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How Many Weeks' Will It Take To Pass A UA?

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  1. In2Herb

    In2Herb New Member

    Hello all,

    Lets start off with my body type
    38 Years old 5'9 185 Lbs Athletic build, Muscular, High Motab
    Occasional smoker 3-4 times a week..Never more then 1 hit every few hours for 22 Years, I did quit for about 6 months 2 years ago but started smoking again cause honestly i enjoy it :)

    Last time i smoked was Nov 12th 2012...Drug test was Today Nov 26th 2012 Urine pee test, I did the
    dilution method 2 days before the test, drank plenty of water, took aspirin, tums, cranberry juice, coffee and ate a giant prime rib steak that was damn good i might add :) I was told at the lab it will be 24 hours
    for my results, the sample was yellow but light and i even asked the lab tech if this is ok and he said it will be just here i am sitting on the seat of my pants hoping and praying everything checks out..I did take a home test 6 days ago just to check and even used the first morning void to see where i stand, it was a negative and i didn't even try to dilute it, was a straight up honest sample, although the line was very visible is was slightly faint compared to all the others (6 panel home test that cost $29.95 from Wallgreens)....Cross my fingers that this goes over well for me, will post results as soon as i get them.
  2. In2Herb

    In2Herb New Member

    Update...Passed and Start Monday Dec 3rd...My god where my nerves shot.....This board truly saved my future, I decided to stop smoking for good....Thanks everyone soooooooooooooo much for all your advise

    Total 15 Days clean, did a home test at 10 days clean and passed...Started drinking a ton of fluids, I did no exercise during the 15 days clean...Also drank Rinosan tea for 3 days up to the test (Detox Tea purchased at a mexican market for $2) I swear after the first 2 glasses i was stoned, it made me feel like i just took a big rip from a bong, very weird, it honestly worked and must of removed the toxins and flushed my blood stream or something, but i have never experienced anything like that before.
    Plus the tea will give you serious diarrhea but will flush you out, not an uncomfortable diarrhea if theres such a thing.

    1 day before test i started following NTs dilution method, less the Creatinine, I stopped the tea..i eat enough red meat so i skipped this part but followed everything else 100%, now my home test already said i was clean but still wanted to be sure...I passed

    I really think the Rhinosan tea will help, I got the information from an old mexican man that swears by it and my god it cleaned me out and gave me a nice euphoria, weird but awesome....Good luck all

    To the Moderators
    Not to be disrespectful but you guys need to get more help, 48 hours to get a post approved and some even longer, tons of people with serious questions hoping for some insight and there post is pending moderation for 2-3 days, by that time it's too late
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  3. Tsunnamie

    Tsunnamie New Member

    Quest test with Dilution technique.
    Here are my stats:
    Male 40yo 265lbs 6' i am guessing slow metabilisom
    My situation.
    Smoked about an 8th a month for 6 months stopped (Ran Out Oct 18)
    On Nov 10th I found a very small amount 2 packs in my one hitter. Smoked it
    On Nov 21st found out I had to take a drug test for pre deployment for a new job with quest diagnostics on Nov 26 at 245pm.
    I immediatly found N2's thread and bought GNC Creatine 189 tablets, No flush Niacian, Time released B12, One a day Multi vitamin, Certo and a Stat Royal Flush Drink. I also bought a few at home first Check test kits.
    How it all went down.
    Day 1 Wednesday (Day I found out)
    Panicked found this site got my ingredients and started with creatine 4 a day and Niacin 2 a day and just generally drinking more water. I always take muti vitamin and B12 daily
    Day 2 Thursday
    Panicked and continued with Creatine Niacin and water
    Day 3 Friday
    Panicked more did a dry run drinking water and tested myself with test kit very faint line.
    Day 4 Saturday
    Same Creatine Niacian and no real water tested myself FAIL
    Day 5 Sunday Panicked
    Creatin Niacian dry run with water at home test faint line.
    Day 6 of test Monday morning
    Totally panicked
    0700 Drank royal flush and aspirin Creatin and a Niacian
    0800 started drinking Gatorade slowly
    0900 Took b12 and multivitamin niacian and calcuim tums
    1000 started in on gatorade 32 oz gatorade with 2 teaspoons salt
    1100 continued gatorade with salt muti vitamin and Certco
    1200 Continued gatorade with salt milti vitamin and b12 peeing every 20 minutes and it is as white as could be.
    1300 continued gatorade with salt multi vitamin and crushed b12 peeing every 20 minutes still color returning to urine.
    1400 continued with gatorade with salt and stopped on way to test and peed tested pee with at home test and had great solid lines urine was yellow
    1435 or so 1st pee after stoping to test myself 30 minutes prior at site and gave sample color was great and left for home.
    1515 got home and tested myself frist time peeing after test at home test did not work no thc or control line no nothing.
    1600 home self tested next urnine void again pee still yellow and great lines
    Day 7 Still panicked Tested myself at 3pm after doing nothing failed
    Day 8 today still no word and I am panicked.
    I calculated everything from when I woke up at 0600 I drank the below amounts of liquid and at minimally
    1 can diet coke
    6 32oz gatorades with 2 teaspoons salt each
    maybe 18oz water
    1 stat royal flsuh
    1 envelope of certa
    If the test is comes back dillute or inconclusive and I am allowed to retest I will SUB I have been praticing and have it down real good. A freind of mine who has never soked is driving with me to the site and I am going to get his 3 oz sample near by and go straight to test.
    My questions about subbing.
    Will they treat me differently for the second test?
    Can I test at a different site? the test is for Quest but they dont have any here so I just go to collection a site. The site by my work where my coworkers said would be very easy to sub at?
    Do they test the Urine for a DNA match against my previous urine?
    Any ideas of when i should here about my initial test it has been 42 hours since the test?
    Please any advice or thoughts would be great i need to read something that will help me relax a little.
  4. In2Herb

