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How Many Weeks' Will It Take To Pass A UA?

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  1. Less Than 1 Week

  2. More Than 1 Week, But Less than 2 Weeks

  3. More Than 2 Weeks, But Less than 3 Weeks

  4. More Than 3 Weeks, But Less than 4 Weeks

  5. More Than 4 Weeks, But Less than 5 Weeks

  6. More Than 5 Weeks, But Less than 6 Weeks

  7. More Than 6 Weeks, But Less than 7 Weeks

  8. More Than 7 Weeks, But Less than 8 Weeks

  9. Take A Home Test Weekly

  1. Wild_Girl88

    Wild_Girl88 New Member

    Ok so I just wanted to come back to this site and give some people hope as they worry and go crazy over passing a drug test for MJ....

    About a month ago I got selected for a random drug test at my job. I was pissed off of course because I had been smoking weed for about 3-4 weeks straight so I knew wouldn't pass the test. I am a daily smoker, probably a joint a day. Anyway I only had 4 days to figure something out and I was freaking going nuts!!! Then I found N2's Dilution method and decided that was my only option. So to make a long story short I had about 3 days clean, followed N2's Dilution method and PASSED!!! This was a make or break situation and if I failed the test it would have really fucked up my future because of the field I am in. I thank God, and N2 for the Dilution method! :)
  2. worried_one

    worried_one New Member

    What do you all think? One line or two?

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  3. LovetheRope

    LovetheRope New Member

    I just passed an eCup with QuickFix!!!
    Temp 96
    Batch P6L-12

    This makes 2/2 with QF!!!!

    Now excuse me while I go pack a Bowl!!!
  4. awesome-o

    awesome-o New Member

    Was about 50 days clean, had a pre-employement piss test at Quest. First time diluted too much (I think) and it came back inconclusive, next time only hadabout 24 oz 2 hours before test (water and green tea) and passed. Before that smoked every day, then was clean for about 2 months, then smoked every day for like a week. Female, 5'2, 140 pounds, almost to exercise but drink redbulls every day (speeds up metabolism)
  5. kbtoys24

    kbtoys24 New Member

    Hey i got random drug tested today at work they do one on the spot and send the urine out to the lab .
    i smoked yesterday like 2 bowls so i thought forsure i was screwed
    she did the one in front of me and was like ya you passed , i was shocked she was cool i told her i smoked so she said ok well lets do a second one just to make sure . And i passed that one to .
    so im wondering if im gonna pass the urine lab test they send out? those home drug test are pretty accruate right ? and i passed two of them in front of her im 5,5 120 pounds male
  6. asiankid

    asiankid New Member

    sorry i realize this is a results page but it seemed like there were the most people on here. I am 5'10" 170lbs and have an above average metabolism. I exercise (high intensity cardio) about 4-5 times a week. I have passed drug tests before but this past one is freaking me out a little more than usual. It's been 2 weeks since i last smoked and before i quit i had only smoked a gram over a span of 5 days. I didnt do anything special just drank more than the normal amount of water. Do you think I will be clean?
  7. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Wish I could be more specific asiankid. The best thing you can do at this point is to take an at home urine test first thing in the morning with first urine of the day and see what kind of results that gives you. Keep us posted and best of luck!

  8. fifedog

    fifedog New Member

    I have compiled various methods from the internet and found a method that has been successful Everytime for me. I just passed a test with 22 hrs notice after smoking daily for 3 weeks. I start with a liver and gall bladder cleanse via 1 cup olive oil down the hatch f ollowed by 4 tablespoons Epson salt and equal amount of sugar in water. That removes the metabolites from the liver and colon. I drank a pot of coffee and a picture of green tea. Then a good scrubbing in the shower. Next I soaked in the hottest bath I can stand mixed with 3 cups Epson salt, 1 cup baking soda, and sea salt for 30 minutes. I really scrubbed that in without soap. Get out and sweat. Dry off without rinsing. I slept three hours. Went to work drinking rockstar 2x (DOUBLE CAFFEINE). That has creatine and b vitamins. Altogether I pissed 35 times and cleared out my bowels ten times. I got a test from the drugstore, gave it midstream, and passed. I went to the office and pissed for them with confidence. I passed. I am mid thirties 210 lbs. Also on test day pop baby aspirins, I ate a total of 1200 mg spread out over 6 hrs.
  9. fifedog

    fifedog New Member

    This is not a method to repeat regularly. It's meant for cleaning out in a hurry and staying clean. If you like playing games you will get caught. Fly straight n narrow, not high n wide. Good luck fellow stoners.
  10. CountessCrunch

