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How Many Weeks' Will It Take To Pass A UA?

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  9. Take A Home Test Weekly

  1. marlredbro

    marlredbro New Member

    I passed! Test came back negative after being sent to the lab.. too close.
  2. zarith

    zarith New Member

    Result: Pass!
    Method used: Dilution
    Last time smoked before test: Some resin ~36 hours prior.
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 150
    Metabolism speed: EXTREMELY fast. I'm the kind of guy who can eat McDonalds every day for a week and not gain a single pound.

    Well, the test was kinda sprung on me and I had been smoking some resin each night before I went to sleep for about two weeks prior to the test. Diluted with maybe ~70oz of liquid starting three hours before the test (a combination of gatorade, water and green tea). No creatine, no b12. Waited about two weeks before I finally got the call... passed! I don't know if I got a dilute and they accepted it or if I got a straight negative but I got the job. I scoured this whole thread looking for somebody in a similar position to me and got nothing, so I'm hoping this post helps somebody out.
  3. chocomoco

    chocomoco New Member

    Thanks to this forum and many many others I passed using dilution! I had to take a pre-employment drug test. I'm about 200lbs female, have smoked everyday 4-15 bowls a day for past 8 years, slow metabolism, but I do have an active job currently. this job just popped up and I didn't know they drug test & do a physical until the day I had the interview. thankfully I was able to schedule the drug test 13 days out from my interview due to my job schedule at the time. I stopped smoking immediately and went on a HIGH fiber diet. I slaved over the computer reading everything I could find about passing the test... from the sur-gel method, to dilution, to substitution. I figured I would substitute given I have been such a heavy smoker, but after reading into it, I realized that having a physical and having to drive 40 minutes to the facility I'd have an issue with substituting. so I went for the dilution method.

    the first 8 days I took fiber supplements and only ate things that were high in fiber, tons of veggies and fiber one bars, and lots of cranberry/grape juice. didn't eat any sugars and only had one big meal a day as to not put on more fat cells. I also took a multi B vitamin supplement so they were constantly in my system.

    5 days up to the test, I started eating lots of red meat and as much food as I could stand to eat, full of sugar and fat and red meat.

    night before I drank about 64oz of grape juice to start flushing my system and get into the habit of going as frequently as possible. I was up every hour going to the bathroom peeing my brains out, then would drink probably about 5 oz each time I did that.

    the day of the test (yesterday) I woke up at 6am and peed, then drank 10oz of water and peed again
    8am had a 15oz java monster energy drink that has coffee and b vitamins in it then peed shortly later
    9am had a 20oz vitamin water that had vitamin bs in it and took 4 aspirins then again peed
    11am-took 2 more aspirins
    11am-12pm had about 60oz of water and cranberry juice (would have a glass of juice, then a glass of water- would rotate between the two) would pee about every 15 minutes then soon as I peed I'd drink another glass
    12pm- had half of a sandwich, couldn't really eat anything as I was feeling very full of fluids and kept peeing every 15 minutes.
    1pm left for the clinic, had another 15oz java monster energy drink on the drive there. ended up peeing as soon as I got to the clinic in the waiting room. and had a vitamin water with b vitamins 10-20 minutes before giving my sample, had it in the room drinking it while the nurse was taking my blood pressure and getting my medical history for my physical, then she told me to stop drinking it because of the drug test- but soon as she left the room I finished it off.
    2:45pm -giving the sample was terrifying- I've never given a pee sample before and was having a hell of a time peeing on demand. and of course I wanted to only give midstream pee, so I peed for 5 seconds into the toilet and then put the cup down to catch the rest. I had a hard time filling it up to the 50ml that they required. I was in there a good 5 minutes trying to fill that damn cup up to that mark and finally gave up. luckily they had enough, but I was freaking out as everyone says only to give midstream and I had given midstream but also the end of stream too. I was certain I failed, my pee was a golden yellow and it didn't look diluted at all. and just an added note as I was trying to find some reference on the web to this issue and couldn't find any so I'm adding it incase it will help anyone- but I was on my period and was freaking out about that too as THC is in the blood stream and I was scared that if I got some blood in the stool that that would hurt my chance of passing. luckily that was not an issue wearing a fresh tampon.
    after I collected my sample I brought it to the nurse and she made me sign it and sign another paper and she put it in a bag and told me to go back to my room.
    I had my physical and was nervous the whole way through it. The doc asked me if I have an addiction to pain meds, which I thought was odd, but now thinking about it, maybe all the aspirin I took showed up on the test some how- but maybe not. I asked him when would my employer get my results and he said end of day (which was only 2 hours from the end of my appt) so they must have just done a dip stick test instead of sending it to a lab or doing any high tech tests.

