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How Many Weeks' Will It Take To Pass A UA?

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  1. Greenbud

    Greenbud Activist

    I tend to be an occasional smoker (a few times a month). I am 5'4", 195 lbs, slow metabolism, a little on the heavy side. On my last pee test (about 1 month ago) I abstained for exactly 2 weeks, drank lots of fluids, did a lot of yardwork, ate red meat for the 3 days prior to the test, and took a multi vitamin the day of the test. I passed!
  2. tph

    tph New Member

  3. delilahjones65

    delilahjones65 New Member

    I Passed!

    I am 5'9" 140lbs and female. I had to take a drug test for a summer internship (one which I had already moved to a new state for). I had smoked 5 days b/f the test and had smoked at least 3x a week in the month before....including an incident with some really potent brownies. I read many posts on this site and found them extremely helpful.
    Since I didnt know where any head shops were in my new location, I bought CHF from GNC. I wasnt really confident with just the drink after reading some of the posts so I also drank about 4 bottles of water during the day of the test and took about 6 aspirin. I waited about an hour after drinking the drink before taking the test. My urine was kinda neon, but they didn't seem to notice. Well my method worked cause I am still working there. I just have to worry about my long summer of abstinance.....I don't want to put myself through this sh*t again.
  4. blackroses

    blackroses New Member


    I posted yesteday to a different thread but realized it actually belonged here so I'll re-post...
    Female, 5'5", 150lbs, slow to normal metabolism, occasional smoker (2-4 times a month), smoked last 11 days before the test.
    I was given a pre-employment test using TesTcup where you pee in the cup and there are read out bars on the side of the cup that tell you if you passed or not (very good for easing nerves).
    All I did was drink a lot of water the day of the test and take a ton of B-complex vitamins. Worked like a charm. Not sure if I would have passed a test that got sent to a lab or not.
    Just wanted to post to say thanks to everyone who posted and to the person (or persons) who wrote "How to Fool the Bladder Cops". All the info I got here really put me at ease.
  5. Speshull_Ed!

    Speshull_Ed! New Member

    6'1" 240 lbs.

    Quick Fix is the bomb diggity.

    didn't have to quit smoking either.
  6. Kenobi

    Kenobi New Member

    I passed the test with 9 days of no smoking afther heavy use
    Id like to thank the boards eveyrbody on the boards thank for postig guidelines everything , Il l tell you waht the y can all burn in hell with their BS drug testing system I beat you ::glob::

    Ill post my schedule on exactly what i did , the dilution method that is
  7. stonerchick

    stonerchick New Member



    I did everything right and it came back diluted...they told me they couldn't get an accurate reading and specifically said not to eat or drink anything 3 hours before the test when I go back tomorrow!!! :bawl: They wanted me to go back today, but I honestly didn't feel very good today and I had eaten, plus the fact that it's a 1/2 hour bus ride. I figured I can go around noon.

    Sounded mildly suspicious too, but not enough to deny me a 2nd chance - I just played dumb. I really hate to say this, but I think they're onto something so I can't just do what I did last week...I went out and bought another home test and I passed "au nauterel" with an extremely faint line. If I hadn't passed I was seriously going to call them and tell them that it might not work out after all. It'll be 16 days tomorrow. Guess I won't be celebrating this weekend the way I hoped and my start date has been pushed back to next Friday instead of tomorrow because of it. :mad2:

    This time, I'm going to do some flushing tonight and get up at 6am tomorrow to do a little more before 9 so that by noon I'll be as good as it'll get - that and a little asprin. ;)

    Dilution works, but be careful out there, and never start up again until you know you're in the clear. I'm glad I didn't, otherwise I'd be screwed.

    Next time, I'll probably curtail my activities big time before I start looking for work and perhaps look into substitution. I hope anyone looking at this has better luck than I, and that faint line comes out darker tomorrow for myself. Send good vibes my way if you would...thanks. :)
  8. 420247

    420247 New Member

    Thank God

    I just recently got hired for an Oil Rig company on the Slope. Of course, they drug test everyone that get's hired...most shifts are two weeks on, two weeks off. I am 5'11", 155lbs, quick metabolism. I smoked pretty much 3-4 times a day around April 24th-June 10th. Stopped for a few days, took some bong rips in my drunken state on June 14th. Stopped smoking and got hired July 2nd.

