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How Many Weeks' Will It Take To Pass A UA?

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  1. chroniclouduser

    chroniclouduser New Member

    I passed off Probation Party Tonight!!!!!!

    :):D:hail:Thanks so much to n2 dilution guide and to Ruckus much owed to you both. My story was 1/4 day user 4 days till test smoked until 48 hours before and loaded with water, aspirin, and creatine-YES had to use bathroom every 5 minutes. Anyway passed test with flying colors Party tonight. And thanks guys for being my support.:mj:
  2. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Good for you chroniclouduser! Party on!
  3. element420

    element420 New Member


    So felt it necessary to post results used n2 dilution method and it works. I have to also mention this is best method because no substitution required (I am military) and I get watched. I smoked 3 grams of some high quality and used n2 method tested 11 days later and I am assuming I passed (been a month). So many thanks to n2.
  4. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Good news.
  5. altitude

    altitude New Member

    72 hours!

    Weight: 160 lbs.
    Body Fat: 10-12%
    Metabolism: extraordinarily high
    Frequency: 2-3 times per year
    Sex: Male
    Age: 30

    I was in my best friend's room on Sunday morning, smoking a J. I had smoked 4 joints with him (maybe smoking about 25% to 1/2 of each) that weekend. Before that weekend, I hadn't smoked in over 4 months, and before that it had been maybe a year.

    I had a job interview on Wednesday, and I just assumed that there was no way I'd get tested for another 3 weeks or so (because I'm an idiot). Even so, I stopped by the head shop and bought the applied sciences permanent 5-day detox. It made me piss about every 30 minutes and gave me diarrhea twice a day.

    After the interview, they told me that I had to go take my drug test now. I think my facial expression didn't change, but my heart rate about doubled. I knew I was fucked!

    I said that I had been holding it for a long time and I couldn't wait any longer, so I pissed right then.

    When it was time to take my test, I couldn't go. I drank a ridiculous amount of water (probably over a gallon in about 90 minutes), and I waited. While I sat there, I thought to myself "There's no WAY I'm going to pass this thing!"

    When the time came, the lady asked me if I was sure "If you can't fill it up, we have to dump it out and do it again!" I thought to myself 'that's a pretty good idea!' So, I got in a contortionist position and pissed what felt like 1 quart on the side of the bowl so it wouldn't make any noise, I then filled the cup to just below the line. I came out and said "Is this enough?" She said "I don't know..." tried to pour it into the two containers, and replied "No, it's not enough." I apologized and said I'd go drink some more water. She said "Don't drink too much, you can only have 10 [8oz.] cups. (I had already had at least 15).

    I drank a lot more water and waited until I had to go again. I finally went. I pissed most of it in the toilet first, then filled the cup to just above the line, and finished in the toilet.

    When I gave her the sample, she said it looked pretty clear and if it was too dilute, they'd make me take it again. I hoped that they would make me take it again in a week, when I knew I'd be clean!

    I immediately went to the drug store and bought a home test. (athome from Walgreens) It said that the cutoff was 50ng/mL, which is pretty standard from drug screens. I rushed home and took the test with my very next piss, and I passed!

    I wasn't convinced that I was safe, so I kept on using the 5 day detox(I had only finished 2.5 days so far), and abstained. This morning, I got the offer letter for my new job, and it stated that they had received confirmation that I passed my drug screen!

    This is not typical, but it is humanly possible to pass after a couple of days if you are a VERY infrequent user, and are very skinny. I will note that I drank so much water before the test that I suffered from water intoxication. I felt drunk, my vision blurred, my limbs were shaking, and I felt sick. It sucked, but it paid off. Drinking too much water can be dangerous or fatal, so be careful; and most importantly NEVER smoke if you know that you have a job interview anytime in the foreseeable future! Be smarter than I was.
  6. backslash

    backslash New Member

    We'll see......

    I'm not feeling very confident here, but we'll see. I did a lot of home tests, so I guess there is a chance things will work out. If not, it'll be a good idea of the shortcomings of home tests.