    I got the call this morning right away saying I passed all my tests and I can start in 2 weeks. so I just wanted to post my story as I found it extremely helpful reading all of the posts on here and what people did so I could form a plan and follow it and prayed that it worked and luckily enough it did. and being the heavy smoker I am I really doubted that I would be able to pass the test, but dilution does work and probably the aspirin helped as well. but who knows, I'm just happy it worked and wish all of you good luck on your test!
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  4. Warrant

    Warrant New Member

    I wanted to make an account here and personally thank N2 and everyone on here for the helpful tips using the dilution. Thanks to your help, I have secured a job at one of the most prestigious institutions on the East Coast and I couldn't have passed my pre-employment screening without you guys. Thank you so much. I owe it to you.

    Victory blunt here I come! Peace.
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  5. GottaPass!

    GottaPass! New Member

    Hey there guys and gals. Today I had a urine test at LABCORP. I used a friends clean urine and kept the temperature between 90-100 degress. I used a rinsed out QuickFix container so that I could see the temp strip. Snuck it in between my legs. No blue dye in the toilet. The tester didn't even check after I had left the room. I will update if I have actually passed asap!
  6. Singing Praise!

    Singing Praise! New Member

  7. Singing Praise!

    Singing Praise! New Member

    OK I passed! Used the fake stuff and it works. This thread has been a big help!
  8. Jmyara

    Jmyara New Member

  9. totheclouds

    totheclouds New Member

    Had been clean for 39 days, as well as did N2's dilution method, and I PASSED!!! I had a victory bong bowl right after the phone call.
  10. EllieLikesToToke

    EllieLikesToToke New Member

    I just recently had to take an eScreen eCup eReader urine analysis for a job. It is because of forums like this that I passed my drug test, so I want to share what I did with you. I can't guarantee that my method will work for you, but hopefully some of my information helps benefit someone out there.

    Age: 19
    Weight: 128 lbs
    Gender: Female
    Metabolism: Average
    Last time smoked: 1 week before the test (my hookup was out of town). Before that week, I was smoking a few bowls a day everyday.

    What I Did:
    Day I found out I had to take the test- I took 1 niacin every three or four hours. This totaled to 3 niacin in a day. (I took niacin because I heard this is supposed to flush out the THC from your system.)

    The next day- I took 3 niacin, 9 creatine tablets, 1 vitamin B complex, 1 aspirin, had steak for dinner, and started to drink a lot. (I was planning on diluting for my test, which lowers your creatine levels. The tablets and the steak worked to increase my creatine levels. I took 1 vitamin B complex to make sure it would color my urine, so it wouldn't look like I diluted it. I took aspirin because I heard that aspirin can trigger false results on some drug tests.)

    The following day (test day)- Four hours before my drug test, I started to drank 1 gatorade, had 3 creatine, 2 aspirin, and 4 tums. I think about forty minutes before my test, I took 1 more aspirin and 3 vitamin B complexes. 20 minutes before the test, I downed another gatorade. Throughout the day, I drank A LOT of water. I drank as much as I could without feeling sick. (If you dilute, the specific gravity of your urine decreases. The gatorades and tums were to increase my specific gravity.)

    Five business days after my test, I heard from my job that I could start the next week.

