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How Many Weeks' Will It Take To Pass A UA?

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  1. Less Than 1 Week

  2. More Than 1 Week, But Less than 2 Weeks

  3. More Than 2 Weeks, But Less than 3 Weeks

  4. More Than 3 Weeks, But Less than 4 Weeks

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  6. More Than 5 Weeks, But Less than 6 Weeks

  7. More Than 6 Weeks, But Less than 7 Weeks

  8. More Than 7 Weeks, But Less than 8 Weeks

  9. Take A Home Test Weekly

  1. Adonijah

    Adonijah New Member


    I drank QCarbo an hour and ahalf before the test, drank another 16 oz of water, pissed 2 times before the test and it came back clean..

    I also took Vitamin B to make my piss yellow-neonish because I drink a lot of water and didn't want to have a problem.
  2. FrankenElder

    FrankenElder Banned

    My results just came back. Clean!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: . I would like to thank Melatonaiea{sorry if I spelled it wrong} and ImN2Potfor there info.

    I was clean for 4 months but I was around smoke heavily 2 days before the test which got me worried. :puker: I go in for my interview tommorrow.
    I am so relieved. :liplick: My future is no longer potentially f*cked! I'm going to spend August on vacation before I start my new career in September.

    Thanks Again :dance: Sieg Heil
  3. tokinloki

    tokinloki New Member

  4. xjessicaxannx

    xjessicaxannx New Member

    lucked out like a bitch!

    i smoked about 4 days ago, had to go in for a pre-employment drug test yesterday. took 2 at-home tests that came up clean but i was nervous about the cutoff of the actual lab test. when i went in to take the test... they swabbed me! ahaha! that was the best stroke of luck i could have asked for. just thought i'd share my joy!

    haven't gotten results yet (takes 5-7 days) but i'm 100% sure that i passed. i really wanted this job too... woot!

    edit: just wanted to say if it wasn't for this board i probably wouldn't have passed the 2 at-home tests and saved my sanity... so thanks! :)
  5. Screech

    Screech New Member

    Just for a little background.

    Anyways passed the test and happy as hell now.
  6. stonerchick

    stonerchick New Member

    It's been awhile since I've posted, but that'd be because I've been busy working... :dance: :chokin: :D

    Thanks to all and I'll stop blathering... :)
  7. betty

    betty New Member

  8. AliciaRN

    AliciaRN New Member

    I passed using substitution!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post. I want to thank you all for all of the invaluable info on here. I began reading this site two wks ago when I got the job opportunity of a lifetime but I knew I would be urine tested for marijuana. Here is how I passed: I bought both the Byrd Labs synthetic urine and the Quick Fix variety (I must say that I had a really hard time getting the site that sold the Byrd Labs stuff to confirm my purchase and send my item, so the Quick Fix is what I actually used for the test.) I also bought a baby bottle warmer that plugs into the car lighter jack at a children/babies store for ten bucks. I had that as a back up but didn't need it because crotching the sample in the bottle it came in with the temp strip on it proved to keep my sample within temp range. At the testing center, I was asked to empty my pockets and wash my hands. Then I was brought to a bathroom with the faucets removed from the sink and blue dye in the toilet. I was told to give 45cc of urine and to not flush the toilet. There was also no lock on the door. I peed in the toilet while pouring my sample into the specimen cup. The sample immediately registered 94 degrees. I opened the door and gave the sample to the lab tech. She filled out some paperwork with me witnessing and I was on my way. Results were reported to my new employer within 48hrs and I received a call from them yesterday to confirm that I would be in Monday morning to begin training!!! So, again thank you all for your help. Also, I was sent more than one urine testing kit in the mail from my new employer by mistake. So, I have on hand the specimen cup with temp strip and all the DOT paperwork that accompanies it. If any of you out there want this stuff so you can see what they will use (DOT approved stuff), email me. I think the specimen cup with the temp strip is of particular use. Thanks again!
  9. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    Great info guys, you are doing a great service for everyone else on these boards. For the future posts, please post the following information:
    smoking frequency
    how long you were clean
    what kind of diet you have
    what kind of workout regimen you followed, if any
    and types of cleansers or drinks/pills used prior to or on the day of the test
    For substitution, the methods you used to keep temperature in check and how you carried the sample
    For dilution, how much liquid you consumed, what kind of liquid, vitamins taken, creatine taken, or foods eaten up to the test.
    Also, if you took a home test, let us know if you passed that prior to your results at the lab.
    Also, if you know what kind of test you took at the lab, throw that in there too.

    Keep em' coming guys! :)
  10. sweetleaf1170

    sweetleaf1170 New Member


    I have passed all testing
  11. eradicator

    eradicator New Member

    Ok, I passed

    Age 33
    weight 155
    Been using for a long time, daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times.