    About Me:
    I'm 5'8", 200lbs, muscular, but could drop about 20lbs... Metabolism is good, but I had an accident a few weeks back and have been sedentary for awhile, but had been active prior to that. I think I'd be considered a casual user - normally a couple times per week, with about 2-3 hits. Prior to the long weekend, I'd been toxin free for about 3 weeks, but over the weekend I had about 3 hits per day Friday through Monday.


    I was advised several weeks back that I had to take a pre-employment drug screen. Went out and bought a Detoxify 5-Day cleanse and by day 3 was comfortably testing negative on at home tests. Couple weeks went by and on the day of my test, just to be safe, I took a Detoxify - Green Clean (their "most powerful formula yet"). Being that I'd been testing negative for over a week, I was pretty confident that I would pass the test and I didn't think I'd done anything that would yield a dilute result. To be safe, I've also been taking Creatine HCL for a couple weeks and have took aspirin and tums before each test. The test the first time was a Quest Diagnostics 6633n sap 10-50 gc ms.

    Sooo.... over the weekend, as I mention above, I had a few hits per day for 4 days straight (DUMB). Got a call early this morning that my prior test had been diluted and I had to test TODAY. My job is pretty flexible, so I bought a bunch of at home tests from a local shop and a bottle of Ready Clean and a bottle of Purified Brand - Puriclean Instant. I wanted to set a baseline, so I chugged a bottle of Green Clean that I had left over, waited a couple hours, and tested. The first test (THC only) came back with a VERY faint Test line, which should mean I passed. Worried about another dilute, I also picked up a bottle of Creatine Monohydrate, rather than the HCL. I figured that if I took it without any carbs (exactly the opposite of what bodybuilders do), I might be able to get it into the urine faster.

    I figured that every hour counts, so I pushed the test out as late as possible to around 3:30pm today. I took the Puriclean Instant and Ready Clean at around 2pm, waited 45 minutes, and took another home test. Again, passed with a faint line. Also, since the Puriclean was 32 oz and the Ready Clean was 16 (and I drink a lot of water anyway), I only added another 16 oz of water or so before the test to try to avoid another dilute result. Also loaded up on multi-vitamins, a multi-mineral, aspirin, and some tums.

    Went to the test site, completed my test around 3:30-3:45. I was a little concerned that they might change to a more rigorous test, but it was the same 6633n sap 10-50 gc ms that I did the first time. After the lab, I immediately went to Walgreens where I bought a 12 panel test that also checks pH, Specific Gravity, Creatine, and common additives like bleach. Test came back as a pass, although the THC line was very faint, but definitely there. The ONLY thing that was outside of normal range was the SG, but the pH, Creatine, and Nitrite levels were normal (and I didn't put bleach or anything in my urine).

    I'll post my results when they come back, but for now, I've got a couple questions;

    • Any experience with the Quest 6633n sap 10-50 gc/ms - if the initial test is a dipstick type, I think I might be safe.
    • Any insight on the "faint line" dilemma? For example, would a faint line on the EMIT (if that's even applicable) cause the gc/ms test, or to labs generally adhere "any line is a pass" philosophy?
    • Experience with SG and Creatine levels. I've heard as long as I get ONE of these I'm okay. My SG was below the normal range, but creatine levels were in the upper range. pH and Nitrites were normal as well...
    • How to raise SG? - Do I just
    • Thoughts on Creatine HCL vs. Creatine Monohydrate? HCL is the latest and greatest with a high bio-availability. I wonder if using Monohydrate, which is very inefficient and mostly gets peed out, could have helped on the first test.
    Wish me luck.....

    Mod note: This is the results thread and your questions will not be addressed here.
  7. bigdaddymj

    bigdaddymj New Member

    passed my test

    Hey all first time poster here, new member. I recently was offererd an amazing new job. Luckily they had about a 3 week lag between telling me I would get an offer and getting the offer. I had a urine test at quest diagnostics. I was a heavy user, for past 12 years or so. I was clean for 27 days, and passed with just very very light dilution. I had been taking at home tests for about a week before the test, getting faint lines every time, even on my first piss of the day.