    In2Herb New Member

    Tsunn I stopped smoking on the 12th and was tested on the 26th, i was freaking out also but remained calm...N2's method if followed 100% has had amazing results, i did everything but the Creatine and avoided the large intake of salt and passed, how close i don't know but a pass is a pass, if in fact your test comes back diluted depending on the place that may hire you a re-test is possible but not all companys allow it, based on the information you provided, time you stopped smoking + amount + your body type and based on all the information i read on this website it's very possible you might be ok...I do think you went overboard on the Royal flush / long as your urine is not diluted i would say you have a fighting
    chance of passing and if it does come back diluted and you are allowed a retest follow N2s dilute advise 100% or sub....relax and keep cool
  5. Tsunnamie

    Tsunnamie New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I am hopefull of the pass since I had great dark solid lines on the First Check tests Viod immediatly prior to and following the lab test. The results line where the best I had seen since I started testing myself 2 weeks ago. I am more worried about the dillute. There was a bunch of us testing and the hiring company expects to hear bu tomorrow. I will post my results.
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  6. In2Herb

    In2Herb New Member

    I had a faint line on my test results and passed the lab test, so yours is looking even better then mine, let us know
  7. Tsunnamie

    Tsunnamie New Member

    Hello all,
    I PASSED!!!! Thank you all for the advice and support. I wanted to let you all know my result because I found it frustrating when I was reading all the people asking questions and never giving the reslt.
    Below is what I did.
    Thanks Again

  8. Magnetman

    Magnetman New Member

    I passed my ecup rine screen. I am post #1636 in the dilution thread. I want to thank N2, ToxicJim and everyone that posts here I learned alot and was able to overcome this hurdle. I started work 2 days after my screen and havent even had time to "properly" celebrate. Anyway thank you all and Merry Christmas to you may the New Year be an even better one.
  9. Skittler

    Skittler New Member

    Wanted to share my results here in hopes that it may help some folks later on.

    I interviewed for a very good State Government position several weeks ago, and finally got the call on Monday with a conditional offer of employment. One part of that condition was to undergo a UA and Physical at a local hospital. Needless to say, I was very nervous. I wasn't sure if I would be observed or monitored (because it was a govt. position) and I assumed the test would be more intricate than a simple strip test since it was being conducted at a hospital. I was also nervous because, though I planned on subbing using QF, I wasn't sure if the UA would come before the physical so maintaining temp for a possible extended amount of time was a concern.

    Before I left for the hospital, I placed the QF sample in the microwave for 8 seconds and then rubber-banded a toe warmer (found at any pharmacy) to the bottle. I had practiced doing this many times before this so I knew how long it would take to get to the acceptable temp range (90-100) and then, how long it would stay there. I cannot emphasize how important it is to practice this before the actual test. Remember that QF can be re-heated many times, so don't be afraid to experiment with getting it right. It will make it much easier when the actual day comes. I then placed the bottle in my crotch and it stayed there by wearing 2 pairs of boxer-briefs, like I had practiced.