    Here's a link to all the supplements and vitamins I used. I got everything from Walgreens.
    2) Creatine-
    3) Tums-
    4) B complex-
    5) Aspirin-
  11. sassy42

    sassy42 New Member

    I know this thread is for results, and I certainly will post my results when I get them. But I can't stop panicing. I have been smoking for a couple of years now, for the last 2 everyday, but only about 1/8oz a week, sometimes more, but usually just an 1/8 a week. I am going back to a part time job I used to have, and stopped smoking with 5 weeks before my test. That was last Sunday I stopped. Drunk this Saturday I decided to smoke a small bowl. I will have just about 29-30 days still until my test, although I'm mad I could've had more if I didn't smoke Saturday. I'm about 5'2" female, 150lbs, used to be athletic, but don't work out much. Although I am starting today (not because of the drug test). By just working out and drinking lots of fluid, does anyone have an opinion as to whether they think I shouldn't worry and will be fine with 4 weeks of time? It's for a hospital, and last time it took a couple of days so it must go to a lab. Thanks for your help!
  12. WeedGeek

    WeedGeek New Member

    I'm a chronic user and I passed my UA with three days cessation using N2's dilution/aspirin technique.

    I learned Friday of need to take a UA and couldn't get more synthetic, so I went to the local drugstore and got some B2, Creatine supplement pills, and Aspirin. I began creatine loading that day, up to test day, the following Monday.

    I drank a lot of liquids, mixed Propel with Calcium powder in every third glass of liquid, ate a ton of B2, Took two doses of 4 Aspirins within 6 hours. I also ate a bunch of bacon.

    They tested me with a special 5 panel, self contained test cup called Express Results. This test checks for adulterants like Bleach and stuff like that, but I don't believe it can test for dilution. The B2 helped with that for the nurses visual check, but the cup doesn't check creatinine or spec. gravity, I don't believe.

    I ended up getting an email from my new employer saying they got the results and I start Wednesday, so I must have passed.

    I posted my WHOLE STORY here, if you care to read more/ask questions.
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  13. sassy42

    sassy42 New Member

    In addition to wondering if anybody thinks it's possible I'll pass, they hospital said they mail the results out (which is interesting they dont' do it there with all of their labs). Does anyone know what this means or if it means my chances are slimmer being clean for 4 weeks? THey want me to come in sooner, but I'm too nervous.
  14. RockyRocket

    RockyRocket New Member

  15. GawdNowWhat

    GawdNowWhat New Member

    Stopped smoking May 10. Had a job offer at the place I interned ( a major healthcare system). Took a home test June 4, and came up negative. Took another home test June 19 and came up positive, so I took another home test using the same brand I used on June 4 - positive. Was able to put off a pre-employment drug until this week. Followed N2's dilution method exactly this past Sunday and did another home test. Positive. :( Not sure what's going, but obviously this method doesn't work for everyone. I did smoke daily for many years - amounting to 1/8 - 1/4 per week. So sad that I am giving up this awesome job opportunity. I don't know how ya'll are able to pass, but so happy for you guys!
  16. chills423

    chills423 New Member

    I am on probation, and smoked one very small hit off of a vaporizer (indoor dutch treat) on Friday evening 6/22 with a test on the 28th.I have been clean for 2 months testing negative.Before my forced cessation, I was smoking every day probably around 7 grams/wk.I have been smoking for around 10 years daily. I cut down significantly while using a vape from my previous blunt method. I knew the cannabis consumption was a bad idea because I receive weekly drug tests,but I was drinking thinking f it. I am 6'1 150 pds and have a very active metoblism.I work out 3-4 times a week, weights/cardio. I have been doing extensive research on whether or not I am going to pass or end up moving to some unnamed destination.....The preceding days before the test I worked out every day and drank copious amounts of water. I also take fish oil daily along with a multi- vitamin. I started to eat dried cranberries along with my usual water consumption( I typically drink a g/day). It has been a week; I still haven't herd anything from my PO. I have a meeting with him on Monday. Hopefully I piss clean. Everything which I have read seems to indicate a 3-5 day window. Considering I took my test on the morning of 6th day with a lot of water 2 large cup fulls + water fountain at office/ 4 cups of coffee/viatmins in the morning, I am hoping I will continue to be free. My urine was clear with a yellowish tint from my daily fish oil/vitamins.I am wondering what the cut off ng for probation UA typically is? I know the federal guidelines are 50ng/ml. Another thing to consider is the unstable nature of the THCOOH molecule. My PO does not refrigerate the samples. Something I find to be extremely stupid. But I am not one to help out any type of law enforcement. I know THC is not water soluble, but drinking water increases renal function therefore increasing your excretion rate.