    I am 6 feet tall, 300lbs, and was very concerned that due to my weight it would stay in my system even longer. I got my results back today, all negative.

    Hope this can help others who are as stressed out as I was prior to my test.

    Good luck to all, start my new job on 9/19!
  8. user no more

    user no more New Member

  9. functioningstoner

    functioningstoner New Member

    Passed using dilution

    Hey everybody. This is my first post on the site, but I've read through the forums many times. I passed my drug test by diluting this week and felt compelled to share what I did.

    I'm 5'11" 165 lbs, 22 yrs. old. I'm fairly active, i don't work out at all besides playing basketball about 3 times a week. I sweat like crazy when i do though. I've smoked about an 8th a week for like 6 years. I smoke about .5 grams a day. At the time of my test I had been clean for 5 days. I had been drinking a lot of water but I neglected to load up on creatine because it wasn't exactly an option at the time. (I was visiting my girlfriend at grad school in some hick-ass town). I had been drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to my drug test but nothing outrageous. I started the dilution process 3.5 hours before my test.

    11:30 AM - Drank a Myoplex protein shake
    12:00 PM - Drank 16 oz of water, 32 oz. Yellow Gatorade
    1:00 PM - Drank about 16 oz. Water
    1:30 PM - Took one B-Complex Vitamin. (1000% daily value)
    2:00 PM - Started drinking another 32 oz. Yellow Gatorade.

    I started pissing a lot about 20 minutes after I drank the first water and the gatorade. And at that point my urine was very clear.

    My test was at 3 PM and I drank only about half of the second 32 oz. Gatorade by this time.

    The test that I took was a 10 panel dipstick test I believe (I'm not totally sure, It was a dipstick with about 10 different colored boxes). The urine that I gave the woman was not necessarily yellow, but it was yellow enough. She wrote down the various "levels" of whatever she was checking for. I saw that the specific gravity of my urine was 1.01000 (Threshold was 1.003-1.0300 I believe). I think that the gatorade provided me with enough salt to pass this portion of the test.

    I heard back from the woman today at about 2:40 PM (Roughly 24 hrs later) saying that everything checked out and I start work tomorrow.

    I was very surprised to hear that i passed, because I didn't think I followed the directions well enough (no creatine).

    5 days clean, and before that I was an everyday user. So there is hope for you all. I haven't taken a hit of weed yet since finding out I passed, and i'm heavily debating whether I should or not. I want to, but part of me also wants to stay clean for a while, just to prove to myself that I can. (I'm sure i'll blaze later) hahah THANKS EVERYBODY THIS SITE IS AMAZING.

    Peace and love

    PAK :D:gleaf::bananaride::p
  10. ganjafish

    ganjafish New Member

    "The Extra Stuff" doesn't work.
  11. youngbux

    youngbux New Member

    aaaahhh yeeeaaahhh

    to anyone who cares...i got negative dilute...which is exactly what i wanted because this company accepts negative dilute as passing. yippeedee doo. fire it up!!!
  12. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Congratulations and we should all be so lucky to work for a company with that wink and a nod.
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  13. Nancy Laplante

    Nancy Laplante New Member

    Female sub pass - and a note to those who overthink the plan

    This is my 2nd successful sub for a pre-employment test so I want to share my most recent story. I hope it can make someone feel better about the big day.

    There are very few instances where you will be observed. Those instances don't pertain to a standard test for a job. I was going for a pre-hire test for a defense company, so you know this wasn't something anyone was taking lightly. In both times I've had to do this for a job, I got a bathroom with a door, and enough time and privacy to do what I had to do.

    The tips about putting ANYTHING in your "ladyparts" not only sound uncomfortable, but possibly unsanitary. Why go through any of that when all you need is to be calm and confident? And, practice every piece of the process until you have it cold in your dreams.

    My donor is a clean friend, and I received enough that there is another batch in the freezer that may come in handy over the next year of its usefulness. My donor is a guy, btw.