    Went in around 9am for my the signing of my paperwork, and drank about 64oz of water prior. At 10:40am I took a "magic potion" Ultimate Gold (Follwed the directions of course). At 11:45, I arrived at the urine police station. I took two was instant....she dipped like 6 strips in my urine and stuck it in a box....2 red lines on each strip...passing! She also told me because my job was high profile that it would be sent to the lab in Seatle, and I should get the results in 3-4 business days. I leave for work on Sunday mourning, and won't get back for 2 weeks. I'm pretty confident I'm ok though.

    Thanks for everyone with useful info and supporting this forum, it's awesome. Also, the admins are the coolest!
  9. Hazeball

    Hazeball New Member

    Bad News

    My results were back in two days, positive. Don't rely on stript ec if you're a heavy smoker because I quit for 3 days, ate light, and drank a lot of water and it still didn't work. I didn't expect it to work anyway but I thought they'd test for urine luck and I was too paranoid to try substitution. I didn't see this site until after my test but after seeing these posts from now on I'm substituting.
  10. CathyM

    CathyM New Member

    Hey. I'm 22, 5'7", weight 135lbs. I've smoked pretty much every day with a few off days in between for the past year. A couple of weeks ago I had to take a pre-employment test for a job at Northrop Grumman. I stopped smoking only 6 days before my tests and ate lightly and drank a lot of water and cranberry juice in those 6 days (don't know if that part actually helped). 2 hours before the test I took XXX Clean by Detoxify and drank a few glasses of water. My urine was a little bright but the lady at LabCorp didn't say anything. I finally found out today that I PASSED! YAY! I know a lot of people on here say those drinks don't work, but I'm so happy it worked for me. Anyone know why they work for some but not others? Just curious. I know next time if I have to take a test I'm going for the sub. method.

  11. fightthepower

    fightthepower New Member

    Just took a test at Labcorp. Took GNC Cleansing pills....a bottle and a half, in the week leading up to the test. I flunked.
  12. Buzzkill

    Buzzkill New Member

    Stunned-Positive After 51 Days Off...

    Hey everyone-my first time as a member. I just found this site and forum a week or two ago. Anyway... I knew I was going to have to test well in advance so quit my heavy smoking 51 days before my test to be "safe." Today, I got the bad news; tested positive anyway...?!?! Passed a cheap home test two days before and smoked NOTHING at all for the 51 days. I argued vehemently this morning that it was a false positive and demanded a retest and am now waiting to hear what will happen next.

    Opinions seem to be very mixed on the instant detox kits and potions, so I avoided them and thought that 51 days would be long enough, especially since most charts show 3-31 days for marijuana. I'm off to the store to buy some aspirin and vitamin B-any advice out there? I'll be eating lots of red meat, water diluting day of test, etc...

    Thanks !
  13. illkungfum0ves

    illkungfum0ves New Member

    Hey everyone. This is the second time I've passed a drug test. Same substitution method as before: donated urine in a 4oz. shampoo bottle hidden in 2 layers of tightie whities near my crotch. I also diluted myself with 4 32 oz. powerades, 3 aspirins, a multivitamin, and red meat just in case. The urine test forum has been really helpful.
  14. ThugLife469

    ThugLife469 New Member

    I passed!!!!

    5'11" about 300lbs. Didn't smoke for a little over 2 weeks (used dilution). Otherwise I was a heavy smoker for the past 2 years. Followed IamN2pot's formula and I have a job (I also ate a pack of rolaids about 2 hours before i took the test) :) :) :devil:

    Oh forgot to add that I seem to have absolutely no metabolism what so ever.
  15. Buzzkill

    Buzzkill New Member

    No Retest Granted...!

    Well, after testing positive after 51 days off, my would-be employer rescinded the job offer and refused a second test despite acknowledging that fales positives do exist. By the time I was told this, it was eight days after the original test, so by then I'd gone 59 days without smoking and was feeling pretty confident about a retest, especially after reading many of the suggestions/techniques here (Thanks, everyone...!).

    Now, I'll stay clean until after I start my next job.
  16. sascaj

    sascaj New Member

    I Passed Hallalua!