    I get to the hospital, fill out some basic paperwork, and within 30 minutes, a nurse calls my name and leads me to the bathroom. She then tells me to wash my hands and, while I'm doing that, she places a blue dye in the toilet. After that, she simply handed my the cup and says not to flush or use the sink until she gives the OK. I didn't have to empty my pockets or anything like that. I enter the bathroom, pull the 3 oz. QF bottle from my crotch and noticed the temp was a bit too high. I simply blew on the top of the bottle for a minute or two until the reading for 100 degrees started to turn green. The cup has the the same exact temp strip as the QF bottle, and I knew that transferring the liquid to a different (i.e unheated) container would help drop the temp another degree or two. I poured it, and the temp was right around 98 degrees. I then actually peed into the toilet (mainly because I had to as I had followed N2's dilution method as a backup) and walked out and handed her the cup.

    First thing the nurse did was check the temp (still around 97-98) then put a strip of some kind in there. It had a bunch of seemingly different color sections on it, but I never found out exactly what it did. At this point, I'm expecting her to prepare it to be sent off to a lab, but instead she puts the sample into a machine of some sort that apparently does the whole thing right there in a few minutes. I tried playing dumb and asked what the machine tested for and all I got out of her was "it tests for drugs and stuff like protein and other levels in your urine". I didn't get a good look at the machine, though I did notice it had a small old-fashioned LCD screen that had a progress bar and timer counting down to zero. Once it hit zero, a small piece of paper prints out with the results. She didn't say anything, so I was still a bit nervous, though starting to feel better.

    After a bit more waiting, a doctor finally calls me and leads me to a small examination room for my physical. I had to strip down and put on a gown, so I was very lucky that I had my UA first, as the only practice I did maintaining the temp was holding it in my crotch for a few hours at a time (as opposed to being in my pocket, which would've been necessary during the physical). She comes back in and proceeds to inform me that my "Urine test looked good and was negative for any drugs". I almost hugged her. I tried playing dumb again and asked her what the test exactly tests for and she just said it was a 12 panel drug test. I then asked if I would need to wait for any confirmation from separate lab results and she said they only send samples to an off-site lab is when the original test shows up as positive. That was it. She did the physical, congratulated me and sent me on my way. This was arguably the most relieved I have been in a long time.

    So, my advice for those planning to sub is: practice, practice, practice getting the temp right and then remain calm on the day of. Whether your using someone else's sample or QF, you will be OK as long as you get the temp right and remain calm. Dress well, be polite to the nurses/collectors, and act like you have nothing to hide. Because you don't. I will try to check this thread on occasion in case anyone has any questions. I know that people in this situation can be scared, nervous and frustrated (I certainly was) but boards like this are an invaluable asset, so take the time to read through the posts and you'll learn a lot. I certainly did.

    Thanks very much. Best of luck.
  10. ToxicJimTHC

    ToxicJimTHC Member


    WTG soul very happy for you! Sorry been away out of country in Singapore the last month setting up a power plant back now to help out! Trust us souls we can help you get and get you that pass :) Just ask and give background good 2 be back! Smoked some dank shat in Sing.
  11. Mukumbi

    Mukumbi New Member

    I passed!

    See post 1642 in the N2 Dilution thread. I passed following N2's method to the letter.

    I used Gatorade, with a 1/4 teaspoon of salt in each. And I ate 4 tums in the 4 hours leading up to the test. I followed the method exactly, no more no less and passed. N2's method works strong in 2013! And thats for a 25 ng/l test. Good luck one and all......
  12. ToxicJimTHC

    ToxicJimTHC Member


    Way to go soul! Enjoy life and be you. If people read and follow the advice they will pass np. We not only help souls pass but clean thier bodies up time permitting just read the current posts and follow N2's advice of dilution day of test.
  13. Rob555

    Rob555 New Member

    Quick Fix (5.7) worked for me. Had a scare with the hand-warmer, maybe it was old, but it barely kept it in the temperature range for 3 hours, not the 6 hours advertised on the packaging. The temp strip on the specimen cup only read 90 degrees! I was instructed to leave it on a counter and left alone. It stayed on the counter for five minutes before someone came to look at it. I guess they weren't that concerned about the temp??
  14. Luvsmaryjane

    Luvsmaryjane New Member

    Hi all. Figured I would post this for informational purposes. I am going to be looking for a new job as soon as I can test clean. I have the luxury of waiting it out, so I will not be using dilution or other techniques; just abstaining from smoking.
    Backround: I am a 45 year old male with a slow metabolism and few extra pounds in the form of a beer belly. Probably about 20 pounds overweight. I have been smoking daily for the last 30 years with most recent consumption being about a 1/4oz of high grade every week out of a pipe. My exercise activity is low with an occasional bike ride or moderate walk. Diet is fair with healthy meals, but alot of chips/snacks and about 2 sodas a day. Last smoke was on Jan 6 2013. Have not changed anything in my lifestyle other than the daily tokes of Maryjane. Well actually, I'm probably drinking more beer now that I can't enjoy the maryjane. I am 29 days "clean" and still tested positive this morning (first void of the day) using a one panel test strip that I bought on Amazon. There was a very very very faint line in the test region, but it is barely visible so I'm interpreting it as positive result for THC. Will test again in another 5-7 days and will continue to do so until test is negative. Will update this thread in a week or two with the at home test results. Thanks to all that have posted on is a wealth of information. I just decided that my best route to a clean test was time since I have the luxury of waiting it out.
  15. Lenny2