    Have a test tommorow(urine analysis for insurance policy at work)

    I bought a pretty expensive home test kit that I have used before and failed on it. I experimented to see if I could pass by purely consuming much water. Almost got water intoxification by it. Last year I drank 60 oz of water. Pissed 5 times, clear. practicly just water. Took this home test and failed everytime.

    Well today I took the test to see where I stood. I passed! I feel confident I will pass tommorow.

    I sustained for 7 days

    exercised and sweated good in this humid new england weather. About 15 minutes a day. Did this for last 3 days.

    The last 2 days, I purchased Herbal detox (7 day detox kit)from GNC. Took pills and followed directions pretty closely but not exactly. Who can really eat that way?

    Drank a gallon of cranberry juice in 2 days, and drank about 96 oz of water a day.

    Took creatine monohydrate twice a day for last 2 days.

    Took test today and passed.

    Anyway for what its worth , thats what did it for me.

    Cant wait to take test tommorow so I can enjoy my life again.
  12. claypiper

    claypiper New Member

    ... passed ...

    I wish I would have chosen substitution, 'cause I've been sweatin'. I chose dilution, instead, and I have a feeling that I cut it close.

    I passed my test with Big Pharma. Be joyful!

    My thread is here:

    For the benefit of the results thread readers:

    Before I tested I last smoked six days before. I'd smoked for a week leading up to my cutoff, and nothing the week before that. I smoke mexi schwag, usually 1/4 gram a day.

    The day before, I ate two salty steaks and abstained from alcohol. I drank water like a fish.

    After the morning void, I drank water, per S2, about 30 oz at 6:30 am, and gobbled two tums plus 3 aspirin and a centrum. I voided about 15 min afterwards.

    At 7:30, another 24 oz of water plus another pair of tums, a centrum and three aspirin. I voided 15 minutes later.

    At 8:00, I discovered that I didn't have to pee (performance anxiety?) and brewed a cup of coffee. I took another couple aspirin and at 8:10 I felt a full bladder.

    At 8:20 I left for testing and showed up at LabCorp at 8:30. The location was convenient.

    I was asked if I had taken any supplements, and to record them on my chain of custody form... I recorded nothing.

    I was asked to wash my hands using liberal quantities of water and the provided soap. I complied.

    I was asked to open the plastic package containing the sample container and biohazard swab and remove both and place them on top of the chain of custody form. I was asked to verbally acknowledge that I did not believe that they had been tampered with. I complied. I was asked to take the sample container in-hand.

    The nurse walked me to a bathroom that had a taped and bagged faucet and blue-dyed water in the toilet. I was instructed to collect the sample as I voided, but to not wash my hands afterwards. I was instructed as to the proper manner to close the sample bottle (the container, by latching a tab on the lid to the body of the vessel) when finished and left alone. The door was closed and I felt unsupervised.

    I voided and collected a mid-stream sample, snapping the lid closed but not locking the container per the verbal closure instructions. I departed the bathroom and was asked to place the container on the biohazard swab. I complied. I was instructed to appropriately close the sample container without removing the container from the biohazard swab. I complied.

    I was asked to sign the label on my chain of custody form and initial the form itself. I complied. I was invited to wash my hands prior to accepting my copy (3rd layer of a 4-copy form) of the chain of custody form. I washed my hands again and bid the nurse good day.

    That was it. Sure wish I'd substituted and not had so much to worry about. My dog's on phenobarbital for seizures, so I could not use his piss. I passed and am starting in mid-september.

    Thanks be to God.
    Peace and love to my brothers and sisters.
    As Melo sez, "relax and have a cookie". Quit as soon as you know you'll be tested. Don't slip. Quitting is your best friend, as far as the test goes. S2 says test yourself to gain confidence and time the aspirin right. I spent $100 on daily tests and it was all well spent.

    You CAN PASS. Believe it. Your good judgement will not fail you.
    -- clay
  13. striper

    striper New Member

    Finally- a done deal.

    Here's my discussion going into the exam(s) for a huge job-- the first new job in many years and a welcome and needed change.

