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How Many Weeks' Will It Take To Pass A UA?

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  9. Take A Home Test Weekly

  1. Sigillium

    Sigillium New Member

    OH yeah!

    Just wanted to let people know that I passed my drug test with flying colors using dilution/asprin. It was for probation too, so I really needed to pass. From now on though, I'm just going to abstain until it's done. It's only 6 more months and it truely beats going back to jail. In my opinion, you should only do this if you're on probation as a last resort, meaning only if you screw up and smoke. I would not reccomend smoking while on probation at all. It's too much hassel and you never know when they might show up at your house. Take care all and Good luck to whoever needs it.
  2. TieDyeGuy927

    TieDyeGuy927 New Member

    Well, I passed!

    After an 8 day wait(due to Thanksgiving holiday...)I got a call about a "problem". Of course I freaked... :eek:

    Then the ladt told me they were having trouble with confirming one of my prior employments and that everything else was OK except for that!

    I'm 6'1"
    approx 290lbs(have lost about 30lbs in last 2 months)
    average to slow metabolism
    had abstained for 2 full weeks after daily use for previous 20 odd years :liplick: Had some really sweet local S.Indiana bud, for about 4 weeks before having to stop... still got a nice one for an eventual celebration!

    Pretty much used the Aspirin and dilution method(replaced rolaid/tums with a good multivitamin); used gatorade powder mixed a little less dilute than package(drank about 2 gallons total-test info came later than expected- so I continued to drink, pee and take a few more aspirin)passed an iCup test(from a friends business)at home before... but man, that line was faint compared to others.... whewwwww

    Test was by labcorp, assumed it was EMIT,though company policy mentioned Emit and RadioImmunoAssay in the documentation as possibilities....

    Bad thing is position is under DOT regs for hazMat work so random will occur...... hoping to find out more.

    Good thing is back at work after a 6 month hunt, plus a chance to make some decent $$$ for a change

    My hope is I can clean out enough to become a "casual" and be able to eliminate in a couple of days.... Anybody got a guess as to how long that may take???

    The weight loss is continuing(since it has really helped with my diabetes) and the new job will make me more active than previous.... figure I can help achieve my goal this way too...

    So thanks for all the info from all the folks from here! Great info and support...

    Wow, I'm rambling now and I've got to hit the road again in about an hour.....
  3. Michella

    Michella New Member

    I passed kids!

    Height 5'8
    weight 140
    smoking frequency- every two weeks or sometimes every week
    how long you were clean- 8 days
    what kind of diet you have- pretty bad, fast food and lots of that crap
    what kind of workout regimen you followed, if any- my current job is waitressing and I usually work up a flight of stairs.
    and types of cleansers or drinks/pills used prior to or on the day of the test- 4 aspirins, 2 tums, ate lots of fiber one fiber cereal, multi-vitamin and a vitamin B complex.
    For substitution, the methods you used to keep temperature in check and how you carried the sample-did not use substitution although I could have easily!
    For dilution, how much liquid you consumed, what kind of liquid, vitamins taken, creatine taken, or foods eaten up to the test.- plain old water, lots of green and regular tea before, ate more red meat than usual and really didnt drink THAT much water, but a lot and obviously enough.
    Also, if you took a home test, let us know if you passed that prior to your results at the lab. Took a home test Sunday day and passed although the line was super light.
    Also, if you know what kind of test you took at the lab, throw that in there too- Labcorp

    Hey guys, after reading everything on this site I get to post the reply I have been dying to post- I passed. I smoked on Sunday night after not smoking for about a week or so. The stuff wasn't really all that great but I did get high. I had a job interview on Thursday and they sent me to take the drug test ASAP. I figured that they know I still have a job now and I would buy time by saying I couldn't make it on Friday and during the weekend they're closed.

    So the first night I ate tons of fiber cereal. (be careful with that) and I just started to eat incredibly fatty foods with red meat so that my fat cells stay put. Funny how for once bad weed and not losing any fat cells is a GOOD thing. Anyway, I drank some green tea and basically just lived normally besides the abundance of fatty foods.