    CountessCrunch New Member

    Found out on Tues about a pre-employment Quest test today. I'm fairly certain it will be a no go.
    cranberry, water, B vitamins and multi vitamin. Drank the Stinger 5X, but think I might have over done it. It was pretty clear - just a hint of yellow. I am taking 2 antibiotics for UTI, so I'm hoping it might be enough to ask for a retest. I brought my scripts with me, but the collection facility didn't take any information. Haven't had to take a test in 15 years, so I'm sure my methods were more than questionable. Supposed to start on Monday, so will probably be fired on my hire date. Sucky. Sucky. Sucky.
  11. ernist1

    ernist1 New Member

    re-posted to right page I hope.
  12. ernist1

    ernist1 New Member

    I PASSED :dance: read alot of stuff about how to do it and what the test really were, it made for a very hectic week and half not knowing weather or not it was a Hoex on some of what was being said... went through many forums as well.. thank you to this site because I went with my heart on it.. and ended up clean anyway.. the question I had asked in another post didn't even go into effect took a double thought and said no if I don't pass on my own it's all my fault , this will teach me to be a fool and I assure you it won't happen again..... clean ,clean , clean , oh and for those who may pass a pre-employment test using some of these methods please remember some place require another test after your 90 days is up.. forewarned and FYI............. SO KEEP ON FLUSHING ANYWAY POSSIBLE AND STAY CLEAN TILL YOU ARE SET AND HOPE AFTER THIS THERE ARE NO random test........
  13. automaticmike

    automaticmike New Member

    How many days were you clean before you did this process??? thanks!!!
  14. legalizeitnow1

    legalizeitnow1 New Member

    can someone please help me out with this? It cost me my job awhile back. I cant understand why it went to the second lab test if i was under the initial 50ng cutoff. Also i posted earlier and it disapeared. Can anyone explain why i failed the first 50ng cutoff and then read 33ng on the mass spectrometer?

  15. legalizeitnow1

    legalizeitnow1 New Member

    after thinkng this through a little more, i think they may have had two seperate samples? so i basically had a 50/50 chance of them using the lower 33ng sample first. i dunno... and i wonder what the wct in a circle on the bottom right stands for?
  16. ladybirdj

    ladybirdj New Member

    So here we go again. I have to drop in about 31 days. I am going to get the same 5 day detox as I did back in April. @dave do you know how long you have to stay clean for before you start. I know I got clean in 12 days last time but I wont be cutting it that close again.
  17. medicalsmoker

    medicalsmoker New Member

    Well just passed two at home drug tests yesterday and today after 23 days of abstinence. I honestly thought it would take longer since I smoked every day in the evening and sometimes multiple times a day on the weekends for almost 2 years. Just thought I'd give some hope to those that are trying to get clean after smoking daily. However, I am 5'11 and 150lbs. so that probably had something to do with it. I also have crohn's disease which means I go to the bathroom much more often than other people. Don't know if that had anything to do with it or not.
  18. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    hey ladybird, how are you? how long has it been since exposure? have you done an at-home test yet to see if you're passing that? fill me in!
  19. tawinkler

    tawinkler New Member

    , 2012 On Thursday, 11/15/12, at 4pm I was given a random drug test. I immediately drank a magnum detox 32 oz. Followed by as per instructions 32 oz. Of water. On my way to the lab I topped twice to use the bathroom (peed very little but it was extremely concentrated). When I got to the lab bout 5:15, I was given more water to drink because my first sample wasn't large enough and was discarded. The second sample was collected at 5:38. After leaving the test facility, I peed two more times. I then stopped and bought a first check home test which clearly showed a negative result. The next day I stopped and bought another test. Using the second pee of the day, it showed a very very faint negative result. The website for the lab is showing test results in at 11/17/12 6:23 am, but no other info is provided. Im 5'8". 145 pounds. Slim build with a high meabolism. I smoke 1-2 grams of dank on the weekends. The 32 oz magnum detox is labeled for over 300 pounds
  20. ladybirdj

    ladybirdj New Member

    hey dave. well I had 5 days clean and then smoked and then stopped. I was pretty much smoking an 8th a day. i purchased the 5 day kit again it isn't the same one as I had before but well see. dave do you know how many days clean I have to have before I start it? it's the one that has a few pills to take at night the day before you start the actual cleanse and then some different pills at the end but it's the same diet guide and everything.
    Also I just was at the doctors today and was put on steroids for messing up my back and inhaler for my cough. this kind of throws a wrench into things. I have the option of switching my date and leaving January 8th to give my back time to heal. Very torn right now I do not want to have to switch my date but I'm very conflicted as to whether I will pass with

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