    I am a female 5'4'' & 135 ibs and have an average metabolism(basically I can eat anything and maintain the same body weight). I Had not smoked pot for 30 days and consider myself a casual smoker (maybe a doobee here & there, but never on a regular basis). I used no Carbo Detox drinks or any other dilution, or substitution method. I was afraid to use the drink because it is a possibility that these detox drinks may cause a "false" negative.. which can be easily detected in urine. I would advise people who are considering these drinks to be careful it is a hit & miss. I am a person who drinks probably a 1/2 gal or more of water on a regular basis, because I prefer water over any other beverage. On the day of the test, i did my normal routine 16oz of coffee and two glasses of water and pissed 2x's prior to my GC/Ms test @ quest lab @ 12:30. A few days later my potential employer called to inform me that my test was negative!!! Now the lesson I've learned is to stay clean.. its not worth the stress, worry, or the risks to lose a job when you know you have children & responsibilities that should come before any hit of a joint. stay clean & worry free, because i know i will!
    guys thanks a million............
  17. puffindown

    puffindown New Member

    Today I went to a lab to get a pre-employment drug screen which was a SAP 6-50 / 2000 w /NIT and used the substitution method. I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while and decided to use the substitution method that is so often posted on this forum. I purchased the URN Luck Quick Fix from one of the many synthetic urine companies that are online for $29.95. THe only thing I was worried about was the temperature issue that goes with the substitution method. FOr the past 2 days I've been practicing and doing my best to get a feel for what the temperature would be after I heated it and after I went into the lab. THe heat source that came with the Qucik Fix did a great job of heating it up quick but I didn't feel comfortable using it because it was filled with some type of charcoal that could be easily heard. So, I went and bought some WellPatch air activated warming pads for a few dollars. These took longer to heat the urine up but remained at around 104 F consistently so I felt safer using them. I'm 32 and believe it or not this was my first time ever having to take a drug test. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I walked in, signed in, sat down in lobby for 5 mintures and then was called to the back. The lady then asked for my i.d., told me to wash my hands, empty my pockets into a basket, which she then placed in a locked cabinet. I then was taken to a bathroom that everyone uses and watched the lady put some tablets in the toilet so the water turned blue. SHe then told me not to flush or use the sink. SHe then closed the door and waited right outside while I did my business. I was hoping she wouldn't close the door herself because I was hoping to lock it but unfortunately she closed it for me. I then took the sample out of my double layered "tighty whities" and thankfully the urine was at 98 F. I poured it into the sample cup and then proceeded to urinate as I normally would into the toilet. Once done ( maybe 2 minutes) I opened the door and handed it to the lady who wasstanding right there. SHe then walked me back to a lab room and asked to verify and sign some papers that she was seperating the urine into 2 viles. SHe then gave me back my things that were in my pockets and I was out the door. Total time in lab/bathroom approx. 15 minutes. Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to let everyone know the process and ease the concerns anyone might be having . Now for the wait to see if synthetic urine works to pass tests like it is advertised to do.
  18. CasualToker

    CasualToker New Member


    Casual smoker (a few times a month), nothing for 19 days prior to test, 6'2", male, 205 lbs. Pre-employment drug screen. Diluted prior to test. Never actually received results, but I definitely have the job, so I passed. I'm hugely relieved, to say the least! Good luck to everyone else out there.
  19. Kbear78

    Kbear78 New Member

    Test results

    I don't feel like re-typing the scenario, but here's the thread:

    I have my first week of work in now, and they haven't said anything, so I think it's safe to assume I passed.

    Good Luck to everyone else :)
  20. cherishtoday

    cherishtoday New Member

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to post that N2s dilution works wonders! I passed my test, although they never told me officially, I have been working now for 4 weeks. Anyway, I smoked on a regular basis, perhaps a bowl three or four days a week up until I found out I had to take a drug test. So upon the day I found out I stopped, and it gave me EXACTLY two weeks until my test day. I could not subsitute cuz I was flying out of town for the interview and drug test/physical. So three days before the test, I drank about 64 oz of tea and about 20 oz of water, enjoyed some steak for dinner and called it a day. Two days before the test, more tea and water, and some more red meat. The day before the test, I loaded up on water.

    12 hours before the test, (I got very little sleep) 3 aspirin, 3 tums, water and coffee.
    8 hours before the test, 3 aspirin, 2 multivitamins, 3 tums, 3 cups of coffee, 80 oz of water.

    6 hours before the test, 2 aspirin, 2 tums, 1 multivitamin, coffee, water and mountain dew

    2 hours before the test, 4 aspirin, 4 tums, 24 oz of tea

    and that was it...I had an upset stomach, but it was not bad, and by the time I got back on the plane I was ready to pass out!!

    I probably over did it with liquids and even the aspirins, but it worked for me, and since I hardly ever take aspirin, I do not think it is going to have any ill effects on me.

    So I passed after being a regular smoker for years, and only two weeks of being clean; by using the dilution method!!

    thanks everyone :cool:


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