    Took test Monday morning after passing a home test on Sunday. The test was done by labcorp and I swear they didn't ask for me to wash my hands or even leave my bag (this is like a bookbag) at the door! There was a sink inside the bathroom, no blue water in the toilet. It was ridiculous. I think I could have snuck in a thermos of clean urine and a heater for everyone testing that day! Anyway, today I got the results that I passed the test and I'm hired, yayyy =D

    I would like to thank everyone that posts here and hope my post helps you guys out too! I have quit smoking though because it's just not worth it to me. I prefer to not fail drug tests because I had a hit 1 week ago opposed to someone who snorts coke and passes in like 4 days, sucks right? Anyway, I still have alcohol and for a Russian, what else do you really need?

    Good Luck!
  4. slicksickwilly

    slicksickwilly New Member


    Hi All,
    IM new to this board in posting but have been reading threads for 3 weeks now..I must say the info on this board is of great value for a person preparing for a urine test.. I took my test a week ago (8th) and got the results today.. I passed but i must say the stress was unmeasurable. I was an occasional smoker (2 times a week) and last smoked on that friday before the wed test..Only 5 days clean.. I am a very large man 6'4" and 380 lbs. with a medium to fast motabolism and lift weights and do cardio 4 times a week. I am not very fat.. 20% bodyfat.. I did the dilution method and used a home test on the first pee the morning of the test.. I passed that so that was some stress relief.. I drank 2 gallons of detox tea(tea bags in a box) from gnc every morning on an emty stomach for 3 days prior to the test and then hit the gym for an intense 90 min workout shortly after.. I didnt workout 2 days prior to test.. Drank 1 gallon of water 4 hours before test and pissed probably 5 times leading up too it. Took no other supplements.. Urine actually had natural color in it by test time.. Urine was sent to quest labs and was pre employment screening.. Start work in a week.. Again thanks to this board for the wealth of knowledge..
  5. usersly

    usersly New Member


    went 3 weeks without. Then week of thanksgiving I particpate in a few sessions.

    1. nov 22 3 hits kb
    2. Wed 2 bowls kb
    3. Sat mix 2-4 hits kb 3-5 swag
    4. Sun 1 hit swag
    5. Mon 2 hits swag
    6. Tues 1/2 hit swag

    delay test until the following Monday (6 days)

    Day of test used dilution method taking 4 asprin around 10:30, 4-5 crushed vit B-2 10:45, still nervous used Ready Clean Lite 1:15 before test. (had it left over use it or throw it away) 12:15-30 took test. Passed!!!
  6. mel42120

    mel42120 New Member

    I passed my test

    Yeah, just got the call. I passed my test! I subbed, and it worked great.
  7. Satlanist

    Satlanist New Member

    The Liquid Stuff

    Used "The Liquid Stuff" and followed the directions but I may have drank too much - way too much - water and cranberry juice, because I got a call today from HR saying that I got a 'dilute' result and have to retake the test.

    Should I have taken vitamin B so that the test wouldnt have been diluted? I only found this site after the test...
  8. Dobie

    Dobie New Member

  9. Satlanist

    Satlanist New Member

    Substitution method: I passed!

    Cliffs Notes: I passed!!!!

    Cliffs Notes: Needed to use my own (tainted) pee to get the temp strip to light up on the test cup, then I dumped the clean pee in.

    I got a call back saying that I needed to take another test, because my original was dilute.

    I knew if I used my own pee again I was going to fail so I got some from a friend this morning who I know does not smoke and put it in a small bottle, as per the instructions I read here.

    I then pushed it up to where the sun don't shine, threw on some tighty whities, got into my car and about 40 minutes later I was at the test site. While in the car I had the heat on and my car has seat warmers, so I thought I was gonna be good to go.

    When I got to the test site I had to wait for about 20 minutes until I could do the test. This was pretty uncomfortable but what the heck, I couldn't do anything about it.

    When it got to be my turn I was asked to wash my hands, I did so and went into the small bathroom. I poured the substitute into the cup the nurse gave me, and looked at the temperature strip - it barely registered a single dot.