    I'm not a big gal on top (small C), but was able to use a 3oz travel size (empty) bottle from Walmart (why do people buy sanitizer, etc. and rinse it out when for $2 you have a properly-sized instrument clean and at the ready?). I placed it under a breast using a regular T-shirt bra, and wore a lose-fitting sleeveless blouse and brought a sweater as I expected to freeze like you do at any doctor office. If you're like most women, then the sweater pups are not exactly equal in size; I used the smaller breast to hold that extra bulk.

    Because I took my own pee temp beforehand, I knew what *my* "normal" range needed to be. I also spent time beforehand testing the cooling rate of heated water in that bottle, chronicling degree changes every few minutes so that I knew how long it would take to go from X to Y. I stopped at a coffee shop up the road from my destination, warmed up my donation with warm water kept in a Thermos, took a final temp of my travel bottle, stuffed it and adjusted, and drove to the testing facility.

    It would have taken at least 5x longer to extricate my donation from my hooch than it did to grab the bottle, pour it in, verify the temp, and put the empty bottle back where it had been staying. 3 oz is more than is required but to be fair, you know in any other pee situation you're giving more than what is asked - honestly, no one just gives a sprinkle when the regular doctor asks!

    My bathroom had a mirror so I was able to check to see there was nothing lopsided in my shirt. I exited, and handed the woman that sample as if I made it all by myself.

    I never once asked my employer or the testing company about my results. Didn't need to. No clean person asks, and I knew my donor was clean.

    I did make one critical mistake, and that was attempting to flush the toilet. It's an automatic response, and I am still pissed at myself for overlooking something so simple and small but could have warranted an observed collection should my lab tech thought I was doing something fishy. She wrote "accidental" and I guess it was good enough for everyone - even though I did freak out and post here. But, I did not set a mental reminder to NOT flush, so of course it was off my radar as I was zipping up and getting ready to get out of there ASAP.

    Write down every step of the process if you have to, to be sure you are confident when you get in there. Test temps, test pouring, get comfortable holding the cup and putting the bottle cap on and back in your bra. Don't flush the toilet!! :)

    Just don't feel that you have to go 007 with your sub (and your ladyparts) as the lab tech is less interested in being a vigilante for drug testing as he/she is in getting another customer out the door. Be polite, dress like a lady, and never once let on that you have any thing to hide, because you don't. Cokeheads, alcoholics...those who can hide serious drug use with 3-4 days' abstinence are what you should fear most, Corporate America.
  14. Ccac0709

    Ccac0709 New Member

    Substitution went wrong...but guess I got lucky!

    Well had to take a drug test for pre-employment last Tuesday for a very well known IT company...and knowing this ahead of time I had a plan lined up already (friends clean urine). I had it down to a science after much practice. Well of course the morning I had to take my test this dude is nowhere to be found so I got desperate. While sitting at my desk waiting for some miracle to happen I figured I'd ask an aquaintance from the office...screw it ya know.. What did i have to lose at that point..using my own was NOT an option (daily smoker of very high grade, an abstinence is NOT an option as well). So anyway this guy actually agrees to do it..... was on the spot and this dude could only get me 1 1/2 oz or so.... Naturally I'm freaking... Test is in an hour and all i have is this amount that won't fill the cup... So what do I do? Top it off with tap water ( I know dumbest move in the book)... Well anyway I crotched it... Went down took my test...sent to Labcorp...and after 6 excruciatingly stressful days (including the weekend and columbus day) the call that all was clear!! Seen alot on here about your doomed if water is added and it an automatic neg-dilute.....well they are I won't promote it but if your in a jam and it's your last resort you might just have some hope... Now time for a bowl....
  15. xiiooo