    Hopefully I am a free man next week.....
  17. chills423

    chills423 New Member

    Well I passed; For the record I am 27, age is a factor with metabolism obviously. I would also caution against substitution. Part of the reason I am on felony probation for an oz, is that I was kicked out of a first offender drug diversion program for attempting to subvert a test. I made the mistake of not practicing with the monkey dong prosthesis; I had trouble unhooking the valve which caused the woman observing the test to freak out and run into the bathroom. Needless to say nothing was definitively proven. But I did 10 days in prison over this mess.I lost my job and was thrown into cell with a pedophile...Not fun; Anyway, I am going to pack up my volcano until this probation BS is over. It is not worth a year of my life, which is what I am facing for any violation. GL everyone and remember to educate yourself,vote and speak out against America's draconian drug laws.
    Free the leaf!
  18. chills423

    chills423 New Member

    So I found the name of the laboratory that my urine screens are sent to, and have been doing some research. I would highly recommend reading through this companies website.Still not going to risk it but very informative.

    THC Retention Time

    • Infrequent (less than twice/week) Smoking: When screening assays of 50 ng/mL or greater are used, urine samples will generally be positive for 1-3 days.
    • Regular (several times per week) Smoking: May result in urine specimens testing positive for 7-21 days.
    • Chronic (daily) Smoking: An individual who smokes marijuana daily for prolonged periods of time can test positive for 30 days or longer.
    • Oral Ingestion: Metabolic profiles in urine samples cannot generally differentiate between marijuana ingested orally versus marijuana ingested by smoking. However, oral ingestion requires approximately three times more THC than smoking to produce similar effects or "highs"; therefore, visual detection of the marijuana in the ingested item would seem reasonable, thus ruling out unknown consumption. Retention time of orally ingested marijuana ranges from 1-5 days.
    • Passive Inhalation: In general, routine passive exposure to marijuana smoke will not result in a positive result for cannabinoids in excess of a 50 ng/mL screening cut-off.
    When marijuana is smoked, THC is rapidly absorbed through the lungs and enters the bloodstream in minutes. Following oral ingestion, THC does not reach the bloodstream for approximately 1.5-3 hours. Once in the blood, THC is bound to blood proteins and carried throughout the body where it is either absorbed into body tissues (including the brain, heart, and fat) or transformed by the liver into the water soluble metabolites 11-hydroxy-THC and carboxy-THC. These water soluble metabolites, are readily excreted into the urine, with the inactive metabolite carboxy-THC being the predominant metabolite detected. Initially, THC is quickly absorbed into the body tissues and then is slowly released back into the blood stream where it is carried to the liver and metabolized. Because THC tends to be stored in fatty tissues, it accumulates faster than it can be eliminated in chronic repetitive smokers. This leads to extended retention of THC which is then eliminated from the body at a relatively constant rate with an average elimination half-life being estimated at 18-30 hours. Urinary concentrations of THC are very difficult to interpret due to variables such as dosage of THC ingested, frequency of use, timing of urine collection relative to last exposure to marijuana, rate of release of stored cannabinoids in adipose tissue, and an individual?s hydration state. Therefore, the detection of THC metabolites in the urine is only an indication of past marijuana use and is not related to the degree of intoxication or impairment.
  19. Huh

    Huh New Member

    Passed using N2 dilution method! It didn't get flagged as dilute. LabCorp. 7/2012. Refrained from smoking for greater than 2 weeks, less than 3 weeks. This is after 4 years heavy use.
  20. Janegame

    Janegame New Member

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