    This scared the crap out of me because I was afraid the nurse was not going to accept it, being that it was too cold. I poured the substitute back into the original cup, then peed into the cup the nurse gave me. Now the temp strip lit up like a Christmas tree. I held the pee in there for about 30 seconds, then tossed it down the toilet, substituted the clean pee in there and got the hell out of the bathroom before the temp strip went back down (can it go back down? I don't know, but I didnt' want to wait to find out)

    Anyway, the nurse took a look at the temp strip, saw it was between 90 and 100 degrees, and accepted the sample. My only major worry right now is that there will have been some residue from my own 'dirty' pee in the cup from when I needed to light up the temp strip.

    If you've read this far, do you think it's gonna matter? I hope not, but I'll let you guys know either way.

    All the best,

  10. CIPHER420

    CIPHER420 New Member

    I Passed!!!!!!!!!

    Ok here are my stats 5 '7-5'8ish 240 lbs,29 years old, heavy not blubber fat but solid frame, slow metabolism, not too slow, chronic smoker 3-5 times a day of high grade home grown hydroponics, quit 9 days before test, drank water for nine days about 3 gallons a day, pissed evey 5 minutes or so, day of the test today woke up at 4 am had to go in at 9, did the aspiring thing with tons of water and a vitamin b pill, well went in and ook the test, my piss was still clear, I dont know why it wasnt yellow after taking 1000mg of vitamin b, anywyas they put the test strip in and waited, well sure enough 2 lines, one was darker than the other, when my P.O. saw this he dumped the urine in the cup and said, no need for lab and sent me on my way, I ran out of there like I was running from the cops, not really but it felt like I was, so Im sooo excited, my next test is 19 days from now which would make me 29 days clean, got to do some excersizing now and abstain, because after 10 years of probation, Im finally OFFF in January WOHOOOOOOOOOO, no more worries for meeeeeeee, my job does not believe in urine test, (owner of company grows his own so hes a pot smoker) Im sooo relieved thanks to everyone on this board who put up good info.

    Note: I also bought a product called Clean slate, now I dont think I passed because of this but, it was a phycological reassurance.
  11. wfguy

    wfguy New Member


    Got the unexpected call to test, had not had to test for over 3 years so I was smoking just about every day. I had passed previous tests using "Naturally Klean" a pill form flushing system and was confident I would do so again.
    With limited time I went to the store where I had purchased the product and found out they no longer carried the pill version but had something called the "stuff" a liquid one hour flush, "works great" the clerk said and being with limited options I bought it :bawl:.
    I drank tons of water the night before and drank the crap the next day, did all the little tricks (asperin, mid-stream) and got the call my test was diluted and I had to test again right away.
    Panicked I bought another bottle of the "stuff" and drank it, not feeling confident at all I sweated out the three days when the fatal call came. Positive test and high levels and a meeting with the big boss.
    Suspended for a week without pay and a warning of termination if I fail another test and frequent testing here after. :bawl:
  12. TestTomorrow

    TestTomorrow New Member

    Success Thanks To Everyone

    ok well took the test and got the JOB... big time raise etc etc... big ups to everyone on this board specifically the dilution thread.. if followed closely it really does work... again thanks..
  13. Bodhi36

    Bodhi36 New Member

    I passed! here is the info- female, 5'7" 138 #, medium metabolism I assume, light smoker. Passed after 10 days clean. Drank extra H20 for several days prior, took aspirin (4 325mg tabs 4.5 h. before test) also drank a -bottle of headshop recommended detox stuff which I believe to have been a waste of money and nearly made me throw up - made my pee flourescent yellow. Drank a fair amount of coffee and water before the test- the coffee is relevant only possible for diuretic effects. I took a home test before I went and it was negative so felt pretty good but still had a nagging anxiety. Anyway- I'm very relieved. They didn't tell me I passed they told me my results came in and didn't tell me to f*** off so I figure I passed- decided it would be unwise to ask. Thanks for all the info and the supportive community!!
  14. Jwp1534

    Jwp1534 New Member

    split a joint of some white widow with one other kid and found out i would be drug tested 4 or less days later. drank a lot of water and cranberry juice took creatine supplements and lots of vitamins. i bought a home test 2 days later and passed it (ya i got clean in 2 days it was unbelievable). i am 5'10" 150lbs and have a fast metabolism. took the real test today ...assuming the home test was accurate then im good
  15. captcarl21

    captcarl21 New Member

    Passed again using substitution

    I have passed 5 piss tests in the last year using substitution. Had a close call on my last test with too low of a temp(90ยบ) The nurse asked me why it was so low and I told her my metabolism was slow, and I was going to get my thyroid checked, she said ok and sent the sample.
    The only other problem I encountered was for a pre employment for Mead West Vaco who also did a hair test! I passed the piss test but not the hair test- what bastards making a person take both!

