything except substitue the sample and I should have instead of being honest...and i could have as they didnt watch during the pee sample, only had to go into a bathroom that had the toliet sealed and had blue toliet water...

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