    Lenny2 New Member

    I'm thinking it's going to take around 60 days. Maybe more. If you would have started working out(cardio) the day you quit along with eating high fiber/low fat you might have gotten it to around 30-45. But for the chronic it does take a MINIMUM of 30 days. Usually around 60 without any diet/exercise change. Let us know. But also keep in mind the lines on the home tests aren't nearly as scientific as the labs. Now that actually works in your favor since they see a number and that cutoff is usually 50ng. Now if you got a 48ng reading you would pass but that line might not be visible on a home test. Definitely don't use a early pee and definitely drink at least 16oz of water before the test. 16oz won't flag a dillution but it will "dilute" the numbers some. I'm seriously thinking the N2 dilution methods works. And with that I can really see companies switching to hair tests only very soon. They are getting much cheaper and are way more effective. Hopefully the adoption of MJ across the states happens before that does.
  16. Mind=Blank

    Mind=Blank New Member

    I'm a sinner but I need a chicken dinner!

    I wanted to share my experience with the dreaded UA for all that helped me. THANK YOU!! Your input was invaluable and the information I gleaned here helped me to pass, pass, pass!!!

    First of all I am female, 38 years old, 5'6 and I weigh 127 lbs. Average metabolism and average body fat (call me Goldilocks) When I began the fun (ha!) of sweating a drug test for a job I had been a heavy smoker for five years straight. Never missed a day and I blazed high quality herb from a metal, heavily resinated bowl. Today I have been clean twelve days.:eek: I passed my UA on day 10. I am not going to smoke until my first day on the job, so I am still sober (but NOT FOR LONG!!!!) :guitar:

    The UA was an ecup/escreen administered by Omni in New York. They sent it out so I had no clue I passed until the job called today and asked when I could start (I'm supposing that means I passed).

    On February 8th got a call for the job I had submitted an application for never thinking I'd get a call back. Well they called and I quit smoking that Sunday, February 10th. Immediately I began to panic. So much so that I could not eat. Four days went by. Those days I spent researching how to pass. Subsitution was never an option for me. I have a nervous disposition and crappy luck and I did not want that stress on top of the stress of possibly not passing. SO dilution was the way to go. Little did I know the not eating for four days probably helped more than I know. I do not advocate not eating. Please eat. But I freaked and when I did start to eat again (Valentine's Day) it was a nice big juicy steak. That night I tested with an at home CVS test (First Check) and failed. For the next five days I ate red meat as often as I could. I did not supplement with creatine or vitamins. I did not water overload in those days. I did not exercise a lot. The night before my test I drank two full glasses of half and half (the stuff you put in coffee) and ate two Hershey bars. Then I ate two whole boxes of the 'conversation hearts' Valentine's candy (sugar is the glue that makes fat stick!) I heard that a glass of 2% milk has as much fat as a small McDonalds fry, so half and half was quadruple that and my point in doing that was to add 'clean' fat to the THC riddled fat already on my body. The morning of the test (Tuesday Feb. 19th) I had my normal two cups of coffee and ate a sausage McMuffin with egg, hashbrown and the McDonalds milk (which is 1%). After that I ordered a 'sausage only' and scarfed that. When I got home (at about 11:30 am) I took 2 multivitamins (the gummie kind for adults :D ) and I began to drink water until I voided clear. Then when the voids began to turn vitamin yellow I took another CVS at home test. Faint line indicating that I passed (not a ghost line, a bit darker than that.) I decided it was now or never so I went to the testing facility. Before I left I drank more water and filled a travel glass with water and drank that on the way. When I got there (It was at about 1:30 pm) I was asked to put my purse in a locker and was told to wash my hands. I was not watched. The toilet had blue water and there was no sink. I used my mid-stream and gave the sample to the 'nurse'. She proceeded to pour the sample into two plastic vials and sealed both with a bar-coded label and I had to initial each. I -very innocently- asked if I passed. She barked in return, "Your employer will get the results". So I asked if I was done, washed my hands again (finally!) and walked out. Today got the call! So I am convinced because I lost 6 lbs. not eating then gained 6 lbs. (probably all in fat and red meat) I passed, along with dilution. It can be done. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!