    I have never been observed
    2 of the tests were at Quest and the others were at local med centers

    BTW I am a chronic smoker
  16. testpasser

    testpasser New Member

    Passed the test

    Here is the info:

    Male age 44 smoked 3 times daily. Quit and had to be tested after 28 days.
    6' 1" and weigh 220 lbs.

    Excercise: I play hockey 4 times a week. Played 1.5 days before the test. Drank lots of water right away on the morning of the test until 2 hours before the test. Drank one more 12 ounce water and sipped on a pop until the test.

    I passed!! I now have new job!! :liplick:
  17. Corbellic

    Corbellic New Member


    I am 160 lbs, fast ass metabolism and the last time I smoked was on new years day. I have not been exercising or even preparing myself. I had a drug test on the 21st, didn't drink water or nothing, just said **** it. I started my new job today and was nervous as **** because I did not prepare myself with water or anything. I had to wait in HR until they got my drug test back, lady said to go home and call back at noon when they would get the results back. Note: I got laid off two months ago, bills out my ass, economy is bad, and told parents I have this job lock. I just knew I was ****ed, so I called the lady at noon and she said my test came back and I PASSED!!! I go back Today for my first day.
  18. goodcitizen

    goodcitizen New Member

    Think I passed

    Hello all
    I am posting my preliminary results because I believe now I passed my drug screen. Here is the story:

    I am 5'6", 250 pounds but pretty fit considering and a faster metabolism than I thought. I quit for 27 days for a pre-employment test after being a daily smoker for about 6 years, but a light one at that, once a day, not a lot. I took home tests every other day for the 27 days and spent a lot of money on them- in retrospect, I should have bought them off the web which is a lot cheaper than going to RiteAid, Longs, etc. After 25 days I tested clean with first urine of the day and took the test two days later. Did 6 days of creatine loading (bought from GNC) and drank two tall gatorades and one V-8 juice before the test, and took two asprin and two GNC women's mega vitamins which are loaded with B among other things. It has been three business days since I took my test and they called my references yesterday, which makes me think they were waiting for the drug screen results before calling. I will let you all know if I hear anything different but believe no news at this point is good news. I really appreciate the support from all you folks out there as the stress is just huge for all of us. Will post when I know for sure but think it looks good- and I believe the home tests work.
  19. goodcitizen

    goodcitizen New Member

    :laugh: Hi folks
    Got the confirmation, I passed! Thanks to this site and all the great info- glad that stress and panic is over for now. Remember the home tests are great and time is your friend

    the bladder cops ::camper::
  20. VapeDaKine

    VapeDaKine New Member

    Aspirin and home test

    I'm 26, about 130LBS and have a fast metabolism. I did all this on an empty stomach. The aspirin didnt make me feel sick but I might try and eat something next time. I pissed a few minutes before I started all this and used rite aid 325mg lightly coated aspirin. I used Micromedic tests by MP Biomedicals from ebay, $30 for 10. I also took a few hits last night and smoked a few hits almost every day before last friday. I drank a little water with each aspirin, probably 8oz from 5:30-6 and maybe 4-6oz from 6-6:30.
    5:30-took 1 aspirin
    5:40-took 1 aspirin
    5:50-took 1 aspirin and pissed
    6:00-took 1 aspirin
    6:30-took home test, piss was fairly clear but had yellow tint. Test came out negative for amp,coc,m-amp,opi and thc was a faint, yet complete line across the test and was even more faint at the edges.

    I took my next piss just before 7 and failed for thc, this piss was more yellow than before too.

    Im trying to join the sub club but will use this method as backup. I might try again tomorrow with double the aspirin to see if I can get a darker line for thc.

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