    xiiooo New Member

    so today i had a drug test for fresh and easy. a urine test. after considering my different options [fake piss, subbing, or diluting/ready clean], i decided on a combination of diluting and ready clean. honestly, i just didn't have enough time to practice subbing and quite didn't trust the fake piss. i've heard from a number of good sources&read good things about the ready clean even though i know some people think that detox drinks don't work, but i decided to try anyways. also because i had already bought it before i read n2's dilution guide. anyways, i drank about two gallons of water over the weekend. i wasn't informed of the drug test until my interview and they are trying to hire me i think as soon as possible. so i drank water all weekend and took b complex vitamins.
    i can't remember how much water i drank today and i also drank gatorade. i took the ready clean at 1pm and followed directions how it said. drank water 15 minutes later and then just drank water until i left for the lab. i peed about 4 times before i went to the lab. i sipped on gatorade on my way to the lab. i took my test roughly at 2:18pm.
    it was an interview out of the blue so i stopped smoking when i found out that i was going to be tested. the last time i smoked was friday night.
    i'm really hoping that i pass, it'll change my life for a cool minute. what do you guys and gals think??

    i will be posting results soon! the girl at the lab told me that it would take about 72 hours to get to fresh and easy.
  16. xiiooo

    xiiooo New Member

    my test came back invalid. i think i have to retest. at least it's not a positive though. i'm trying to think positive:]
  17. Quattro

    Quattro New Member

    I went, I subbed, and I passed! Thanks for all of the advice guys. I read and read and practiced and practiced! The practice made a world of difference. This was my first time subbing and all went well. The knowledge I gained here was priceless and has not only benefited me but also others that I know!
  18. posting_results

    posting_results New Member

    Passed Concentra ATN Labs 10 Panel with dilution

    So I had a pre employment screening test on Wed which I was told about this past Monday by my future employer. I smoked on Fri, Sat, and Sunday and almost everyday before for the past 9 months. I am not a heavy smoker, I smoke a bowl or two at night of very potent cali medical stuff.

    So anyways I am freaking out since this is my dream job and in the job description there was no mention of having to pass a drug test and in the three interviews I had they never mentioned a drug test. I was sent an email on Monday from the HR department asking me to take a drug screen at concentra, I didn't reply to the email knowing I had just smoked the day before and would most likely fail. On Monday night I started drinking about a gallon of water per day and eating very light meals and taking super vitamin b complex and asprin and creatine monohydrate. I had passed several drug tests year and years back and I didn't remember the exact method I used so I read this forum heavily and used part of the N2 dilution method.

    Tuesday I went and bought Vale Detox 1 Hr formula for 38 bucks from the local head shop which I know is just vitamins and creatine and using dilution but I wanted to make sure I passed. (Side note I had also done some partying over the weekend with some other drugs which are commonly tested for).

    Wednesday the HR dept called me and asked if I had gone to take the test yet and I told them I was on my way to the test place. I drank the vale's 2 hours before the test and also had bought a walgreens at home thc test which I took an hour before the test which I passed with a very faint line. Went to concentra and took the test which took about 30 mins altogether with paperwork and waiting.

    Today I received a call from the MRO to confirm that my test had tested positive for amphetamines (I take 30 mgs of adderall daily which I am prescribed) and while I was on the phone with them they called the pharmacy and confirmed my script and said they would call my employer and tell them that my test results were negative.

    The test I took was a Ndot 10 panel urine will all review and they must have also done a ms/gc afterwards to confirm the adderall but none of the other chemicals came up on the test. I havent slept in the past two night since I was so stressed out but I wanted to share this since this forum was so helpful to me before I went to bed. Oh and I am a 26 yo male, 5' 11" weight 171lbs and have a good metabolism. Good luck to everyone else!!!!
  19. Gforcebond

    Gforcebond New Member

    I stoped smoking 2 1/2 days b4 i got dropped. I'm 5'10 weigh 210 pounds. Metabolism probably not the greatest but I do workout almost every day i just don't eat like i should. I kind of present a unique case b/c i haven't smoked for most of my life. I literaly started smoking about a month and a half b4 i took the test but during that month and a half i smoked almost every day (5 days a week) but over that course of that entire month smoked about 1/4. So it was only a couple hits a day. I drank a lot of water and worked out the day of the test. and took slo Niacin in large doses during the 2 1/2 day period up until the test.
  20. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

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