    Basically, I decided to go into the test using the dilution method but I apparently did not take enough salt with my Gatorade. As my link showed, I was passing home test for a week before going in BUT I HAD to make sure I passed so I diluted to make sure. Followed N2's recipe but I think I did not add anough Salt in the process (did Creatine 72hrs before and daily after and took aspirin) so I came up dilute. My test was with Labcorp and they allowed me plenty of time and privacy to give a sample for my pre-employment test. In the back of my mind, I felt the worst case for me was to end up Dilute, see the environs of the test and, worst case, have to come back and do it again knowing what the layout was. Well, I was dilute and I had unfortunately hit the pipe (I was confident of passing after 2.5 weeks) a few times just 2 days before hearing I had to re-test, and pronto. Luckily, I had planned for this 5% risk and I had the Urinator and their mix ready at hand. Told the employer that I would take the retest immediately and I went home, mixed up the synthetic, packed it into my trou and hobbled into the exam. The temp was good at delivery (96 degrees) but my nerves were so bad that I nearly spilled the sample after dropping the cap in (when they say Practice-- do it!!!). That all said, 2 days later I get the call and I pass. This is a GREAT day and I must thank Mel and N2 and this Forum for helping me through. Sadly, the whole experience and stress was so shattering that I've sworn off the weed for good but I'll end by saying (and agreeing with others) that the Urinator and Substitution are fantastic and a good way to go for those who MUST pass.
  14. tpopton

    tpopton New Member

    passed home test

    height: 6'2"
    weight: 200
    metabolism: slightly above average

    i had smoked for about 2 months straight 2-3 hits every day in the late afternoon, found out i probably had to take a drug test in 3 weeks so i abstained and just today tested myself with pharmatech's home testing kit after 19 days clean. well i passed (2nd void of the day, still very yellow), but i definitely did my work to clean out. as soon as i heard about the test i went to an increased workout rountine (before that i was a lazy ass for about 3 weeks straight) of an hour and a half of cardio training everyday along with mild weight lifting every other day. so there you have it, even a big guy can drastically cut down clean out time by literally just sweating it out. good thing i had a lot of lead time, but i hope this helps anybody who thinks that they are stuck on the upperbounds of those clean out times simply because of their size. peace
  15. mcs80

    mcs80 New Member

    I Passed My Story

    I found out on a Thursday that I would have to take a drug test on the following Tuesday ... The last time I had smoked was on the previous Tuesday... so this left me with a week exactly. I pannicked for a quick sec... came on the board did some research .... and went to work ! I started excersing like crazy .... drank a **** load of water and restricted myself to a "healthy diet" i.e. no fatty foods. Two days before test stopped excersisng but continued to eat healthy. TEST DAY ... drank a 1.5 L bottle of water and a Q-CARBO at 9:30, peed about six times. By the time I got to labcorp my pee was very pale yellow ( I was a lil worried about dilution) .... but I had no choice so I did my thing in the cup ...and handed it to the lady ..... FLASH to Today WED. GOT THE CALL FROM HR " UR CLEAN WHEN CAN U START?" So there it is ladies and gentelman ... thanks to the board for all the informative info.

    BTW - I def don't think the q-carbo did anything but help me to be more diluted.

    Later - A happy camper :) stats F/5'4/140lbs
  16. korsell

    korsell New Member

    passed with eradicator

    I recently used Eradicator urine additive on a lab test after not smoking only 5 days.. its the same thing as clean-x and fooled the test.. i reccomend buying it to pass a short notice un supervised test :liplick:
  17. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    Weight: 150 lb
    Height: 5'8
    Metabolism: Above average, not completely sure
    Excercize: 4-6 times a week, atleast 30 minutes a day

    So I took a test yesterday, I was 11 days clean from smoking. Before that I had been smoking about once a week, usually a bowl or two but sometimes a lot more. Anyways, I drank 64oz. of water in the hour before the test and that was it, didn't bother with aspirin or anything else this time.

    I passed it with winning colors...
  18. kerryp

    kerryp New Member

    I passed the test after 10 days clean and some minor dilution. Just a few cups of coffee and a little cranberry juice. I felt pretty confident because I'd taken a couple of home tests first and passed. But the wait was still nerve wracking. Glad that's over!
  19. EBFKD

    EBFKD New Member

    2 days before test

    Height 5' 10"
    Weight 155,
    Estimated metabolism - medium to high
    Extremely casual smoker. maybe a hit off a bowl every few weeks - sometimes I go months.

    One toke on a joint Friday enough to feel effects. Forgot about test on Monday. Oh SH*T.

    Passed Home test on Sunday

    Passed home test on Monday

    Drank some big glasses of water and sampled mid-stream. No dilution routine.

    Passed real test

    ****** For anybody contemplating substitution - It would have been incredibly easy to do at this site. The people were casual to indifferent. The bathroom was four walls and a locked door, very private. She did check temperature though - but just a quick glance*******
  20. runner

    runner New Member

    Did not pass test using GNC QCARB(puri Clean)

    Hey I took the pee test and failed. I was clean for 4 days and drank the Qcarb(puri clean) from GNC. Followed directions exactly as indicated. They do not work, at least not for a chronic smoker like me. Maybe I needed to be clean longer 4 days. :redhot:

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