    :soapbox: Soapbox time: When will pot become legal Federally? WHEN WE VOTE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.



    Thanks again and you'd better believe that my chicken dinner tastes GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!! :dance:

    Peace and chicken grease fellow tokers :)

    Feel free to ask me any questions as I now consider myself part of the family here and want to help other as I was helped here.
  17. Luvsmaryjane

    Luvsmaryjane New Member

    Updating my previous post. I tested again at home on day 36 and there was a very faint line, but more visible than previous test. I still concluded it would be a positive THC test if I was applying for job. Tested again on day 43 and there was a faint line visible. At this point, Im guessing it could go either way if I was to test in the lab. Tested at home again today (day 52) and the line was darker than in the past 3 tests. Im concluding that I am now probably safe to start applying for jobs. By the time I get interviews and then tested, I should be past 60 days clean. So Lenny was right, it was about 50-60 days before my system cleaned out from chronic use. Ill take Lenny's advice and drink at least 16oz of water the day Im tested in the lab and make sure I test later in the day. Can't wait to get a job and then blaze one up ! =)
  18. IPass

    IPass New Member

    I'm 5'6, 120 lbs, athletic build, high metabolism.

    I had to take a drug test on the 11th. I stopped smoking on the 7th (as in I smoked on that day) so I had Fri-Sun to get clean. Today is the 16th and I haven't heard anything. I e-mailed my supervisor to ask about my schedule. He let me know to come in on April 9th at 7:00 am. So with that being said I'm assuming that I passed.

    To pass I exercised, drank charcoal (which was enough to pass) and drank ReadyClean just to be on the safe side.
  19. sublimelaxer

    sublimelaxer New Member

    I have attached the my home test pics. Do you think I passed a standard pre-employment 5 panel test at Labcorp? I am only worried about thc test as I haven't touched anything else since college.

    Background info
    • 6'0 210lbs heavy wide frame (played linebacker) not fat 33in waist
    • Lift weights every other day
    • 34 days no pot whatsoever. In last Days 45-34 smoked 3x 1-2 hits each time. Previous to 45 days smoke 2-3x week 1-3 hits each time off hotbox vape.
    • Stopped working out over weekend.
    • Passed 5 home tests. 2 first void of day. 3 taken at my test time to practice dilution method.
    • Today consumed at least and probably more than gallon of fluids by lunch time. 32 oz fluids after lunch time. I did not want to come off as negative-dilute. This was enough that my voids were light yellow and I was voiding every 15-20 min all morning and afternoon.
    • Gave test sample midstream I'd say about 25% before cup 25% in cup 50% in toilet.
    • Test was Non-dot urine test 45ml
    Please let me know what you think.
  20. helterskelter1958

    helterskelter1958 New Member

    Greetings, for the last 66 days I smoked a total of 20 days with 46 non smoking days, approx 4-5 hits per day. It broke down like this: 14 days no smoke then 7 days smoking then 16 days no smoke then 12 days smoking with the last 17 days no smoke with a drug text on day 18. I did two doses of creatine the night before the test with an additional dose of creatine the morning of the test. I also took 4 aspirin with 16 ounces of water first thing in the morning with an additional 32 ounces of gatorade with two teaspoons of salt. This was followed with another 32 ounces of gatorade which I divided into smaller amounts drank everytime I urinated. I also took approx 6 tums. I pissed first thing in the morning then again once the fluids started kicking in. On my third void I collected a small sample to personally text later. I then pissed on more time and then reported to the testing facility for the actual test. Once the test was complete I went and purchased two testing kits. I used the previously saved urine and tested it with kit #1 which also tested the creatine and specific gravity. The test quickly showed negative, man was it fast, less than a minute, however, the creatine and specific gravity both showed low. The next morning I tested my very first piss of the morning using a different test specific for marijuana only. It too also tested negative but was slower to show the result and was faint in color. Here's where the paranoia comes in..... our drug testing monitor has posted the "New DoD testing Cutoff limits" which now shows marijuana as having a 15ng cutoff. Some feel that he is showing the confirmation cutoff as a ploy to make everyone think that 15ng is the standard versus the previous 30ng cutoff with a 15ng confirmation cutoff... anyway, not sure if the immunoassay test is capable of testing at 15ng? The facility is in Lackland Air Force Base and this is a military drug test. Do they automatically test specific gravity and creatinie? If so I might be sunk unless they only require that I retest which won't be a problem since I will be at least 25 days clean and won't need to dilute. I will repost when my results come in.. Your thoughts please.... HelterSkelter.....

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